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Basics & Theory
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Basic Introduction

Energy Star: Anatomy Of Energy Efficient Window Door & Skylight
Energy Star briefly describes, with pictures, key features that make windows, doors and skylights energy efficient.

EWC: Benefits Of Efficient Windows
Efficient Windows Collaborative describes, with drawings and graphs, benefits of efficient windows, including comfort, less condensation, increased light & view, protection from UV fading, and lower HVAC costs.

EWC: Overview Of Window & Glazing Technologies
Efficient Windows Collaborative describes different window types and components including glazing types, frame types, operating types, Low-E coatings, gas fills, spacers, and new emerging technologies.

EWC: Overview Of Window Operating Types
Efficient Windows Collaborative describes, with drawings, different window operating types including casement, awning, hopper, slider, and double hung.

EWC: Purchasable Book On Window Technologies & Energy
Efficient Windows Collaborative sells Residential Windows: A Guide to New Technologies and Energy Performance, a book that describes how windows & glazings work, developments in window technology, guidance on window & glazing selection, and energy performance. $35 USD

EWC: Types Of Window Frames
Efficient Windows Collaborative describes, with drawings anf charts, different window frame types including aluminum, aluminum with thermal break, wood, wood clad, vinyl, hybrid/composite, fibreglass, and insulated vinyl For each type, they list the whole window U-factor, solar heat gain coefficient, and visual transmittance properties with many different types of glazing.

Fine Homebuilding: Understanding Energy Efficient Windows
Fine Homebuilding magazine article, with pictures, explains energy efficient windows effect on heating & cooling costs, how to keep heat in and out, ultraviolet radiation (UV), visible transmittance (VT), solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), glazing, frames, and tips for window selection.

GBA: Overview Of Energy Efficient Windows, Glass, Ratings & Installation
Green Building Advisor describes features of windows, glass, ratings, and installation that are essential to energy conservation and comfort.

GBA: What Makes High-Performance Windows Perform
Green Building Advisor looks at the three generations of low-e coatings, whether argon leaks from windows, and more.

Lowes: Window Parts & Operation
Lowes online tutorial describes the parts and operation of double-hung, casement, sliding, and awning windows.

Massachusetts Univ: Understanding Energy Efficient Windows
Massachusetts University explains energy efficient window features including types, energy flow & heat transfer, glazing properties & options, spacers, frames, rules of thumb for selection based on climate, and energy performance ratings.

NRCan: Consumer Guide To Buying Energy Efficient Windows & Doors
Natural Resources Canada online guide to energy efficient windows & doors covers introduction, basic terms, how windows perform, condensation, energy ratings, high performance windows, benefits, patio doors, skylights, deciding what you need, getting what you pay for, and sources of other information. (PDF)

NRCan: Energy-Efficient Residential Windows, Doors & Skylights
NRCan describes energy efficient windows, doors and skylights including changes to Energy Star specification, fenestration as a system, windows, doors, skylights, climate zones, summary of qualifications, buying tips, installer certification, and information for manufacturers/dealers.

NRCan: How to Choose Energy Efficient Windows
NRCan online video provides information on how to choose energy efficient windows.

US DOE: Window & Glass Types
US Department of Energy says windows come in a number of different frame and glazing types. By combining an energy-efficient frame choice with a glazing type tailored to your climate and application, you can customize each of your home's windows.

EWC: Glossary Of Terms For Energy Efficient Windows
Efficient Windows Collaborative online alphabetical glossary describes terms used in the window industry.

FSEC: Glossary Of Window & Glass Terminology
Florida Solar Energy Center provides a how windows work glossary with explanations of window and glass terminology.

US DOE: Terminology Used In Energy Performance Ratings For Windows, Doors & Skylights
US Department of Energy describes terms used in energy performance ratings for windows, doors & skylights.

WDMA: Glossary Of Terms For Window Types & Components
Window & Door Manufacturers Association glossary, with pictures, describes common industry terms used for the many different window types, styles, and components.

Architect Magazine: A Walk Through Window Technologies
Architect Magazine describes how, in the last century, windows have evolved from drafty single-panes to energy-efficient triple-glazed and coated glass units.

Architect Magazine: History Of Windows Over Last Century
Architect Magazine describes the evolution of window styles and technology over the last century.

BD&C: Brief History Of Windows In America
Building Design & Construction article by historic window experts from Hoffmann Architects looks back at the origin of windows in the US.
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