Issue # 16: Lighting
ISSN 1703-5597
August 20, 2003

Issue #16 Lighting

  1. The Basics: Glossary, Types, Colour
  2. Light Sources: Bulb Guide, CFL, Halogen, Light Pipes
  3. Fixtures: Overview, Safe Torchieres, Solar, Energy Star
  4. Controls: Descriptions, Occupancy Sensors, Power Smart
  5. Design: Basic Strategies, Balanced Lighting, Efficiency
  6. Products: Manufacturer, Hard-To-Find Bulb, Troubleshoot
  7. More Resources: BC Professionals, Association, Website

1. The Basics: Glossary, Types, Colour

Glossary Of Lighting Terms
Absorption is not just the way to measure the effectiveness of a diaper. Check out this glossary from Architectural Lighting to find out about the words and terms used in the lighting industry.

Types Of Lighting: Ambient, Task & Accent
This American Lighting Association guide explains the three basic types of lighting. Ambient, task and accent systems each serve a different purpose in overall lighting solutions.

Understanding Light & Colour
Is the quality of colour important to you in certain cases? This Lightsearch article explains the colour appearance of different light sources, and gives you some selection tips.

2.Light Sources: Bulb Guide, CFL, Bulb Types, Light Pipes

Light Bulb Buying Guide
The Lowe’s website has a light bulb buying guide with pictures of all of the common types of light bulbs including incandescent, fluorescent, compact fluorescent and halogen.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL)
More compact fluorescent lamps are now being used because they are longer lasting and energy efficient. BC Hydro has a good overview of CFLs, including options and selection tips.

Bulb Types
This article from American Lighting Association gives a good overview of the different types of bulbs avaiable as light sources, including Incandescent, Tungsten-Halogen, Fluorescent and High-Intensity Discharge bulbs.

Light Pipes
Some people are using light pipes to bring more outdoor light into specific areas. This article from Oikos explains how light pipes work, limitations and some future developments.

3. Fixtures: Overview, Safe Torchieres, Solar, Energy Star

Shapes & Forms Of Fixtures
This brief overview and pictures of various types of fixtures are from the ALA. It is one part of a larger online article that covers all aspects of lighting options and design.

Safe & Efficient Torchieres
There have been some fire safety issues with certain types of halogen torchieres. This article from Oikos offers up a solution to not only to the fire safety, but also to their efficiency.

Solar Lighting
This site on solar lighting from the U.S. Department Of Energy gives a good explanation of what solar lighting is, and offers many good links to other information pertaining to this topic.

Energy Star Lighting Guide (PDF FILE)
If you are looking for new, innovative and attractive lighting products that meet energy efficiency standards than check out this online guide from Efficiency Vermont and Energy Star.

4. Controls: Descriptions, Occupancy Sensors, Power Smart

Description Of Controls
Here is a good description of the different types of lighting controls from the Lighting Controls Association. It is just one part of a full and great tutorial on lighting controls.

Overview Of Occupancy Sensors
The International Association for Energy Efficient Lighting has a detailed article with some drawings that explains how infrared, ultrasonic and hybrid sensors work.

Power Smart Motion Detectors
BC Hydro Power Smart has this great section on Occupancy Sensors. It offers excellent information on the following questions. What are the options? How to make the best choice? What's on the horizon?

5. Design: Basic Strategies, Balanced Lighting, Efficiency

Basic Design Strategies
This Light Search guide shows how lighting professionals look at lighting design. Also they have other guides on lightning design for various rooms - click on “More Guides” at bottom.

Designing Balanced Lighting
Written for builders and renovators, this Journal of Light Construction article suggests ways of designing different light sources for each room. It includes pictures of examples.

Efficient Lighting Strategies (PDF FILE)
If energy efficiency is a priority here is a fact sheet from the US Renewable Energy Laboratory that give a good overview of design and products that can save you watts and bucks.

6. Products: Manufacturer, Hard-To-Find Bulb, Troubleshoot

Find A Manufacturer
If you are looking for a supplier of a particular product, this First Source site from Reed Construction Data has a very good listing of lighting product manufacturers.

Hard-To-Find Lightbulbs?
Have you ever tried to find a really weird light bulb? Rather than running all over town try out this topbulb site as it claims to be THE place to find ANY light bulb.

Troubleshooting Bulbs, Fixtures & Lamps
Here is a site from Don Klipstein that is full of tips and tricks for troubleshooting light bulbs, fixtures and lamps. Some of this info might help homeowners to fix their own problem.

7. More Resources: BC Professionals, Association, Website

Qualified Lighting Professionals In BC
The Illuminating Engineering Society of BC has a list of its members who are Lighting Certified by NCQLP. Included are their phone numbers and e-mail addresses for easy contact.

BC Association & Electrical Trade Shows
The BC Electrical Association is our local trade association representing the electrical and lighting industry. Their site has info on the trade shows they offer around BC. Website For Lighting Professionals
This site features the latest in lighting technology, products and industry news. They have a newsletter, discussion forums, archives, and links to many other resources.

Dittie For Today: On Stupidity
“If stupidity got us into this mess, how come it can’t get us out?”
     – Will Rogers

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