Issue #39 Gas & Propane February 9, 2005

Contents: Issue #39
Gas & Propane

  1. Gas Basics: Glossary, Overview, Production & Delivery
  2. BC Industry: Resources, Deregulation, Gas Marketers
  3. Prices & Rate Structures: North America, Canada, BC
  4. Planning: Compare Costs, Ordering, Safety, Digging
  5. Using Gas: Homes & Business, Vehicles
  6. Propane: Overview, Household Products, Safety
  7. Propane Vehicles: FAQs, Prices, Refuelling Stations
  8. Kenís Top Pick: If You Have Time To Surf Only One Site

1. Gas Basics: Glossary, Overview, Production & Delivery

Natural Gas Glossary
You can use this easily searchable Natural Gas Glossary from the American Gas Association to find the meanings for any of the words and terms used in the gas and propane industry.

Natural Gas Overview
If you want to know what natural gas is, how itís formed, how and where it is found, and how it is produced and marketed then check out this Canadian Centre For Energy site.

Gas Production & Delivery
The Natural Gas Supply Association site gives you details of the gas exploration, extraction, production, transport, storage, distribution and marketing processes and systems.

2. BC Industry: Resources, Deregulation, Gas Marketers

BC Oil & Gas Resources
For a bit of history and a good overview our British Columbia oil and gas industry, statistics, policies and resources you can visit this section of the BC Ministry of Energy & Mines site.

Deregulated Natural Gas
The Energyshop site has information on the deregulation of various gas and electric utilities in Canada. Here they cover gas deregulation in BC and explain the rate structures.

Natural Gas Marketers In BC
If you want specific details of the BC commercial gas market unbundling (deregulation), along with a list of natural gas marketers, then check out the BC Utilities Commission site.

3. Prices & Rate Structures: North America, Canada, BC

North American Natural Gas Prices
Our natural gas prices fluctuate based on whatís happening in the North American marketplace. The Canadian Association of Petroleum Produces offers good info, statistics and pricing.

Canadian Gas Price FAQs
If you or your customers have questions about Canadian natural gas prices and regulations, these Frequently Asked Questions on the NRCan site may hold the answers.

BC Natural Gas Rates
In BC, Terasen Gas serves the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and the Interior. Here you will find current gas rates and background information on how rates and bills are calculated.

Pacific Northern Gas: Rate Schedules
Pacific Northern Gas serves the customers in the northern part of our province. Rate schedules for different areas, and details of their charges and riders are explained here.

4. Planning: Compare Costs, Ordering, Safety, Digging

Comparing Costs Of Different Fuels
If operating costs are a factor in selecting your fuel, Terasen helps with these charts showing annual space & water heating costs for different fuels, for each of their service areas.

Ordering Gas Services: For Builders & Developers
For Terasen customers, you can find details here on ordering construction services, a builder & developer toolkit, special offers and programs, and their priority service arrangement.

Gas Safety Regulations In BC
The Gas Safety Program of the BC Safety Authority regulates safety for distribution, utilization, installation and operation of gas fuelled equipment. Program info can be found here.

Call Before You Dig
BC One Call is a free province wide service. Phone this 1-800 number, and you can find out if there are pipelines, cables, water & sewage lines, or electrical wires in a specific area.

5. Using Gas: Homes & Business, Vehicles

Homes & Businesses
Specific to BC, documents and tips covering gas services, billing, energy efficiency, appliances & equipment, safety, environment, and more can be found on the Terasen site.

Natural Gas For Vehicles
If you are considering alternative vehicle fuels, the Canadian Natural Gas Vehicles Alliance lists BC-based resources on purchasing/conversion, savings, refuelling stations, and more.

6. Propane: Overview, Household Products, Safety

Propane Overview
This site is for kids, so even I can understand it. The US Energy Information Administration site covers propane basics, properties, transportation, production, and more.

Selection Tips For Household Products
If you are wondering what kinds of propane household products are available, you can find out more about all of them at the Propane Education & Research Council site.

Propane Safety
These safety tips on ventilation, carbon monoxide, propane storage and connections, checking for leaks, and cylinder certification are courtesy of the Ontario Propane Association.

7. Propane Vehicles: FAQs, Prices, Refuelling Stations

Frequently Asked Questions
Vehicles driving more than 25,000 km a year may run cheaper on propane than gasoline. Autogas Propane, a BC company, offers answers to all the common questions, and more.

Canadian Weekly Pump Price Comparisons
Are you trying to decide which vehicle fuel is the most cost effective? These weekly pump prices from MJ Ervin & Associates provide you data from all major Canadian cities.

BC Refuelling Stations
Compliments of the Propane Gas Association Of Canada, here is an extensive listing of the refuelling stations in BC. It is easily searchable by city or town (use the drop down box).

8. Kenís Top Pick: The Terasen Gas Site

Terasen Gas Site
There is an exceptional amount of builder, developer, and trade level information on BCís own Terasen Gas site. It covers the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

Dittie For Today: On Success

A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at them.
   - David Brinkley

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