Issue # 34: Paints & Coatings September 8, 2004

Issue #34 Paints & Coatings

  1. Basics: Glossary, Types Of Paint, Selection
  2. Planning: Colour, Gloss Finishes, Paint Calculator
  3. Surfaces: Gypsum Board, Wood, Masonry, Siding
  4. Special: Vapour Barrier, Non-Toxic, Fire, Faux Finishes
  5. Process: Applicators, Primers, Painting, Ventilation
  6. Issues: UV & Moisture, Common Problems, Lead
  7. Resources: FAQs, Specs & Inspection, Find Products
  8. Ken’s Top Pick: If You Have Time To Surf Only One Site

1. Basics: Glossary, Types Of Paint, Selection

Glossary Of Paint Terms
Is anti-fouling paint the stuff you put on somebody that swears too much? Find out at the Paint Quality Institute site where they have an easily searchable glossary of paint terminology.

Types Of Paint
For a brief overview of the types of paint check out the PPG Paint School. They give you a short description of how each is made, its characteristics, and where it is commonly used.

Recommendations For Selecting Paints
To help you select the right paint for a specific purpose this Canadian Building Digest report lists different kinds of paints, their Canadian Standards numbers, and their applications.

2. Planning: Colour, Gloss Finishes, Paint Calculator

Colour Overview & Selection
If you’re as colour challenged as me this one is a godsend. The Bozzle painting & decorating site has a great overview of colours, their characteristics, and tips for proper selection.

Selecting Gloss Finishes
The location and type of surface can dictate the best degree of gloss for appearance and durability. Paint Info provides you with a simple chart to help you select the right type of product.

Paint Calculator
Here is a handy online calculator form Benjamin Moore. It figures out how much paint you will need for both interior and exterior, in English (gallons) or metric (litres) units.

3. Surfaces: Gypsum Board, Wood, Masonry, Siding

Painting New Gypsum Board (PDF FILE)
The Gypsum Association has prepared this brief specification for painting new gypsum board. It covers surface preparation and recommendations for priming and painting. (PDF)

Finishing Of Wood (PDF FILE)
Wood products can be finished in many ways. You will find lots of detailed info on product selection and application here in Chapter 15 of the Wood Handbook from the US FPL. (PDF)

Coatings For Concrete & Masonry Surfaces
Material characteristics of concrete, stone, brick, tile and stucco are explained, along with coating challenges and recommendations in Canadian Building Digest #131.

Repainting Siding & Clapboards (PDF FILE)
Fine Homebuilding offers you an article on how to prepare the surfaces before repainting siding. It covers cleaning, repairing problems, removing old paint, and spot priming.

4. Special: Vapour Barrier, Non-Toxic, Fire, Faux Finishes

Vapour Permeability
Some coatings may be used as vapour barriers. To check the permeance of some common types go the bottom of this Building Materials Property Table from Building Science Corp.

Non-Toxic Paints
If you have been searching for low/no VOC type products then visit the Eartheasy site. They cover the benefits, types of paints and strippers, tips for their use, and product suppliers.

Fireproof Paint and Paint Additives
Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions has a good article on fireproof paint and paint additives. It explains the flame spread ratings/classes, their houly ratings, and short list of products available.

Faux Finishing
Does faux finishing fit your fancy? Then the Behr site is for you. Their online project organizer suggests procedures for a number of different methods for glazing, textures and accents.

5. Process: Applicators, Primers, Painting, Ventilation

Guide To Paint Applicators
For those who are not pros it may be a challenge deciding what kind of brushes, rollers, pads or spray painters to use. Lowe’s gives you an overview of options along with some tips.

Primers Overview
The role and benefit of primers is often misunderstood. All Pro explains their functions, why and when to use them, as well as what primers to use on different materials and surfaces.

Painting Walls & Ceilings
In this article from Fine Homebuilding a painting professional provides you with tips for rolling and edging paint as efficiently as possible on walls and ceilings, all without making a mess.

Ventilation Is Good For You & The Paint
Paint Info offers this Caution Note telling you why a moderate air flow while painting is good not only for worker safety, but creates conditions needed for a proper paint curing process.

6. Issues: UV & Moisture, Common Problems, Lead

UV & Moisture (PDF FILE)
Our friend Dr. Joe Lstiburek helps us again with this down to earth info on how exposure to sunlight (ultraviolet radiation) and moisture affects the durability of paint coatings.

Common Paint Problems & Solutions
Troubleshooting a paint problem? Over 20 common paint failures, their cause, and solutions are explained in simple terms (with pictures) on the Sherwin-Williams site.

Dealing With Lead-Based Paints During Renovations
In older houses you may find lead-based paint. This IRC Construction Practice report tells you how to detect it, how to deal with it, and where to get more info if you need it.

7. Resources: FAQs, Specs & Inspection, Find Products

Paint FAQs
The Paint & Decorating Retailers Association site has a list of FAQs answering many common questions that homeowners and others may ask regarding paint products and applications.

Specification & Inspection Services
If you need to find or develop a painting specification, want a job inspected, or are looking for consultation, the Master Painters & Decorators Association of BC could help you.

Approved Products List
Looking for paint manufacturers? The Master Painters Institute site lists North American companies, their product types, distribution channels, contact info and Web site links.

8. Ken’s Top Pick: If You Have Time To Surf Only One Site

Paint Info
Paint Info is an excellent industry site brought to you by the Master Painters Institute. Check out the navigation bar on the left side to access some very good trade-related information.

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