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BCBEC: Choosing Windows
BC Building Envelope Council online slide show presentation by RDH Building Engineering provides guidance on choosing windows by balancing U-values, solar heat gain, comfort, and energy. It covers thermal performance, choosing windows for energy and thermal performance, and multi-unit residential and commercial buildings. (PDF)

Efficient Windows Collaborative: Window Selection Tool Now Available As Mobile App
Efficient Windows Collaborative has released The Window Selection Tool mobile app which is a step-by-step decision-making tool to help determine the most energy efficient window for your house. It will take you through a series of design conditions pertaining to your design and location. It will then provide performance information for a generic set of 20 different windows.

EWC: Online Tool For Selecting Efficient Windows
Efficient Windows Collaborative online Window Selection Tool will take you through a series of design conditions pertaining to your design and location. It is a step-by-step decision-making tool to help determine the most energy efficient window for your house.

GBA: Choosing Windows
Green Building Advisor describes how self-tinting glass solves a heat gain problem on the western side of the house.

GBA: Windows for a Northern Retrofit
Green Building Advisor sorts through the options for a window replacement or overhaul in New York City.

GBA: Windows That Perform Better Than Walls
Green Building Advisordescribes how the best modern windows are energy assets. They not only provide a view and a method of ventilation, they also help heat your house. If you choose the right glazing, your windows can gather more energy than they lose.

GGF: Online Carbon Calculator For Energy Efficient Windows
UK Glass & Glazing Federation online Carbon Calculator allows you to find out how much you can save on energy bills and reduce carbon footprint through installation of energy efficient windows, and how much more you could save by installing the highest rated windows.

US DOE: Measure Guideline For Energy-Efficient Window Performance & Selection
US Department of Energy online Measure Guideline: Energy-Efficient Window Performance and Selection helps builders, homeowners, and designers select energy efficient windows in new and existing residential construction in all U.S. climate zones. It includes information about window products, attributes, and performance. It provides cost/benefit information about window energy savings and about nonenergy benefits such as thermal comfort and reduced heating, ventilation, and air conditioning demands. The guideline also provides information about the energy impacts of design decisions such as window orientation, total glazing area, shading conditions, and about proper window installation. (PDF)
Costs & Savings

EWC: Online Tool Calculates Energy Use Costs For Different Windows
Efficient Windows Collaborative online selection tool for energy efficient windows calculates and compares annual energy use & costs for a typical house by selecting a condition, window type, and a city. Access some Canadian cities at the bottom of the Select A City dropdown box.

EWC: Overview On How Efficient Windows Can Lower HVAC Size & Costs
Efficient Windows Collaborative shows that high performance windows reduce annual heating and cooling bills, reduce peak heating and cooling loads, and reduce size of the heating or cooling system.

GBA: Top-Of-Line Windows Are Waste Of Money On Highly Efficient Homes
Green Building Advisor describes how an engineer investigating ways to optimize the design of net-zero-energy homes concludes that inexpensive triple-glazed windows are good enough.

GBA: When Are Triple Glazed Windows Worth The Extra Cost
Green Building Advisor discusses whether or not triple-glazed windows are really worth the added cost.
Finance & Incentives

BC Gov: PST Bulletin On Energy, Energy Conservation And ICE Fund Tax
BC Government bulletin provides information on how the provincial sales tax (PST) applies to energy purchased in BC or brought, sent or delivered into BC, information on exemptions for certain uses of energy, and how the tax applies to materials and equipment used to conserve energy and the 0.4% tax on energy products to raise revenue for the Innovative Clean Energy (ICE) Fund (ICE Fund tax. (PDF)
New Products

CaGBC: Cascadia Windows Wins 2018 Green Building Product of Year Award
Canada Green Building Council announced that Cascadia Windows is the winner of the 2018 CaGBC Green Building Product of the Year Award for their Universal Series product line.

DWM: WinDoor 2019 Draws New Options in Glass & Hardware
Door & Window Market magazine online video shows new options from hardware and component manufacturers, and new glass options aimed at energy efficiency requirements.

Facilities Net: DOE Announces New Prototype Energy Efficient Window
US Department of Energy has integrated several technologies into an energy efficient window prototype including SageGlass, a dynamic electrochromic glass that can change from clear to dark, Low-emissivity (low-E) glass coatings that help control heat transfer, unsealed internal plastic triple pane, a krypton gas filler, and an insulating frame.

US DOE: Technical Report On New Window Technologies
US DOE Grid-interactive Efficient Buildings Technical Report on Windows and Opaque Envelope explores the potential of new building technologies. This report focuses on dynamic window and opaque envelope technologies including electrochromic glazing, automated attachments, and thermal storage. These technologies are in contrast to static high-performance building envelope technologies, such as highly insulating windows. (PDF)

Window & Door: New Product Announcements On Windows & Doors
Window & Door magazine has press releases of new products including windows, doors, components, accessories, equipment, and software, each with links to the manufacturers Web sites.
Product Listings & Search

4Specs: Directory Of Suppliers Of Doors & Windows
4Specs provides Master Format listing, with brief description and Web site links for manufacturers and suppliers of doors, windows, and glazing products.

AAMA: Search For Manufacturers Of AAMA Certified Window Products
American Architectural Manufacturers Association provides searchable directory of manufacturers of AAMA certified window products.

CSA: Listing Of CSA Certified Window Product Manufacturers
CSA provides online directory of CSA certified product manufacturers. Click on any manufacturer to see a listing of their certified products, with their ratings. Enter "windows" in the keyword search box.

FEN-BC: Listing Of Fenestration Association of BC Members
Fenestration Association of BC (FEN-BC) provides a list of their members, both manufacturers & suppliers of products & services, with contact info and links to Web sites.

Frasers: Canadian Industrial Suppliers Search Results For Windows
Frasers Industrial Web Search lists Canadian window manufacturers and suppliers by category of product.

NFRC: Searchable Directory Of Certified Products
US National Fenestration Rating Council provides online directory of their NFRC certified product manufacturers, searchable by product, operator type, manufacturer, and more.

NRCan: Search For Manufacturers Of Energy Star Windows
NRCan provides online search for manufacturers of Energy Star rated window products.
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