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Basics & Theory

BIA: Glossary Of Terms Relating To Brick Masonry
Brick Industry Association provides an alphabetical glossary of brick masonry terms. (PDF)

BIA: Photo Gallery Of Projects Using Brick
Brick Industry Association displays photos of brick projects including architectural award winners, community planning, and commercial, institutional and residential projects.

Carson Dunlop: Difference Between Solid Masonry & Brick Veneer
Carson Dunlop explains the difference between solid masonry or double brick, and brick veneer walls.
Industry Information

BIA: Brick in Architecture Awards
Brick Industry Association sponsors the Brick in Architecture Awards for residential work including single family production or custom built homes, multi-family residences, renovation projects, or paving and landscaping applications.
Industry Sectors

BIA: US Brick Industry Association
US Brick Industry Association is the national trade association representing distributors and manufacturers of clay brick and suppliers of related products and services. The Association is involved in a broad range of technical, research, marketing, government relations and communications activities.

CBAC: Clay Brick Association of Canada
Clay Brick Association of Canada, the Canadian trade association for clay brick manufacturers, explains benefits of clay brick, gives a members listing, plus offers links to technical notes and industry associations.
Information Sources

BIA: Resource Site On Brick
Brick Industry Association has info on the brick industry, products, applications, design, awards, and issues, as well as technical notes, FAQ, experts service, events, and more.

BIA: Technical Notes On Brick Design & Construction
Brick Industry Association offers technical notes on brick construction that contain design, detailing, and construction information on brick masonry. Drawings, photographs, tables, and charts illustrate appropriate topics.

Ibstock: UK Technical Bulletins On Brick
Ibstock, a UK brick manufacturer, provides technical bulletins on brick design, installation, and troubleshooting.

Meridian Brick: Technical Information On Brick
Meridian Brick, a North American brick manufacturer, provides technical information for builders and masonry contractors.
Issues & Performance

BIA: Fire Resistance of Brick Masonry
Brick Industry Association technical note presents information about the fire resistance of brick masonry assemblies in loadbearing and veneer applications. Fire resistance ratings of several brick masonry wall assemblies tested using ASTM E119 procedures are listed. For untested wall assemblies, procedures are presented for calculating a fire resistance rating. (PDF)

BIA: Industry Bulletin On Why Brick Is Green
Brick Industry Association fact sheet describes green building features of brick. (WORD)

Building Science: Adhered Brick Veneers & Inward Vapor Drives
Building Science research report says adhered veneers, in which masonry units are directly attached to a substrate via mortar and ties without a drainage or ventilation gap, have become a very popular finish in residential and light commercial construction. Typical applications apply masonry over a bed of lath-reinforced mortar over a drainage plane (often of building paper or felt). When used over wood- or steel-framed walls, numerous reports of moisture problems and failures have been received. (PDF)

Building Science: Problems Of Housewraps & Building Paper With Brick & Stucco
Building Science paper covers potential problems and recommendation when using housewraps and building paper with brick and stucco siding materials. (PDF)

Building Science: Solar Driven Moisture In Brick Veneer
Building Science describes, with drawing, how brick is a reservoir cladding that absorbs and stores water and shows how radiation from the sun affects it, plus offers wall design suggestions.

GBA: Efflorescence Is A Sign Of A Foundation With Water Damage
Green Building Advisor podcast describes efflorescence, the white powder found on porous masonry, such as brick, concrete, or mortar, and that it is a sign of water carrying salt that will eventually cause spalling. In new construction you can prevent it, in old houses you can only control it.

GBA: Rain Control In Energy Efficient Brick Buildings
Green Building Advisor podcast on Rain Control in Energy Efficient Buildings features Dr. Joe Lstiburek describing rain control in well-insulated buildings; specifically, how brick is affected by water, how it used to be installed, how it's installed today, how it should be installed, and why.

IRC: Efflorescence On Masonry & Brick
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction digest on efflorescence covers chemical nature, weather, mortar and additional sources of efflorescence, treatment, precautions, and use of water repellents to suppress efflorescence. 1960

JLC: Repairing Cracks In Brick Veneer
Journal of Light Construction article describes tips and tricks for making repairs to brick veneer cladding when vertical cracks are caused by initial settlement of the foundation. (PDF) Free Registration Required

BIA: Online Guide To Dimensioning & Estimating Brick Masonry
Brick Industry Association online guide presents information for determining basic layout of brick masonry walls, including both structural and veneer applications. Modular and non-modular brick masonry is discussed, including overall dimensioning of masonry walls using various brick unit sizes. Finally, guidelines are presented to aid the designer in estimating the amount of materials needed for brick masonry. (PDF)

Building Science: Assessing Freeze-Thaw Resistance Of Clay Brick For Insulation Retrofit
Building Science paper summarizes some of the limitations of various approaches to assessing the freeze-thaw resistance of brick masonry units and presents a detailed methodology for using frost dilatometry to determine the critical degree of saturation of brick material. Test results are presented for bricks from several historical load-bearing masonry. Recommendations are made for applying this approach together with hygrothermal model in the design of retrofit insulation projects. (PDF)

Building Science: Exterior Insulation Retrofit Strategy For Residential Masonry Buildings In Chicago
Building Science project examines implementation of an exterior insulation and over-clad strategy for brick masonry buildings in Chicago. (PDF)

Building Science: Face Lift For Old Masonry Buildings
Building Science describes how to do a face-lift on old masonry walls, so they are more energy efficient, don't leak, and look good.

