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Advanced Framing
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Basics & Theory

Fine Homebuilding: Advanced vs Traditional Framing
Fine Homebuilding online video explains the differences between Traditional Framing and Practical Advanced Framing. Hopefully this will get a few of the old guard off the fence and give Advanced Framing techniques a fresh look.

GBA: All About Advanced Framing
Green Building Advisor online video shows how when we use less lumber in our walls we are not only saving a resource, and some money, we're creating more space for insulation.

NAHB: Overview of Advanced Framing Techniques
US National Association of Home Builders technical bulletin explains advanced framing techniques, or optimum value engineering, showing ways to reduce lumber use and still maintain structural integrity. (PDF)
Industry Information

Building Science: Advanced Framing Deployment In US
Building Science report investigates the implementation of advanced framing in both production and prototype built homes built in a variety of climate regions across the USA. (PDF)
Information Sources

APA: Inside View Of Advanced Framing
Engineered Wood Association online Inside View Project of a demonstration home gives building professionals a look at energy-efficient, advanced framing practices.

APA: Resource Site On Advanced Framing
Engineered Wood Association provides information and resources on advanced framing.

Building America: Guides & Resources On Advanced Framing
Building America Solution Center provides online technical guides and other resources on advanced framing.

APA: Advanced Framing Boosts Energy Performance
Engineered Wood Association case study Advanced Framing Boosts Energy Performance, says Pennsylvania builders looking to stand out in a tough market gained a competitive advantage by adopting advanced framing techniques that deliver lasting energy savings to customers. Free site registration required.

APA: Advanced Framing Construction Guide
Engineered Wood Association publication Advanced Framing Construction Guide details several advanced framing techniques, including 2x6 wood framing spaced 24 inches on center, insulated three-stud corners, two-stud corners with ladder blocking, wall intersection options, single headers, single top plates, and eliminating unnecessary materials. Free site registration required.

Builder Magazine: Advanced Framing Techniques Becoming Common Practice
Builder magazine says a focus on high-performance, energy-efficient housing may finally push advanced engineering and framing techniques into common practice. Included are tips and drawings of many advanced framing details.

Building Science: Advanced Framing Benefits & Procedures
Building Science online slide show presentation describes history of advanced framing, overview, benefits, and implementation. (PDF)

Building Science: Advanced Framing Techniques
Building Science describes how the current industry standard wall (a 2x4 frame at 16-inch centers with double top plates, three stud corners, jack studs, cripples and double headers) can be replaced by a 2x6 frame at 24-inch centers with single top plates, two stud corners, no jack studs, no cripples and single headers (and in many cases no headers at all).

Building Science: Common Advanced Framing Details
Building Science explains essential basis for advanced framing and some of the more common advanced framing details.

Building Science: Overview Of Advanced Framing
Online slide show presentation by Dr. Joseph Lstiburek describes concept, benefits, procedures, and systems for advanced framing. 2008 (PDF)

Building Science: Techniques For Advanced Framing
Building Science online slide show describes techniques for advanced framing. (PDF)

Buildipedia: Advanced Framing Techniques
Buildipedia describes sone advanced framing techniques.

Energy Vanguard: 3 Easy Advanced Framing Techniques
Energy Vanguard describes three simple ways to improve the framing that allow more insulation without compromising the structural stability of the home.

Energy Vanguard: Fatal Flaw In Advanced Framing
Energy Vanguard says the fatal flaw in advanced framing, the recommendation for a single top plate, brings with it so much baggage that the trouble to adopt it greatly outweighs the benefit.

Fine Homebuilding: Advanced Wall Framing
Fine Homebuilding online diagram describes methods of advanced wall framing. (PDF)

Fine Homebuilding: Advanced Wall Framing Tips
Fine Homebuilding describes features and procedures for advanced wall framing.

Fine Homebuilding: Understanding Building Loads
Fine Homebuilding describes types of building loads, those forces that a house frame needs to resist. The frame must be designed to withstand loads that include dead & live, wind & seismic, snow & rain, flood & earth.

GBA: Pros & Cons Of Advanced Framing
Green Building Advisor discusses the pros and cons of advanced framing.

JLC: Nailing Tips For Trim With Advanced Framing
Journal of Light Construction describes some tips the framing crew can use to provide better nailing for trim over top of advanced framing.

JLC: Online Video On Basic Wall Layout
Journal of Light Construction online video gives tips for fast, efficient, and accurate wall layout & framing.

NAHB: Pluses & Minuses Of Advanced Framing
US National Association of Home Builders Research Center report Advanced Framing: Its Practical Use in Residential Construction tells why advanced, or optimum value engineered (OVE) framing has never really caught on despite its ability to cut costs and reduce energy consumption. It presents an unvarnished case study of one particular job site in which OVE practices were applied for the first time. It prioritizes OVE techniques based on how easily they can be implemented and their impact on material and energy savings. (PDF)

NREL: Advanced Wall Framing
US National Renewable Energy Laboratory describes advanced framing, which refers to a variety of framing techniques designed to reduce the amount of lumber used and waste generated in the construction of a wood-framed house. (PDF)

ProTradeCraft: The Best Way To Frame: Less Wood, More Thought
ProTrade Craft online videos, pictures and construction details describe some key techniques for advanced framing.

US DOE: Advanced Framing Details
US Department of Energy factsheet High Performance Building Details: Advanced Framing describes advanced framing techniques for two and three stud corners, T-intersection, and window header. (PDF)

US DOE: Advanced Framing, Insulated Corners
US Department of Energy describes how to construct framed walls using advanced framing details like insulated corners that reduce framing and thermal bridging and allow more space for insulation.

US DOE: Advanced House Framing
US Department of Energy provides information and resources on advanced framing.

US DOE: Next Generation Advanced Framing
US Department of Energy describes Building America research on faster, smarter ways to employ three advanced framing techniques. These new framing solutions are continuous drywall at interior partitions, rim joist window headers, and continuous sheathing for raised heel trusses. (PDF)
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