Issue #38 Tools & Equipment January 12, 2005

Contents: Issue #38
Tools & Equipment

  1. The Basics: Glossary, Descriptions, Last 10 Years
  2. General Overviews: Carpentry, Power & Hand, Various
  3. Detailed Info: Tool Tests, Product Specs, Articles & Videos
  4. Woodworking Tools: Articles & Videos, Reviews, Specialty
  5. New Products: Newsletter, Web Site, Editors’ Awards
  6. Purchasing: Choosing, Find Products, Buy Online, Auction 
  7. Issues: Performance Ratings, Safety Tips, Product Recalls
  8. Ken’s Top Pick: If You Have Time To Surf Only One Site

1. The Basics: Glossary, Descriptions, Last 10 Years

Tool & Construction Glossary
So you think a biscuit saw is what’s needed for some of my baking. This excellent glossary (with many pictures) from ILX Construction Training covers both tool and construction terms.

Basic Tool Descriptions
Wikipedia is a user-created dictionary. The section on hand tools provides basic tool descriptions, and some history. For more, enter “tools” and “power tools” into search box (on left).

Tool Industry is Smmmokkinnn
Remember what tools were like 10 years ago? We’ve come a long way baby. This eBuild article will likely bring back a few memories, and also give you a glimpse into future changes.

2. General Overviews: Carpentry, Power & Hand, Various

Carpentry Tool Basics
For beginners, Toolnewz offers an overview of carpentry tools and materials. It includes brief descriptions of common tool types, along with some tips for their selection and use.

Power & Hand Tool Buying Guides
Written for the do-it-yourself market, Lowes’ buying guides give you a pretty good summary of different tools. This one is for power tools. The hand tools link is on the bottom right.

Articles On Various Types Of Tools
More for trades, Popular Mechanics has archived past articles on tools and equipment. Even more article links are on the “Select another article” drop-down box on the top right side.

3. Detailed: Tool Tests, Product Specs, Articles & Videos

Detailed Articles & Tool Tests
Tools Of The Trade is an excellent building industry resource site. Here you will find feature articles categorized by tool type. Also check out their “Tool Tests” (link is on left side bar).

Product Specs & Reviews
The popular Journal of Light Construction site includes this JLC-Online Toolbox. It provides product specs, and each tool section has “Related Tool Articles” link on the top right side.

Library Of Tool Articles & Video Tips
Fine Homebuilding is a well-recognized magazine in our industry. You can access past feature articles and video tips on many different tool products, procedures and projects.

4. Woodworking: Articles & Videos, Reviews, Specialty

Articles & Videos On Tools, Jigs & More
These great articles and videos from Fine Woodworking cover tools, jigs, and more. There are lots more topics available by clicking on the links below “Articles” on the left side panel.

Tool Reviews & Woodworking Tips
Popular Woodworking editors have compared the qualities of various tools and offer these reviews. The “Select Articles” link on the left side takes you to more woodworking article & tips.

Specialty Woodworking & Tools Articles
For you serious woodworkers out there, here are some articles from Lee Valley Tools. They cover a wide range of specialty topics, new products, tips, and techniques.

5. New Products: Newsletter, Web Site, Editors Awards

Product & Industry Newsletter
Building Online eUpdate is a free, weekly e-mail newsletter with industry and product news. Product articles are archived here. Click on “News” on the top right side to see past issues.

Web Site With New Tools, Tests & Reviews
The New Tool News site gives you information on some of the latest and greatest tools. They also offer info on tool tests, product comparisons, consumer reports, and product recalls.

2004 Editors Choice Awards
Good sources of new product info are the various Editors Choice Awards. Here are the 2004 winners from Tools Of The Trade, honouring leadership and innovation in tool design.

6. Purchasing: Choosing, Find, Buy Online, Auction

Choosing Between Tools
Having trouble deciding which type of tool is the best for your applications? Tools Of The Trade provides you some good tips that you can use next time you need to make a choice.

Find Tool & Equipment Specs & Manufacturer Listings
For each tool category at eBuild, the “Product” tabs take you to specs that help you select, “Companies” tabs lead to lists of manufacturers, and “Articles” tabs display more info sources.

Online Purchasing At The Amazon Tools & Hardware Site
If you are comfortable purchasing your products online, the Amazon Tools & Hardware site may be the place for you. They carry brand name products and the prices speak for themselves.

Online Buy Or Sell Auction At eBay Tools
The eBay site is increasingly popular for buying and selling all kinds of new and used items, including tools. It takes a bit of time to learn and use, but the deal you get may be worth it.

7. Issues: Performance Ratings, Safety Tips, Recalls

Comparing Product Performance Ratings
It can be a real challenge comparing performance of different tool brands. Ratings differences and proposed common standards are covered in this Tools Of The Trade article.

Safety Tips For Power Tools
These straightforward safety tips from the Power Tools Institute might be especially valuable for your new employees, or for those about to use a specific tool for the first time.

Tool & Equipment Recalls
The US Consumer Products Safety Commission has an easily searchable database of recalled products. Click on a product type and it displays a list of brands with links to all the details.

8. Ken’s Top Pick: The Tools Of The Trade Site

The Tools Of The Trade Site
Made for the trades, Hanley Wood’s Tools Of The Trade site is a gold mine. Each tool category has credible information on tool tests, feature articles, and links to eBuild’s product specs.

Dittie For Today: On The Value Of Mistakes

I have learned throughout my life as a composer chiefly through my mistakes and pursuits of false assumptions, not by my exposure to founts of wisdom and knowledge. - Igor Stravinsky

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