Issue # 11: Doors & Hardware
ISSN 1703-5597
May 7, 2003

Issue #11 Doors & Hardware

  1. Getting Into Entry Doors: Glossary, Overview
  2. Newer Options: Fiberglass, Composites
  3. Installation: Framing, Installation, Storing & Finishing
  4. More Installation: Hinges, Templates, Flashing
  5. Hardware: Choosing, How-To-Guides
  6. Garage Doors: Terminology, Trends, Technical Data
  7. Garage Doors: Noise, Safety & Maintenance

1. Getting Into Entry Doors – Glossary, Overview

So you think astragal is a spacey type of hair cream? The glossary from the Window & Door Manufacturers Association has good brief descriptions of all the terms you’re likely to run into.

Overview Of Exterior Doors
Housing Zone offers up gives a brief overview of common door types, some installation tips, and a cost comparison (US dollars) between wood and metal.

2. Newer Options: Fiberglass, Composites

This article from eBuild explains the qualities of fibreglass doors and gives links to some major product manufacturers.

Composites: Wood Stand-ins
Another piece from eBuild has info on some approaches different companies are taking to add non-wood materials to their door products.

3. Installation: Framing, Installation, Storing & Finishing

Tips For Framing & Hanging Doors
The Ace Hardware site provides some good basic tips and step-by-step instructions (with pictures) for framing and hanging doors.

Book On Selection & Installation
For you pros out there, Taunton Press (Fine Homebuilding) has a book that covers door selection, hardware, installation, hanging and weatherstripping.

Storage, Handling & Finishing
This article from Housing Zone provides info on storing, handling and finishing of wood doors.

4. More Installation: Hinges, Hinge Templates, Flashing

Selecting & Installing Hinges
Here are some tips and instructions, with good pictures, from Do It Yourself. They cover selection, right and left hand hinges, and installation.

Door Hangers Toolbox
Tools Of The Trade article by a door-hanging expert lays out the best tools for production, speed, and custom door-hanging.

Flashing Installation
This construction detail from CMHC shows how head flashing is installed over a door on a stucco wall. There is also a link to the Flashing Best Practice Guide if you want to order a complete manual on flashing details.

5. Hardware: Choosing, How-To-Guides

Choosing Hardware
JLC offers a good article (with pictures) on choosing entry door hardware. It covers key things to look for, different options available, and links to some major manufacturers.

Various How-To-Guides
Realtor Web site has some good, brief How-To-Guides with drawings that are easy to understand. There are guides for all types of doors, hardware and components.

6. Garage Doors: Terminology, Trends, Technical Data

The Construction Industry News and Articles site has a very god glossary of the different terms and definitions used in the garage door industry.

Latest Trends In Garage Doors
This article from eBuild discusses some of the latest trends in garage doors and provides links to some manufacturers.

Technical Data Sheets
Looking for more detailed technical info on garage doors? The DASMA site has a number of different data sheets.

7. Garage Doors: Noise, Safety & Maintenance

Noise Reduction In Multi-Family
This CMHC Tech Report summarizes a study on the noise from opening and closing garage doors in multiple housing projects. Also included are some tips for noise reduction.

Safety & Maintenance
The International Door Association site has some good info for your customers. It will help them understand safety issues and maintenance requirements for garage doors and openers.

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