Issue # 22: Energy Sources
ISSN 1703-5597
December 24, 2003

Issue #22 Energy Sources

  1. The Basics: Glossary, BC Energy Plan, Canada’s Future
  2. Electricity: Hydroelectric, Rates, Connection, Safety
  3. Natural Gas: Glossary, Overview, Rates, Safety
  4. Other Fuels: Propane, Oil, Hydrogen Fuel Cells
  5. Renewable Energy: Systems Overview, Wood, Suppliers
  6. Issues: Deregulation, Climate Change, Power Quality
  7. Other Resources: Backup Power, Vehicle Fuels, Links

1. The Basics: Glossary, BC Energy Plan, Canada’s Future

Energy Glossary
So you think a solar dish is a…….oh, never mind. This huge glossary of energy terms from the US Energy Information Administration covers all forms of energy and industry terms.

BC’s New Provincial Energy Plan
If energy use and/or products are important to your business then these future plans for our province’s energy from the BC Ministry of Energy & Mines may be worth a read.

Canada’s Sustainable Development Strategy
For those interested in the bigger picture, you can visit NRCan’s Sustainable Development Strategy Web site to read four different scenarios on the future of Canada’s energy system.

2. Electricity: Hydroelectric, Rates, Connection, Safety<

About Hydroelectric Energy In Canada
NRCan offers a good overview of hydroelectric energy in Canada. Learn where it’s produced, new development trends, history, how a dam works, types of hydro facilities, and more.

Electricity Rates From BC Hydro
To find out how electricity rates are calculated, what the current residential and business rates are, and what tariffs are included visit this section of the BC Hydro Web site

Getting Connected
These BC Hydro guidelines cover new electrical service connection requests by either customers or electricians. Links to info on electric upgrades and renewals are on the top right.

Electrical Safety
For safety tips at home or on jobsites, around power lines, during power outages, and after electrical accidents you might find this easily readable info from BC Hydro to be valuable.

3. Natural Gas: Glossary, Overview, Rates, Safety

Natural Gas Glossary
The American Gas Association offers a natural gas glossary that includes all the terms used in residential gas applications as well those in production and the industry in general.

Overview Of Natural Gas
This Natural Gas site gives a very good overview of natural gas including background, where it is found, and various uses. Also check out the “From Wellhead To Burner Tip” section.

BC Natural Gas Rates
Current gas rates for different areas of the province are available from the Terasen Gas site. They also offer info on reading your meter and understanding a gas bill.

Terasen Gas also covers safety related issues such as call before you dig, right of way, CO, indoor air quality, meters, appliance safety, emergency preparedness and gas odours.

4. Other Fuels: Propane, Oil, Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Propane Resources
The National Propane Gas Association is a good resource for information on propane facts, its use in the home, in vehicles and at work. You’ll also find pricing and safety sections.

Oil Heating For Homes
This site from Oil Heat America details oil heating, including how a system works, safety and ecological issues, selecting a system and home buying or selling resources.

Fuel Cells
Here at the US DOE Web site you can get a better understanding of fuel cell basics, applications, how they work, types of products, challenges they face and much more.

5. Renewable Energy: Systems Overview, Wood, Suppliers

Renewable Systems Overview
What are renewables? The Canadian Renewable Energy Network covers the concepts, applications and products for Bioenergy, earth energy, small hydro, solar and wind systems.

Wood Energy Resources
Here in BC the Wood Energy Technicians govern training in residential woodburning. They have resources for consumers and industry as well as a listing of trained professionals.

Find A Product Supplier Or Business
The Source For Renewable Energy is an online buyers guide and business directory of more than 7,000 renewable energy businesses and organizations worldwide.

6. Issues: Deregulation, Climate Change, Power Quality

Deregulation In Canada
Some Canadian power markets have been deregulated to varying degrees. The Energy Shop provides an overview, prices, and updates on who is doing what and where.

Climate Change & Canada
Whether you agree with the climate change issues and actions or not, this Government of Canada site may help keep you up to date with what’s going on relative to your industry.

Home Power Quality & Surge Suppressors
Modern electronic equipment is very sensitive to power quality problems. This article from OIKOS explains power quality and the use and types of surge suppressors.

7. Other Resources: Backup Power, Vehicle Fuels, Links

Backup Power Systems
Are you and/or your customers more interested in backup power systems these days? This Energy Source Guide lists backup power system businesses in Canada.

Alternative Vehicle Fuels
If you have been wondering what the future holds for alternative fuels for your vehicle, the Alternative Fuels Data Center Web site has information on all of the options.

Energy Industry Web Site Links
Canada’s National Energy Board Web site has a good listing of all of the provincial and national government agencies, energy associations and related organizations.

Dittie For Today: On Leadership
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A boss fixes blame, a leader fixes mistakes.
A boss knows all, a leader asks questions.
A boss makes work drudgery, a leader makes it interesting.
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