Issue #1 – Building Envelopes
ISSN 1703-5597
 October 9, 2002

Contents: Building Envelope Resources

1. Issues: Leaky Condos - Why The Technology Didn’t Work
2. Industry Contacts: BC Building Envelope Council
3. Techie Stuff: Dr. Joe’s Site - Building Details For BC 
4. Product Info: CMHC Best Practice Guide For Flashings
5. Installation Tips: 4D Build Details Even I Can Understand
6. Training Courses: BCIT Building Envelope Course
7. Resources: Building Envelope Bibliography From HPO

1. Local Issues: Leaky Condos – The Technology Didn’t Work

Leaky Condo Crisis
This 1999 article provides a good summary of one person’s view of what caused our leaky condo crisis. It was written by Dave Ricketts PEng, a Principal of RDH Building Engineering Ltd, a local building envelope consulting firm. (PDF)

2. Industry Contacts: BC Building Envelope Council

Industry Contacts
British Columbia Building Envelope Council (BCBEC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a platform for proponents of the building industry to discuss issues and exchange information on building envelope issues. Their site has info on the council, events, technical documents, and links to related industry websites.

3. Techie Stuff: Dr. Joe's Site: Building Details For BC

Coastal BC Building Conditions
Dr. Joe Lstiburek is a Canadian who moved to the US and now is an international star. He specializes in troubleshooting and researching building problems. Joe’s site is one of the best around for detailed technical information. This “Mixed/Humid Climate” section addresses our Coastal BC building conditions. There are lots of drawings here (and they can be enlarged by clicking on them) so it may take a while for the page to load on your computer. Be patient, it’s worth it.

4. Products: CMHC Best Practice Guide: Flashings

Best Practice Guide
For $89 you can get this 150-page reference manual with CD ROM. It includes 48 CAD drawing details, and covers the basics of flashings, where they are required, materials available, their advantages and limitations, and quality assurance procedures.

5. Installation Tips: 4D Build Details From RDH

Installation Tips
I love drawings. Especially ones that make it easier for me to understand how something goes together. These two samples show some of the work being done by RDH Engineering. I saw some others that Dave Ricketts was preparing for window installations and they were awesome. Hopefully more of these will be available for use in the near future

6. Training Courses: Building Envelope Solutions Course

Building Envelope Solutions Course
This course was developed specifically for the BC industry and will eventually be available around the province through BCIT. Early graduates have spoken highly of the content that includes building science, condensation & rain control, window & doors, roofs & balconies, construction & rehabilitation, and quality assurance.

7. More Building Envelope Resources:

Building Envelope Resources
HPO has put together this awesome bibliography with over 170 reference materials. Included are source of information on the design, construction, and maintenance of the building envelopes in BC. It is for the use of designers, including architects and engineers, contractors, material manufacturers, strata councils, property managers, owners, and others involved with residential construction.

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