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Rim Joists & Boards

APA: Performance Rated Rim Boards
Engineered Wood Association bulletin includes connection requirements and application notes for APA Performance Rated Rim Boards. Free site registration required.

APA: Resource Site On Engineered Rim Boards
Engineered Wood Association provides an overview of engineered rim boards, technical bulletins, links to manufacturers, and more.

Building Science: Sealing Rim Joists With Spray Foam
Building Science says rim joist, band joist, or any area that connects building components, are particularly problematic to air seal properly. They describe the critical seal method that addresses condensation and air barrier details quickly and easily using spray urethane foam insulation applied to relevant surfaces, connecting them as an air barrier.

JLC: Details For Insulating Rim Joists
Journal of Light Construction field guide drawings show how to insulate rim joists to address condensation and air leakage. (PDF) Free Registration Required

US DOE: High-R Walls For New Construction Structural Performance, Integrated Rim Header Testing
US Department of Energy online report High-R Walls for New Construction Structural Performance: Integrated Rim Header Testing focuses primarily on laboratory testing that evaluates the structural performance of rim headers. This research and test activity will help to facilitate the designs of load-bearing wall systems that minimize or eliminate the use of traditional headers within the wall plane and considers dead and live loads as well as roof and floor loading. Overall goals are to develop framing system designs based on 2 x 6 framing members that simplify and limit cost increases when builders and remodelers switch from traditional 2 x 4 framing methodologies. (PDF)
Joist Hangers

Fine Homebuilding: Jigs & Techniques For Installing Joist Hangers
Fine Homebuilding Q & A suggests jigs and techniques for installing U-shaped joist hangers that make the job faster and easier.

APA: Subfloor Preparation to Receive Finish Flooring
Engineered Wood Association publication Subfloor Preparation to Receive Finish Flooring provides guidelines on installing wood structural panel subfloors for optimal performance of finished floors. Free site registration required.

Builder Magazine: 7 Strategies For Smooth Underlayment Installation
Builder magazine describes seven strategies for installing smooth floor underlayment.

Fine Homebuilding: How To Install A Subfloor
Fine Homebuilding online video shows how to install subflooring efficiently and accurately, creating a flat and squeak-free base for all the finish floors to come.

Fine Homebuilding: Replace Damaged Board Floor Sheathing
Fine Homebuilding describes how to tie in a new plywood subfloor after cutting old tongue-and-groove boards back to the wall.
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