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Basics & Theory

Building Science: Understanding Drainage Planes
Building Science paper explains how drainage planes, flashings, siding & cladding, windows & doors, building materials, and building connections should be designed and constructed to shed or drain water to the exterior.

JLC: Types & Selection Of Flexible Flashings
Journal of Light Construction article describes types of flexible flashings, provides pointers on choosing the right material for the job, and lists manufacturers and their contact information. 2001 (PDF) Free Registration Required
Information Sources

CI: Rainscreen, Cladding, Flashing, Windows
Construction Instruction online videos and articles describe products and installation procedures for rainscreen, cladding, flashing, and windows.

JLC: Discussion Forums On Exterior Details
Journal of Light Construction searchable industry discussion forums cover a wide range of topics on siding, exterior details, and finishes.

JLC: Free & Paid Articles On Flashing & Housewrap
Journal of Light Construction offers both free and paid online articles on flashings and housewrap products, applications, selection, procedures, challenges & issues, and more.
Issues & Performance

AAMA: Standard for Liquid Applied Flashing for Exterior Wall Openings
American Architectural Manufacturers Association has released an updated specification establishing minimum performance requirements for liquid-applied flashing used to provide water-resistive seals around exterior wall openings in buildings.

Building Green: 4 Insider Tips For Choosing Flashing Tapes
Building Green says while it's true that there aren't any industry standards for testing tapes in dirty, wet, or cold conditions, a research and field engineer says that doesn't mean manufacturers are ignoring the issue.

Building Green: Testing Flashing & Air Barrier Seam Tapes
Building Green describes how they tested the service life of flashing and air barrier seam tapes.

IIBEC: Most Common Problems With Residential Counterflashing
International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants article highlights four of the most common problem areas associated with residential counterflashing installations and how to avoid trouble.

JLC: Common Flashing Errors
Journal of Light Construction says the most common mistakes are reverse flashing, improper cuts, poor surface prep, and not properly seating the flashing on the substrate.

JLC: Sheathing Damage From Using Wide, Impermeable Flashing
Journal of Light Construction says in cold climates, wide, impermeable flashing can inhibit drying, leading to some nasty rot around window and door openings.
Procedures: Design

Building Science: Papers & Reports On Rain Penetration Control
Building Science.com technical papers and reports cover rain penetration control for driving rain, drainage planes, roofs, and flashing & deflection.

Building Science: Proper Design Of Water Managed Wall Systems
Building Science.com report explains how to show water to the exit with well-detailed drainage plane and flashings for walls with wood, vinyl, brick, or stucco cladding. 2003 (PDF)

Building Science: Water Management With Housewraps, Flashings & Windows
Building Science paper, with drawings, describes design considerations for water management with housewraps, flashings, and windows. (PDF)

Massachusetts Univ: Detailing That Keeps Walls Watertight
University of Massachusetts wood expert Paul Fisette describes how to keep walls watertight by careful detailing of house wrap, flashing, and siding. 2002

RDH: Excessive Use Of Self Adhesive Membranes In Wood Frame Construction
RDH Building Engineering bulletin on Excessive Use Of Self Adhesive Membranes In Wood Frame Construction says there can be a lack of recognition of the reduction of drying capability that is inherent in using vapor impermeable membrane within a wood-frame wall that is intended to otherwise dry to the exterior. (PDF)

Waterloo Univ: Best Practice Guide Building Technology: Flashings
University of Waterloo provides CMHC report, Best Practice Guide Building Technology: Flashings, which includes CAD drawings, and covers basics of flashings, where they are required, materials available, advantages and limitations, and quality assurance procedures. (PDF)
Procedures: Detail Drawings

APA: Construction Details For Roof Flashing
Engineered Wood Association provides construction details in JPG drawing or CAD formats for flashing and drainage of roofs including roof sheathing, underlayment, ridges, valleys, chimneys, skylights, and more.

APA: Construction Details For Window & Wall Flashing
Engineered Wood Association provides construction details in JPG drawing or CAD formats for flashing of windows, doors, ledges & intersections, and house wrap.

MTCC: Details Of Rainscreen Wall & Wndows
MTCC 1170 online Reference Guide of Typical Rainscreen Wall & Window Details contains detail drawings for rainscreen wall and flashing components that meet the new 2006 BC Building Code Part 9. 2007 (PDF)

Waterloo Univ: Construction Details For Flashing
Waterloo University online drawings and construction details include building envelope enclosure systems, curtainwalls, and some flashing applications for chimney, deck, skylight, wall-roof intersection, and window to precast wall.
Procedures: Install

BC Housing: Purchasable Building Envelope Guide For Houses, With Rainscreen Details
BC Housing sells the Building Envelope Guide For Houses, with rainscreen details, that provides practical information related to the design and construction of the building envelope for new homes constructed in accordance with Part 9 of the 2018 British Columbia Building Code. This guide builds on the approaches presented in the first edition and has expanded to include alternate construction approaches such as Insulating Concrete Form and conditioned attics. Further Construction systems and installation details have also been added, including the improved energy performance of homes built to the increasing performance levels of the BC Step Code.

Construction Canada: Knowing the Rules of Flashing Masonry
Construction Canada says flashing masonry has a few standard rules.

CSSB: Online New Roof Construction Manual On Cedar Shake & Shingle Roofs
Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau online New Roof Construction Manual provides descriptions and detail drawings for design, installation, flashing, and maintenance of cedar and shake roofing systems and components. (PDF)

Energy Vanguard: Down & Out Is Rule For Draining The Rain
Energy Vanguard describes some examples and issues with proper installing flashing so it drains properly.

Fine Homebuilding: How To Flash Troublesome Roof-to-Wall Intersections
Fine Homebuilding describes how to flash troublesome roof-to-wall intersections by using redundant layers of flashing integrated into the housewrap to keep water from getting behind exterior cladding; a kickout flashing directs water into the gutter.

Fine Homebuilding: Installing Cantilevered-Joist Flashing
Fine Homebuilding describes how to install flashing on cantilevered joists.

Fine Homebuilding: Window & Door Flashing
Fine Homebuilding collection of articles and videos will help you find the materials and construction details you need for a leak-free installation of doors, windows, siding, and more.

JLC: Flashing Of Chimneys
Journal of Light Construction field guide, with drawings, describes how to install chimney base, step, and counter-flashings, and how to make a chimney cricket to divert water. (PDF) Free Registration Required

JLC: Flashing Of Recessed Windows
Journal of Light Construction article, with drawings, describes how to install flashing on recessed windows that are typically set anywhere from 2 to 12 inches into the framing.

JLC: Getting Kickout Flashings Right
Journal of Light Construction says there is one detail, the kickout flashing at roof-wall intersections, that is done wrong most of the time.

Jon Eakes: Making Header Flashing End Dams For Windows & Doors
Jon Eakes, Canadian home improvement expert, describes how to bend sheet metal to make flashing end dams that do not need caulking, and references content of the National Building Code sections that cover head flashing.

MRA: Experts Forum On Flashing For Metal Roofing
Metal Roofing Alliance has online Ask The Expert forums that have answers to many questions on the flashing of metal roof systems.

NRCA: Technical Bulletins, Reports & Issue Updates Archive On Roof Flashing
National Roofing Contractors Association provides technical bulletins, special reports and industry issue updates archive on roofing, flashing, and other procedures and components.

Old House Web: Flashing Of Roof Valleys
Old House Web describes,with drawings, types of roof valleys and flashing techniques, materials, and tools, and lists further sources of information and US suppliers.
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