Issue #2Windows
ISSN 1703-5597
 October 30, 2002


 1. Glossaries Of Window Words & Terms
 2. How Windows Work
 3. Comparisons Of Window Types & Benefits
 4. Consumer Guide To Selecting Windows
 5. Window Industry Contacts In BC And North America
 6. Installation Tips For New, Rehab, Replacement, Shimming
 7. Training Courses For New And Replacement Installations
 8. Industry Issues: Proposed New Energy Standards

1. Glossaries Of Window Words & Terms

Window Glossary (PDF FILE)
Does someone you know think that a thermal break is something they should take when they are too hot? Many different words, terms, and jargon are used in our industry. If you or your staff needs to find meanings for specific window-related terminology, take a look at this. It includes explanations and some drawings for common terms used for windows and installations. This is provided courtesy of CMHC, from a report by RDH based on a project funded by CMHC, BC Housing, and HPO.

2. How Windows Work

Window Technology
If you really want to know the inner workings of window frames, glazing types, low-E coatings, argon gas, and much more then pay this site a visit. Each item is fully explained with the use of graphs and drawings. Man I love drawings!!

3. Comparisons Of Window Types & Benefits

Benefits Of Different Types Of Windows
Today more consumers are asking questions about things such as window efficiency, comfort, UV, condensation, etc.  This site has some great drawings and graphs to help builders and renovators compare the benefits of different types of windows. It will be also a great help if you need some resources to help a customer understand the value of a higher performance window. Although this is a US website all items it covers are similar to what we deal with in our BC marketplace.

4. Consumer Guide To Selecting Windows

Selection And Installation Of Energy Efficient Windows
Sometimes consumers expect builders and renovators to know everything about every type of product. This just isn't possible. Do some of your customers want more detailed information? They might benefit from reading this Canadian brochure that covers the selection and installation of energy efficient windows. It helps them to understand the difference between window types and costs, as well as the importance of good quality installation. Produced by the Office of Energy Efficiency it can be viewed online at:

5. Window Industry Contacts In BC

Trade Association
The Window and Door Manufacturers Association of BC (WDMA-BC) is the trade association that represents this industry. They have just launched their website where you can view a list of members and find contact information.

6. Installation Tips For New, Rehab, Replacement

New Window Installation
New window installation is shown with easy-to-understand slides on this site of the Engineered Wood Association.

Rehabilitation Of Buildings
Rehabilitation of buildings with moisture problems must be completed according to the project engineer's requirements. RDH provides this neat set of slides as an example. Just click on the blue box to view each installation step

Replacement Of Windows (PDF FILE)
Replacement of windows in existing homes can be quite a challenge. The Building Performance Association is a BC-based contractors association that tested different installation methods and developed these Best Practices. They provide a step-by-step method for checking potential moisture problems and installing windows that will "deflect and drain" water.

7. Training Courses For Replacement

Window Wise Installation
The Siding & Window Dealers Association of Canada offers a 1-day hands-on course covering replacement window installations. It includes wall moisture assessment, deflection and drainage strategies, window removal and replacement.

8. Industry Issues: New Standards For Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Standards
The federal government, through NRCan, is proposing new energy efficiency standards for windows. These will be used as the basis for products to carry the Energy Star label. You are invited to comment on these standards.

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