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Care & Handle

GANA: Construction Site Protection and Maintenance of Architectural Glass
Glass Association of North America offers tips for site delivery and storage, trade awareness, post installation inspection and protection, construction cleanup, and long-term maintenance of architectural glass. (PDF)

GANA: Proper Procedures for Cleaning Architectural Glass Products
Glass Association of North America outlines importance and procedures for cleaning architectural glass. (PDF)

BCBEC: Glazing Installation: Structural vs. Building Envelope
BC Building Envelope Council online slide show presentation Glazing Installation: Structural vs. Building Envelope, aids in the understanding of structural requirements of glazing systems and how they pertain to the building envelope. (PDF)

Amazon: Purchasable Dumb Architects Guide To Glazing Selection
Amazon sells the Dumb Architect's Guide To Glazing Selection that covers history of glass, properties of glazing, how glazing gets its properties, factors affecting selection, putting it all together, future of glazing, resources, and glossary of terms. $20 USD

GBA: Choosing Triple-Glazed Windows
Green Building Advisor describes how to balance U-Factor and solar heat gain considerations when choosing triple-glazed windows.

GBA: Specifying Glazing Options
Green Building Advisor describes considerations for specifying appropriate glazing for your application.

IRC: Selecting Residential Window Glazing For Optimum Energy Performance
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction provides results of a research project that examined the impacts of two types of high-performance window glazing (low solar heat gain and high solar heat gain) on energy consumption in residential applications.

WBDG: Specifying Windows & Glazing
Whole Building Design Guide covers the basic window and glazing concepts and walks you through the process of specifying appropriate window and glazing systems.
Repair & Replace

US DOE: Window Rehabilitation Procedures
US Department of Energy describes measures that improve the existing performance of a window without significant modifications or additions to the window.
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“Where the BC home building industry finds and shares information”

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