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Basics & Theory

Ask The Builder: Traditional vs. Seamless Aluminum Gutters
Ask The Builder says when selecting a gutter for your home, focus on attributes that will make your gutters last.

Fine Homebuilding: Difference Between Aluminum, Vinyl, Steel, Copper Gutters
Fine Homebuilding describes the difference between aluminum, vinyl, steel, and copper gutters.

Old House Web: Gutters & Down Spouts
Old House site provides an overview of wood, steel, aluminum, copper, and vinyl gutters and down spouts, including their components, sizing, profiles, installation, repair, with links to more information.
Issues & Performance

Fine Homebuilding: Simple Screen Gutter Guards Better Than Pro-Installed Systems
Fine Homebuilding says even if you hire someone to install an inexpensive gutter screen you can save thousands of dollars over the more expensive types, plus the screens work better.

Fine Homebuilding: Camouflaging Gutters & Hiding Downspouts
Fine Homebuilding shows how clever flashing, thoroughly sealed downspouts, and custom channels behind the siding make the rain-management details all but disappear on this California House.

Fine Homebuilding: Overview On Sizing Of Gutter Systems
Fine Homebuildings three-step approach helps calculate the best size of gutters for your house. The rainfall intensity only shows the US but pick an area similar to yours.

Fine Homebuilding: Safe Way To Clean Gutters
Fine Homebuilding article explains how a leaf blower modified with off-the-shelf parts makes quick work of a tedious rite of autumn.

Fine Homebuilding: Working With Wood Gutters
Fine Homebuilding recounts cleaning and rebuilding wood gutters, including the advantages to wood gutters and the key to wood-gutter longevity.

JLC: Connecting Gutter Downspouts To Footing Drains
Journal of Light Construction describes how to connect gutters to the footing drains.

JLC: Fiberglass Wood-Replacement Gutters
Journal of Light Construction says at the top-end, wood gutters are viewed as a first-class choice. But on the performance scale, particularly in cold climates, they fall to the bottom as fiberglass visually replaces wood while vastly outperforming it.

RESNET: How To Maintain Your Gutters
Residential Energy Services Network offers some tips to keep your gutters and downspouts in good condition through regular maintenance.

SMACNA: Online Sizing Calculator for Downspouts & Gutters
SMACNA free Downspout & Gutter Sizing Calculator allows architects, engineers, designers, and contractors to easily and accurately size downspouts and gutters according to the specifications in SMACNA Architectural Sheet Metal Manual.

US DOE: Planning & Installing Gutters & Downspouts
Building America online Solution Center describes considerations for planning and installing gutters and downspouts.
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