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Basics & Theory
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Basic Introduction

BC Housing: What Is A Building Envelope
BC Housing factsheet briefly explains what a building envelope is, its purposes, maintenance & inspection, problems, rain penetration, and rainscreen. (PDF)

Building Science: Components & Functions Of Building Enclosure
Building Science.com paper details building enclosure components, exterior & interior loadings, functions, performance attributes, design, and sources of reference materials.

Building Science: Fundamentals Of Building Enclosures
Building Science online slide show describes fundamentals of building enclosures. (PDF)

Energy Vanguard: 3 Levels of Building Enclosure Hierarchy
Energy Vanguard says there is a building enclosure hierarchy, consisting of three levels: Material; Assembly; Enclosure.

GBA: Importance Of Defining The Building Enclosure
Green Building Advisor describes how there can be a murky boundary between inside and outside.

GBA: Overview Of Enclosure & Structural
Green Building Advisor describes how and why the roof, walls, and foundation enclose the house, and the choices we make on these three parts of the structure might be the most important decisions we make. All have to accomplish the same things: stop air, slow the movement of heat, shed water, and dry out so that the building won't support mold growth and rot. The priorities of roof, walls, and foundations, however, are very different.

You Tube: Online Video Of Dr Straube Presentation On Building Enclosure
Video of Dr John Straube presentation, from Building Science Seminars 2006, covers building enclosure concept, components, and design considerations.

Building Science: Evolution Of Wall Systems And Air Gaps
Building Science provides a short history of the evolution of walls and sheathing in residential construction, and offers tips on installing various components of walls that work to properly drain and dry moisture.

Building Science: Historical Development Of The Building Enclosure
Building Science digest provides a brief overview of the development of the building enclosure and can serve as an entry point into a deeper historically-informed study of buildings and building science.
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“Where the BC home building industry finds and shares information”

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