Issue # 19: Appliances
ISSN 1703-5597
October 22, 2003

Issue #19 Appliances

  1. Basics: Glossaries Parts & Terms, How Appliances Work
  2. Planning: Placement, Dimensions, Cost Calculators
  3. Energy Efficiency: Product Directory, Top-Rated, Links
  4. Finding Products: Who Makes What, Option Search, Links
  5. Buying: Guides, Warranties, Parts
  6. Repair & Service: Manuals, Phone Numbers, Recalls
  7. Other Resources: Association, Reports, Clean Anything

1. Basics: Glossaries Parts & Terms, How Appliances Work

Glossary Of Appliance Technical Terms
A chill-plate is not something you eat when you’re stressed out. This great glossary from Appliance 411 explains different technical terms, with quite a few diagrams and drawings.

Glossary Of Common Terms
Lowe’s provides a consumer-oriented glossary (with pictures) that explains terms used for appliance features and options.

How Appliances Work
This awesome Repair Clinic site explains how different appliances work, along with lots of other info. Click on the appliance and then click on “How It Works” link.

2. Planning: Placement, Dimensions, Cost Calculators

Appliance Placement & Clearance
NKBA offers up this brief set of guidelines for appliance placement or use and clearance space. It could be real helpful during the planning and design process.

Dimensions & Specifications For Appliances
Dimensions Express offers you both the dimensions of appliances and specification sheets. There is free registration for occasional use and US $119 per year for unlimited use.

Energy Cost Calculators: Annual & Lifetime
This simple online calculator from Power Smart figures out the average annual cost to operate different appliances.

Lifetime Operating Costs Lifetime operating costs can be calculated at this Energuide site. This could be useful for comparing different products.

3. Energy Efficiency: Product Directory, Top-Rated, Links

Energuide Appliance Directory 2005
Here is an online booklet showing energy consumption ratings for major household appliances. It also has simple directions for reading the sometimes-confusing EnerGuide label.

Top-Rated Energy Efficient Appliances
ACEEE, the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy has listings of the top rated refrigerators, dishwashers and clothes washers of different styles.

Links To Energy-Saving Appliances
This article from Home Energy has lots more links to website resources for energy-saving appliances.

4. Finding Products: Who Makes What, Option Search, Links

Who Makes What: Search
AHAM, the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers has a quick search tool to find out which manufacturers make a specific product, and what products each one makes.

Search By Product Options
eBuild has a different way of product searching. You enter your choice of dimensions, colours, and many other options and they list the manufacturers who make these products.

Links To Manufacturer’s Websites
This handy page from Trail Appliances lists major manufacturers with links that go directly to their sites.

5. Buying: Guides, Warranties, Parts

Appliance Buyer’s Guides has some great, easy to read guides that could help your homeowners select products that fit their specific needs. They also have some safety tips and reports.

Appliance, Limited & Extended Warranties
Do warranties get you and/or your customers mixed up? This Appliance 411 site has brief articles on different warranty types and their coverage. Also click #7 and #8 on left panel.

Parts Breakdowns
Looking for parts? Here are some links to major manufacturers parts breakdowns and diagrams from the Fix It Now website. Lots more info here as well.

6. Repair & Service: Manuals, Phone Numbers, Recalls

Online Repair Manuals
Appliance Repair offers online repair tutorials to help people through the repair process. Washers, dryers, fridges, dishwashers and ranges are covered.

Phone Numbers For Appliance Manufacturers
If you or your customers need to contact a manufacturers service department, AHAM has a listing of all of their phone numbers (most are toll-free) listed here.

Recalled Appliances Listing
If you are wondering what products were recalled for safety reasons this Consumer Reports site lists them. It has links to articles explaining what was recalled, why and what to do.

7. Other Resources: Association, Reports, Clean Anything

Canadian Appliance Manufacturers Association
CAMA is the Canadian trade association of manufacturers of major and portable household appliances.

Appliance Articles & Links
The National Association of Home Builders Toolbase Services website has quite a number of technical reports, research summaries, articles and website links relating to appliances.

How To Clean Anything
Although not really related to appliances I thought this site might be of interest to you as it offers great and simple hints for cleaning almost anything (pets?) in and around the house.

Dittie For Today: On Attitude
We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same. 
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