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Basics & Theory

Architect Magazine: How Low-E Glass Is Made
Architect Magazine describes how soft coat and hard coat Low-E glass is made.

Building Green: Magic Of Low-e Coatings
Building Green describes how Low-e coatings reduce heat transfer through windows by limiting the amount of radiant energy they emit.

EWC: Overview Of Low-E Glass Coatings
Efficient Windows Collaborative describes types of Low-E glass coatings and how to decide when and where to use each of them.

GBA: Magic Of Low-E Coatings
Green Building Advisor describes Low-e coatings, and how they have revolutionized windows over the past 30 years.
Issues & Performance

BRIK: Effects Of #4 Surface Low-E Coatings On Condensation Resistance
Building Research Information Knowledge online paper Effects of #4 Surface Low-E Coatings on Fenestration Condensation Resistance highlights degradation of condensation resistance performance of #4 surface low-e insulating glass configurations of a variety of coating and spacer constructions. It raises awareness of how this specific performance improvement configuration can create a lesser performing system that can lead to confounding problems including water and ice damage to the fenestration system and the wall surround. (PDF)

Building Science: Low-E May Cast Bluish Tinge On Walls
Building Science explains not all low-e glass is equal in colour filtering. Some low-e filters out portions of red and/or blue light, creating a colour distortion that may cast a bluish tinge on walls. (PDF)

CMHC: Low-E Coated Glass For Older Residential High-Rise Apartment Buildings
CMHC study Selection of Low-e Coated Glass for Older Residential High-Rise Apartment Buildings in Canada, although limited to one building, analyses types of low-e glazing in search for a solution to a specific problem. In older multi-unit residential buildings, residents often report discomfort in apartments with sunny exposures, arising from solar heat gain through windows and they may seek relief by opening exterior windows and doors, wasting both solar heat gain as well as space heating energy. (PDF)

GBA: Windows & Low-e Placement
Green Building Advisor Q & A describes where low-e glass should be placed on windows in hot and cold climates.
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“Where the BC home building industry finds and shares information”

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