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Home Energy: Informing Clients Of Energy Efficient Windows & Benefits
Home Energy Magazine article describes how the building industry can inform their clients about energy efficient window benefits, & explains key window features & tips for selection.
Design: Software

Cascadia: Online NAFS Calculator For Windows
Cascadia Windows and Doors has developed the first North American Fenestration Standard (NAFS) calculator tool, now freely available to architects and other users. NAFS 2008, which replaces the previous CSA A-440 standard, is the newly-referenced standard for the physical performance and testing requirements of windows, door and skylights. It already applies to Part 3 of the BC Building Code and comes into effect for Part 9 on December 20, 2013, The new standard requires users to calculate the necessary performance grade and water test pressure of windows and doors based on several tables of values provided in the standard (including location, wind speed, building height and exposure). Cascadia's NAFS calculator, the first of its kind, helps with this important but difficult calculation, requiring only three user inputs.

EWC: Listing Of Software For Window Simulation
Efficient Windows Collaborative lists, with links to their Web sites, various software for simulating window and building performance.

FEN BC: PHPP-THERM Reference Procedure
Fenestration Association of BC new PHPP-THERM Reference Procedure clarifies the differences between North American and Passive House window thermal energy performance standards, and provides a way for North American window manufacturers and energy simulation practitioners to accurately determine the energy performance parameters required to qualify them for use in Passive House buildings designed to the International Passive House Standard.

IRC: Thermal Performance Modeling Of Complex Fenestration Systems
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction paper describes a general methodology to compute thermal performance complex fenestration systems. (PDF)

LBL: Software Tools For Windows & Daylighting
US Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories lists a wide range of software tools that are available for design and simulation of windows and daylighting products and their performance.

AAMA: BIM Process Streamlined For Fenestration Industry With New Specification
American Architectural Manufacturers Association released AAMA 912-13, Voluntary Specification for Non-Residential Fenestration Building Information Modeling (BIM) which identifies and outlines minimum requirements for two widely used model types, design intent (DI) models and project execution and coordination (PEC) models.

Architect Magazine: Selecting Windows Based On Orientation
Architect Magazine describes ho spot-specing windows based on their orientation, rather than installing a houseful of the same model, can have a significant impact on energy savings and comfort.

Custom Home Magazine: Five Housing Trends Shaping 2017 Window Design
Custom Home Magazine describes three consumer trends that will impact this year's most in-demand window products.

Fine Homebuilding: Planning Character-Defining Windows
Fine Homebuilding describes how window choices reflect and inform the character of houses in four broad architectural styles, including ranch/midcentury modern, Craftsman, Victorian, and colonial.

HBC: Window Of Opportunity In Glazing Selection
Home Builder Canada describes how great an effect the choice of window has on thermal performance of the entire wall and the extent to which choosing the right glazing packages influences the cooling loads.

NRCan: Canadian Climate Zones for Windows, Doors Skylights
NRCan displays the climate zones for Energy Star fenestration products.

Canadian Contractor: Getting the Most Out of Windows, Part II
Canadian Contractor says window performance required in codes varies based on type of building and climate in which it is situated. To compare the other measures of performance, here is a quick primer on how to use the available ratings.

CSA: CAN/CSA-A440-00/A440.1-00 (R2005) Standard User Selection Guide For Windows
CSA Standard CAN/CSA-A440-00 and this Guide allow purchasers and specifiers to select windows suitable to their specific climatic conditions, height of installation, type of building, etc. $163 CDN

FEN BC: Specifying Energy Performance Of Glazing Products In BC
Fenestration BC online guide Specifying the Energy Performance of Glazing Products in British Columbia clarifies intended compliance paths and describe the necessary steps to comply with the BC Energy Efficiency Act and building codes applicable in BC when specifying fenestration products. It covers aluminum-framed entrances and storefront, glazed aluminum curtain wall. combustible windows, roof windows and skylights, and glass and glazing. (PDF)

FSEC: Selecting Windows For Hot Sunny Climates
Florida Solar Energy Center online slide show provides an overview of window functions, issues, options, solar heat gain & control, and considerations for selecting windows for hot and sunny climates. (PDF)

Home Energy: Selecting Windows For Energy Efficiency
Home Energy magazine article on selecting windows for energy efficiency covers glossary of terms, insulating value, preventing condensation, selecting U-factors, orientation & solar control, US window labels, and ventilation & airtightness. 1995

LBL: Selecting Windows For Energy Efficiency
US Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories online guide for selecting energy efficient windows, covers energy-related window characteristics, US energy performance ratings, and checklist for window selection. (PDF)

NRCan: Energy-Efficient Residential Windows, Doors & Skylights
NRCan describes energy efficient windows, doors and skylights including changes to Energy Star specification, fenestration as a system, windows, doors, skylights, climate zones, summary of qualifications, buying tips, installer certification, and information for manufacturers/dealers.

US DOE: Resources On Updating Or Replacing Windows
US Department of Energy provides information on updating or replacing windows, including sections on; Update Existing Windows to Improve Efficiency, Replace Your Windows, Selection Process, Window Selection Tips, Installation and links to more information.

WBDG: Specifying Windows & Glazing
Whole Building Design Guide covers the basic window and glazing concepts and walks you through the process of specifying appropriate window and glazing systems.
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