Issue # 21: Interior Finishing
ISSN 1703-5597
December 3, 2003

Issue #21 Interior Finishing

  1. Drywall & Plaster: Glossary, Specifications, Tech Papers
  2. Paint: Glossary, How-To, Tech Articles, Problem Solver
  3. Wall Covering: Guide, Articles, Technical Papers
  4. Woodwork: Quality Standards, Finishing Hardwood, Q & A
  5. Moulding: Glossary, Design Options, Installation Tips
  6. Trim Carpentry: Tips, Production, Squeak-Free Stairs
  7. Resources: VOCs, Calculators, Find Products, Courses

1. Drywall & Plaster: Glossary, Specifications, Tech Papers

Glossary Of Terms
Here’s a glossary of drywall & plastering terms from the Drywall Construction site, presented with a good sense of humour. Also check out the FAQs for renovations.

Specification Examples
The Drywall Finishing Council offers specification info on interior drywall job conditions, visual performance expectations, and recommended paint finish over gypsum.

Technical Papers
On this Gypsum Association site there are technical and topical papers on using screws, control joints, painting, spraying textures, disposal, and winter construction problems.

2. Paint: Glossary, How-To, Tech Articles, Problem Solver

Glossary Of Terms
The Paint Ideas site has a good glossary of paint terms, as well as a number of common FAQs (click on the FAQ link at top) and an Ask Us service with a 48-hour turnaround

How-To Brochures Online
The National Paint & Coatings Association has some How-To Brochures on health & safety, choosing colours, paint tricks, painting interiors and preventing moisture damage.

Technical Articles
All Pro gives well-written articles on a whole range of topics on painting products, accessories and procedures. Use the dropdown box to select from 19 different categories.

Problems & Solutions
This Problem Solver on the Paint Quality Institute site has pictures of the problem, probable causes and solutions. Click on the “Paint Advice” link on the left for some more good info.

3. Wall Covering: Guide, Wallpaper FAQ, Technical Papers

Guide For Consumers & Contractors
The Wallpaper Guide section of the Wallcoverings Association site answers all the basic questions about wallpaper products and processes. The “Contract” section has more detailed info.

Wallpaper FAQ
This National Guild of Professional Paperhangers site offers an FAQ section on wallpaper, complete with drawings and diagrams, which willl answer most of your questions.

Technical Papers
This Painting & Wallcovering Contractors magazine site has archives of technical papers written for their mag. From the Search box you can access even more topics.

4. Woodwork: Quality Standards, Finishing Hardwood, Q & A

Detailed Quality Standards
These Quality Standards from the Architectural Woodwork Institute cover all millwork applications. The manual is $100 US and you can view excerpts from each section here.

Finishing Of Hardwoods
The basics of finishing hardwoods are covered here on the Hardwood Council site. Wood preparation, colorants, fillers, sealers, glazers and toners are all explained briefly.

Knowledge Base Of Questions & Answers
Woodweb has a searchable knowledge base of questions and discussions on many finishing topics. Use the Search service at the top right to find answers to your specific problem.

5. Moulding: Glossary, Design Options, Installation Tips

Glossary Of Terms
So you think baluster is an old Viking god? Here is a very good and easy searchable glossary of moulding terms from the Wood Moulding site of RMD.

Design Options
Wood moulding design gallery from the Wood Moulding & Millwork Producers Association has a few pictures with design blueprints of mouldings you can use in different applications.

Crown Moulding Tips
Installing crown moulding will be easier with these tips from Joe Fusco’s Web site. Included are links to a mitre & bevel angle calculator and chart. There’s good stuff on this site.

6. Trim Carpentry: Tips, Production, Squeak-Free Stairs

Trim Techniques & Much More
Gary Katz writes articles for Fine Homebuilding. His site has a lot of great info on trim techniques. You’ll also find photo gallery, tool reviews, charts & drawings, and more.

Finish Carpentry, Production Style
This article by Ross Welsh from JLC tells you how to trim out a 2,800 square foot house in one day. Click on the “View HTML” to read it online or “View PDF” to download it.

Building Squeak-Free Stairs
Again from JLC, this time an article by stair builder Ken Reis explains how to scribe and install finish skirt boards, treads, and risers over a rough stringer assembly.

7. Resources: VOCs, Calculators, Find Products, Courses

Pollution Prevention Tool
The Coatings Guide on the Research Triangle Institute site helps you select coating products with low volatile organic compounds that are less hazardous air pollutants.

Drywall & Paint Calculators Online
Among other calculators on this Basement Ideas site you will find ones that figure out how many drywall sheets and how much paint are needed to cover an area.

Find Products & Suppliers
This online product info and buyers guide from the Association of Wall & Ceiling Industries will help if you are trying to find information on specific products or suppliers.

Education & Training Resources
This section of the Homeowner Protection Office site lists the different courses and resources for careers and training in the BC residential construction industry.

Dittie For Today: On Old Dogs
The quickest way to become and old dog is to stop learning new tricks.  – John Rooney

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