Issue # 12: Green Building 
ISSN 1703-5597
May 28, 2003

Issue #12 Green Building

  1. The Basics: Glossary, Overview & Industry Research
  2. Planning Tools: Checklist, Guidelines & Book
  3. Product Standards: Overview, EcoLogo & ISO 14000
  4. Finding Products: e.Catalogue, Database, Guides, Specs
  5. Jobsite: Waste, Recycling, Hotline & Material Exchange
  6. Big Picture: Fraser Basin, BC & Climate Change
  7. Other Resources: Websites, Conference & Newsletter

1. The Basics: Glossary, Overview & Industry Research

Green Glossary
This Antron site has a good glossary of words and terms used in the green building and environmental industries.

What Is Green Building?
Green Building Primer is an article from industry veteran Bion Howard that provides a great overview of green building.

Industry Research
This U.S. Green Building Council site has many great links to various research articles, on many different topics pertaining to information on Green Building in the U.S. in general.

2. Planning Tools: Checklist, Guidelines & Book

Checklist: Design/Construction
The Building Green site offers you a brief summary of things to consider for design, siting, material, equipment and jobsite.

Guidelines: New Home Construction
These guidelines from Alamdea County can viewed and/or downloaded free. There are some good tips on design, products, construction and marketing/sales of green homes.

Book: Green Building Guidelines
This book from NAHB & the Sustainable Buildings Industry Council is specifically for builders. It is written in plain language and has illustrations, case studies and checklists.

3. Product Standards: Overview, EcoLogo, ISO 14000

What Makes A Product Green?
Environmental Building News provides this overview of the different things they took into consideration when developing their Green Spec standards for products.

EcoLogo: Environment Canada
These Canadian EcoLogo guidelines outline environmental and performance characteristics that different categories of products must meet to attain the EcoLogo label. They also list various companies and products that meet these standards.

ISO 14000: Environmental Management Systems
The ISO 14000 voluntary international standards outline what companies, organizations or communities must do to be recognized as having an environmental management system.

4. Finding Products: e.Catalogue, Database, Guides, Specs

In our province BC Hydro has developed their e.Catalogue to help you find energy efficient materials. The site requires that you register but it’s easy and it’s free.

Green Building Products Database
Although Oikos is in the US they have one of the largest searchable databases of green building products. You’ll find it easy to use, and lots of international suppliers are listed.

The Center For Resourceful Building Technology has an online guide to resource efficient building products. Each has an overview of environmentally responsible products and building procedures. Click the “e-Guide” link on the left panel.

Green Specs
Building Green has detailed listings of over 1700 products plus additional info. They charge $12.95 US for a one-week access to detailed product listings but you can browse other stuff free.

5. Jobsite: Waste, Recycling, Hotline & Material Exchange

Construction Waste Management
This NAHB article gives four good reasons for managing waste, and lots of tips on how to reduce, reuse and recycle it.

Jobsite Recycling Resources
The GVRD site has lots of info on jobsite recycling, demolition and salvage. It also lists a number of contractors and depots.

Hotline & Materials Exchange
RCBC has a free hotline to answer questions, and an online exchange that lists both available and wanted materials.

6. Big Picture: Fraser Basin, BC, Climate Change

Economy & Environment
The Fraser Basin Council focuses on ensuring a vibrant economy in conjunction with a healthy environment. There are links, publications, sustainability indicators and awards.

Eco Design Resource Society
EDRS is a BC non-profit organization that promotes green design, planning and development practices. Their site has a good resources & links section, and a listing of BC events.

BC Resource Site
The BC Climate Exchange website has resources and tools for education and training on climate change. Included are tips, ask an expert, newsletters, events and funding sources.

7. Other Resources: Websites, Conference, Newsletter

Green Building Information Centre
This Canadian site offers you a lot of links to national and international green building information and resources.

Better Buildings For Greater Vancouver
If you are involved in municipal, institutional, commercial or industrial buildings this GVRD site is an excellent BC resource site that has lots of info for improving performance of existing buildings.

National Green Building Conference
You can tell that green building is coming into its own when the largest homebuilding organization in the world NAHB organizes a national conference around it.

Environmental Building News
This newsletter from BuildingGreen iis considered one of the best for this industry. At $99 US it is not cheap but if green building is in your future this is likely a purchase worth considering.

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