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Basics & Theory

Als Home Improvement Center: Glossary Of House Framing Terms
Als Home Improvement Center site offers a simple diagram showing various components of a wall, and a glossary of house framing terms with basic descriptions.

Xactware: Glossary Of Terms For Tools & Construction
ILX Construction Training online glossary contains definitions for over 880 construction terms, many with graphics for further clarification.
Information Sources

JLC: Discussion Forums On Rough Framing
Journal of Light Construction has building industry discussion forums on a wide range of topics relating to rough framing.

Taunton: Graphic Guide to Frame Construction
Taunton book For Pros By Pros: Graphic Guide To Frame Construction is a newly revised and updated edition of their classic visual handbook, loaded with up-to-date code information, the latest material advice, and detailed construction methods. USD $24
Issues & Performance

APA: Temporary Expansion Joints for Large Buildings
Engineered Wood Association technical note Temporary Expansion Joints for Large Buildings describes how builders can eliminate displacement from the equation during construction by using temporary expansion joints for buildings that have a length or width exceeding 80 feet. This should be done in addition to providing 1/8-inch spacing at all panel ends and edges. Free site registration required.

Building Science: Drywall, Wood & Truss Uplift Problems & Solutions
Building Science article on drywall, wood and truss uplift provides information on concerns and recommendations for solutions, along with detail drawings. (PDF)

Fine Homebuilding: Online Inspector Game To Find Code & Safety Violations
Fine Homebuilding online game called The Inspector challenges you to spot code and safety violations, missing structural elements, and anything else that has been added or deleted from the real job site photos.

NAHB: Scopes Of Work For High Performance Buildings
US National Association of Home Builders and Building America offer detailed Scopes of Work for High Performance Buildings that cover excavation and backfill, poured concrete foundations, framing and HVAC installation. They provide descriptions of the work that a trade contractor will perform for a builder. (PDF)

APA: Framing Big Buildings for Success
Engineered Wood Association provides some guidelines for framers to follow in order to frame large buildings correctly and avoid common pitfalls.

BCCSA: Best Practice For Working Safely In & Around Top Plates
BC Construction Safety Alliance says there have been serious incidents involving falls from the top plate of residential houses resulting in severe injuries and fatalities among workers. Wanting to improve worker safety, these best practices describe alternative solutions to ensure work is not conducted while standing on the top plate, and pre-planning to identify the hazards and plan your work around these giving considerations to suitable work platforms. (PDF)

Fine Homebuilding: 10 Rules For Framing
Fine Homebuilding describes 10 rules for framing that can act as guidelines for working efficiently and knowing how good is good enough. (PDF)

Fine Homebuilding: Balloon-Framed Walls
Fine Homebuilding describes how balloon-framed walls help create a more energy-efficient thermal envelope and air barrier.

Fine Homebuilding: Building Temporary Load Bearing Brace Wall
Fine Homebuilding describes how to build a temporary brace when wall you need to adequately support the structure before tearing down a load-bearing wall.

Fine Homebuilding: Drying Wet Framing Lumber
Fine Homebuilding describes some techniques to dry houses prior to sheetrock.

Fine Homebuilding: Insulated Headers For Cold Climates
Fine Homebuilding describes a simple method for framing insulated headers for cold climates.

Fine Homebuilding: Lstiburek Article On Future Of Framing
Fine Homebuilding article by Building Science Corp co-founder Joseph Lstiburek makes a case for framing techniques that boost energy efficiency without compromising structural integrity. (PDF)

Fine Homebuilding: Rotten-Sill Repair
Fine Homebuilding old-house experts share a safe, conservative approach to fixing a failing timber-frame sill beam.

JLC: Common Errors In Framing & Sheathing
Journal of Light Construction article describes common framing and sheathing errors and how to prevent them to avoid inspection failures and customer callbacks.

JLC: Continuous Load Path Framing
Journal of Light Construction online video demonstrates continuous load path framing concepts and why they are so important.

US HUD: Quality Assurance System For Wood Framing Contractors
US Department Of Housing And Urban Development provides quality assurance system for framing contractors outlining a model quality assurance system that can be adapted to suit individual company needs. (PDF)

US HUD: Rehab Guide On Exterior Walls
US Department Of Housing And Urban Development online Rehab Guide For Exterior Walls covers state-of-the-art materials and innovative practices for masonry/brick veneer, sheathing, insulation, siding, stucco, exterior trim, sealants & caulks, and paints. (PDF)

Weyerhaeuser: Framing Techniques for Builders
Weyerhaeuser online slide show presentation is intended improve framing techniques; addressing common commercial and multi-family construction issues. It reviews several case studies and discusses the lessons learned so that we avoid similar issues on your own projects. (PDF)

Woodworks: Framing Techniques for Builders, Lessons Learned & Best Practices
Woodworks online presentation Framing Techniques for Builders: Lessons Learned and Best Practices, covers Load Path Resolution, Moisture Management, Vibration, and Fire & Sound Design. (PDF)

WoodWorks: Framing Techniques for Multi-Family Builders
WoodWorks online slide show presentation describes how to improve framing techniques by addressing common commercial and multi-family construction issues. It reviews several case studies and discuss the lessons learned so that we avoid similar issues on your own projects. (PDF)
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