Issue #3 Advanced Framing and Wall Systems
ISSN 1703-5597
 November 20, 2002


 1. Glossary Of Construction Terms: With Pictures
 2. Light Framing: Canadian Overview With Drawings
 3. Advanced Framing: Overview, Details & Slide Show
 4. Books On Advanced Framing: GVRD & JLC
 5. Troubleshooting: Truss Uplift, Ice Dams & Wall Rehab 
 6. Framers Stuff: Quality Assurance & Discussion Forums 
 7. Wall Systems: Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) 
 8. Wall Systems: Structural Insulated Panels(SIPs)   

1. Glossary Of Construction Terms: With Pictures

Glossary Of Terms
Thanks to Dale Barron of Morningstar Homes I will try to include a glossary of terms in each issue. He suggested that more basic information would help office staff and/or new employees better understand the construction process and industry jargon. Good idea. At this ILX Construction site you can search for a word or term. It not only explains the term but in most cases also has pictures. I love those pictures!

2. Light Framing: Canadian Overview With Drawings

Light Framing
This CWC site offers a good introduction to light framing features, types, and materials. There is basic info on floor, wall and roof design, as well a chart showing design values for common Canadian lumber species.

3. Advanced Framing: Overview, Details & Slide Show

Advanced framing is the best use of wood, and wood framing from a cost and building science perspective. It means using less wood to frame a house. It eliminates wood where it is structurally unnecessary or where its use is likely to cause other problems such as drywall cracks. Sometimes the term optimum value engineering (OVE) is used to mean the same thing. Here are a few links to info that might save you some construction costs or service calls.

Overview Of Advanced Framing: Housing Zone:
This page from the Housing Zone website has a brief overview of framing techniques that save money. It also has a cost comparison chart that you may be able to use by inputting your own local data. 

Detailed Drawings: Building Science Corp:
Once again we visit Dr. Joe Lstiburek, that famous ex-Canuck. He has some good detailed drawings of advanced framing methods on his Building Science Corporation website.

Slide Presentation: EEBA Conference: (PDF FILE)
This slide show on advanced framing was presented by Building America at the EEBA Conference last year. Although it's long (75 pages), it's worth a good look. Many sections have pictures and point form explanations that help explain some of the framing alternatives and their benefits.

4. Books On Advanced Framing: GVRD & JLC

A few years ago the Greater Vancouver Regional District produced the Advance Framing Techniques manual that was used for local training courses. Gary Friend of South Ridge Development, and industry trainer Warren Jones suggest the sections on beams and lintels are especially worth checking out. If you would like to get a free copy of this booklet contact Thomas Mueller at 1-604-436-6818, or e-mail him at

Advanced Framing Techniques
The Journal of Light Construction has published a book called Advanced Framing Techniques. It contains 46 of the best framing articles from JLC magazine.

5. Troubleshooting: Truss Uplift, Ice Dams & Wall Rehab

Truss Uplift (PDF FILE)
Truss Uplift can cause problems with drywall cracking and nail pops. This article On Drywall, Wood and Truss Uplift from Building Science Corporation provides some background information and recommendations for solutions.

Ice Dams
Ice Dams are a common problem for some of our readers in northern parts of BC & Yukon. These excellent drawings show various causes and solutions. This info is from the site of Canadian company Balanced Solutions.

Wall Rehab (PDF FILE)
Renovators and service reps might find some good stuff in this Rehab Guide For Exterior Walls from the NAHB. It covers materials, components and techniques for restoring various wall systems to good condition. It's big but you can view, print or download all or parts of it for free.

6. Framers Stuff: Quality Assurance & Discussion Forums

Quality Assurance
This Quality Assurance System For Framing Contractors is available from NAHB for $20 US. It provides wood framing contractors with a model quality assurance system that can be adapted to suit individual company needs.

Discussion Forums
Discussion Forums are places on a website where you can ask a question and other people provide their answers and ideas. You can also look through many past questions and responses. This one on Rough Framing at the Journal of Light Construction site is the best one I have found for framing info.

7. Wall Systems: Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs)

Insulating Concrete Forms
ICFs are becoming more widely accepted in the North American marketplace. This Portland Cement Association site has a good overview of ICF systems. Included are features, benefits, tips and resources, plus lots of additional info on concrete.

Benefits Of Insulating Concrete Forms
Here in BC the BC Ready Mix Concrete Association has ICF technical info available. They are working with the GVHBA to build a concrete home as the 2003 Dream Home at BC Place. Four local ICF companies belong to their association. Feel free to contact Carolyn Campbell at 604-881-2522

8. Wall Systems: Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

Structural Insulated Panels
SIPs are pre-fabricated building panels for floors, walls and roofs and are used in residential and commercial buildings. Each panel is typically made using rigid foam insulation sandwiched between two tructural wood panel skins. At this Structural Insulate Panel Association site you'll find lots of info to help you learn more about SIPs and their applications.

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