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Stone Veneer
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Basics & Theory

CSI: Glossary Of Terms For Architectural Cast Stone
Cast Stone Institute provides alphabetical glossary of terms used in the architectural cast stone industry.
Industry Sectors

CSI: Cast Stone Institute
US Cast Stone Institute is an organization of cast stone manufacturers, associates, professional architects, engineers, and concrete technologists formed for the purpose of improving the quality of cast stone and disseminating information regarding its use.
Information Sources

CSI: Resource Site On Architectural Cast Stone
US Cast Stone Institute provides architectural cast stone information and technical resources including specs, colours, anchors, details, patching, glossary of terms, and technical bulletins on design tips and care & maintenance.
Issues & Performance

Building Science: Stone Veneer & Moisture Issues
Building Science Corporation says the issues with stucco are pretty well understood, with drainage and inward vapor drive as the keys. Manufactured stone veneer or thin stone veneer can possibly be worse.

Builder Magazine: Overview & Installation Of Stone Veneer
Builder Magazine article gives a brief overview and describes how to install stone veneer.

Building Science: Adhered Brick Veneers & Inward Vapor Drives
Building Science research report says adhered veneers, in which masonry units are directly attached to a substrate via mortar and ties without a drainage or ventilation gap, have become a very popular finish in residential and light commercial construction. Typical applications apply masonry over a bed of lath-reinforced mortar over a drainage plane (often of building paper or felt). When used over wood- or steel-framed walls, numerous reports of moisture problems and failures have been received. (PDF)

Fine Homebuilding: How to Install Stone-Veneer Siding Panels
Fine Homebuilding says the stone-veneer modular masonry siding is easily fastened with screws or nails, and doesn't require any adhesives or mortar.

Fine Homebuilding: Installing Rock Masonry Veneer With Air Gap
Fine Homebuilding describes how to install rock veneer with a vented air gap.

Fine Homebuilding: Manufactured Stone Installation Doomed To Fail
Fine Homebuilding says the single layer of housewrap under this veneer of manufactured stone is not enough to protect the moisture sensitive OSB sheathing underneath.

Fine Homebuilding: Online Video On Stone Veneering
Fine Homebuilding video describes techniques for installing stone veneer over block, poured concrete, or wood-frame wall.

JLC: Avoiding Failures With Manufactured Stone
Journal of Light Construction says manufactured stone claddings capture and hold on to water, so it's not surprising they can lead to problems.

JLC: Best Practices For Adhered Concrete Masonry Veneer
Journal of Light Construction says similar to synthetic stucco, faux stone is really nothing more than fat stucco with chunks of concrete in it. And like any stucco, it must be installed as a drainable assembly.

JLC: Installing Manufactured Stone Over ICFs
Journal of Light Construction article describes how to install manufactured stone over insulating concrete forms (ICFs). (PDF) Free Registration Required

JLC: Installing Stone Veneer Foundation
Journal of Light Construction article explains how to apply a fieldstone veneer to the face of a building. (PDF) Free Registration Required

JLC: Tips for Easier Installation of Manufactured Stone Veneer
Journal of Light Construction describes five things that will help with a smooth and efficient exterior installation of manufactured stone veneer.
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