Building Science: Freeze-Thaw Resistance Of Brick Masonry Units For Retrofit Insulation
Building Science online slide show presentation on Freeze-Thaw Resistance Of Brick Masonry Units For Retrofit Insulation Projects describes the retrofit opportunity, old & new retrofit strategies and problems, assessing the risk, the old approach of graded bricks, and a proposed new approach of Limit States Design. (PDF)

Building Science: High Performance Exterior Retrofit Options For Masonry Walls In Cold Climate
Building Science online slide show presentation describes high performance exterior retrofit options for masonry walls in a cold climate. (PDF)

Building Science: Interior Insulation Retrofit Of Load-Bearing Masonry Walls
Building Science digest reviews moisture control principles that must be followed for a successful insulated retrofit of a solid load-bearing masonry wall. Two possible apporaches to retrofitting such walls are presented and compared.

Building Science: The Masonry Retrofit Project
Building Science special project The Masonry Retrofit goal is for all masonry buildings considering thermal insulation upgrades to have access to accurate risk assessments at a reasonable cost.

Building Science: Thick As A Brick
Building Science describes how to insulate the interior of a mass wall in a cold climate without causing damage from freeze/thaw cycles.

Canadian Contractor: Four Considerations When Choosing Bricks
Canadian Contractor says colour, texture, size and durability are the crucial considerations when selecting bricks.

eBrick Solutions: Online Materials Estimator For Brick
eBrick Solutions online calculator estimates the number of bricks, bags of masonry cement, yards of sand, and gallons of cleaning materials for a job.

eBrick Solutions: Troubleshooting Brick Problems
eBrick Solutions provides answers to common brick problems, with pictures, descriptions, solutions, and links to product suppliers.

Fine Homebuilding: Moving an Opening in a Brick Wall
Fine Homebuilding online video shows the process of rebuilding brick veneer using basic masonry skills.

GBA: Insulating Old Brick Buildings
Green Building Advisor says if you're thinking of insulating old brick walls, proceed with caution, or you could end up with a pile of bricks instead of a comfortable, energy-efficient building.

Ibstock: Maintenance Of Brickwork
Ibstock, a UK brick manufacturer, provides tips for maintaining brick including mortar, graffiti, efflorescence, and staining. (PDF)

IRC: Cleaning Of Brickwork
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction digest recommends methods of cleaning brick walls and outlines some of the problems that can be encountered. 1978 (PDF)

JLC: Brick Veneer That Works
Journal of Light Construction describes strategies for avoiding failure of brick veneer installations.

JLC: Retrofitting Brick Wall With Insulation
Journal of Light Construction Q & A describes how to insulate an old balloon-framed brick-face house wall.

JLC: Reusing Salvaged Brick
Journal of Light Construction says not all bricks are alike, and describes what you need to know when thinking about reusing salvaged brick.

MCAA: Details Of Masonry Wall Systems
Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA) provides information on eleven of the most popular masonry wall systems in use today. Click on any system to learn how to design and build it for optimal performance.

MIBC: BC Technical Manual On Masonry
Masonry Institute of BC manual covers structural walls, rainscreen, masonry and brick materials & construction, mortar, flashing, ties, ratings, maintenance, specification & standards, quality assurance, and more.

MIBC: Construction Details For Masonry Veneer Walls
Masonry Institute of BC provides online detail drawings for masonry veneer walls attached to block, wood, and steel.

MIBC: Cost Guide For Veneer Masonry
Masonry Institute of BC cost guide for veneer masonry covers clay brick, concrete block, exterior treatments, system items and high rise. Installed costs are based on typical commercial walls in the Vancouver area with few openings, piers, off-sets or corners. They include labour and materials. (PDF)

MIBC: Rainscreen Design Of Masonry Walls
Masonry Institute of BC explains rainscreen design of brick masonry walls including air barriers, insulation, vapour barriers, and cladding. (PDF)

MIBC: Types Of Masonry Rainscreen Walls
Masonry Institute of BC describes masonry (brick, block or stone) rainscreen wall types, including masonry or concrete backup, stud backup & insulated stud space, and stud backup & insulated cavity. (PDF)

Waterloo Univ: Vents & Ventilation In Masonry Veneer Walls
University of Waterloo research report on brick masonry veneers covers importance of venting to pressure moderation and control of rainwater, removal of water vapour, and the potential for ventilation drying.
Product Supply

Builder Magazine: 2018 Brick Trends Expand Into Whites, Grays, Blacks, Painte
Builder Magazine says Brick Industry Association manufacturers report cool shades are trending among buyers at all price ranges.

MIBC: Listing Of BC Masonry Suppliers & Contractors
Masonry Institute of BC provides listings and contact information for BC masonry (brick, block or stone) producers, residential and commercial masonry contractors, as well as industry associates. Select required listing from left -side panel.
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