Issue #41 Hot Water Baseboard Heating April 13, 2005

Contents: Issue #41
Hot Water Baseboard Heating

  1. The Basics: Glossary, System Overview, History
  2. Design: Comfort, Design & Install, Hybrid, Standards
  3. Boilers: Types, Buying Guide, Venting Options, Wood
  4. Components: Baseboards, Controls, Outdoor Resets
  5. Installation: Anti-Freeze, Poly B Pipe, Old Gravity Systems
  6. Issues: Ventilation, Backdrafting, Water Quality
  7. More: Tax Exemptions, Online Videos, Manufacturers
  8. Ken’s Top Pick: If You Have Time To Surf Only One Site

1. The Basics: Glossary, System Overview, History

Glossary Of HVAC Terms
To find out the meaning of any of those weird terms used in the HVAC industry, check out this easily searchable glossary, compliments of the HVAC Mechanic Web site.

Hot Water Heating System Overview
Bell & Gossett, a pump manufacturer, has lots of info on their site. Here is a great schematic of a hydronic heating system, with clickable links to descriptions of each component.

Historical Articles: A Library Full Of Them
If you’re ever searching for credible stuff on hot water heating, sooner or later you’ll run into the name Dan Holohan. Here are lots of historical articles in his site’s Library. Very Good!

2. Design: Comfort, Design & Install, Hybrid, Standards

Human Comfort Theory & Factors
Understanding comfort is not as easy as it sounds. There are many different factors involved as Square One explains here. Click on “Human Comfort” on the left for the list of resources.

Hydronic System Design & Installation
Heating Help provides you with an easy to read step-by-step guide covering each stage of the design and installation process. Included are design criteria, tips, charts, drawings and tools.

Hybrid Health Wellness & Comfort System (PDF FILE)
Some sophisticated houses, or more discerning owners, may benefit from a hybrid system that combines hot water and forced air, as this schematic from Healthy Heating describes.

Installation Stanadrd/Code For Hydronic Systems
CIPH explains the CSA B214-01 Installation Code, developed by industry for proper system design and installation. To also see current status and position click on “Codes” on the left.

3. Boilers: Types, Buying Guide, Venting Options, Wood

Boiler Types
Although you may find some of the British terminology to be different than ours, this boiler types overview from the Heating and Hot Water Information Council clearly explains options.

Venting Done Right: Free Online Videos
Different venting methods are shown in online videos from the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association. The US code is referenced, but all else is BC relevant. Click “Inspectors” link.

Gas Boilers Buying Guide
BC Hydro’s commercial buildings resource site offers this overview of things to consider when buying a gas boiler. It covers size, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and DHW tips.

Outdoor Wood Furnaces
For people looking to heat their homes with wood, an outdoor furnace is well worth considering. Here, How To Buy An Outdoor Furnace supplies a list of things that you should examine before purchasing an outdoor furnace:

4. Components: Baseboards, Controls, Outdoor Resets

Baseboards, Radiators & Convectors
Hot water from a boiler delivers heat to various rooms using devices such as baseboards, radiators, towel warmers, or fan convectors as this brief from Myson explains.

Central Heating Controls (PDF FILE)
Many UK homes use hot water heating, so they very good info available. TACMA, the controls association, covers all types of controls (UK terminology) in this Good Practice Guide.

Outdoor Reset Controls
Tekmar, a BC company recognized for advanced hydronic control systems, gives you an overview of outdoor reset controls.

5. Install: Anti-Freeze, Poly B Pipe, Old Gravity Systems

Anti-Freeze In Hydronic Systems
Written for the heating trades, this technical article from Raypak discusses anti-freeze types, properties, water quality, maintenance, testing, flushing, disposal, and design tips.

Poly B Pipe, Find A BC Contractor, Training & More
The Thermal Environmental Comfort Association of BC is a great resource. Their site has info on Poly B pipe (click on “newsletter”), a list of contractors, training, and lots more.

Gravity Hot Water Heating Q & A: Good
If you have, or are working on, an old house with gravity heating and radiators this Q & A section of Dan Holohan’s Heating Help site will definitely be worth a visit.

6. Issues: Ventilation, Backdrafting, Water Quality

Ventilation For Non Forced-air Houses
IRC did some testing of various types of ventilation systems for use in non-forced air houses. This summary may help you when deciding which approach is best for your customers.

Combustion Appliance Backdrafting: Causes & Cures
Written by Sebastin Moffatt, one of our BC building science experts, this Home Energy article details the issues, causes and solutions to the backdrafting of combustion appliances.

Water Quality In Hydronic Systems
First Link - Problem
Second Link - Solution
The quality of water in some areas can cause problems with certain system parts. Plumbing & HVAC Magazine explains these water problems (first link) and solutions (second link).

7. More: Tax Exemptions, Online Videos, Manufacturers

BC PST Tax Exemptions
We don’t get many of these so it pays to be aware of PST tax exemptions for energy efficient boilers and HVAC equipment, outlined here by the BC Consumer Taxation Branch.

Online Videos & Articles
The HVAC section of Bob Vila’s site has quite a number of good articles and free online videos covering boilers, radiant & hydronic systems, thermostats, ventilation and more.

Hydronic Heating Equipment Manufacturers
You can search the Links to Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating Member Companies at Ultimate Comfort for suppliers of baseboards, boilers and more. Their links take you directly to each manufacturer’s own Web site.

8. Ken’s Top Pick: Dan Holohan’s Heating Help Site

Dan Holohan’s Heating Help Site
Dan Holohan is one great dude. Not only is he considered a guru in the hot water and steam heat industry, he gladly shares all kinds of information on his site. This one is hot!!

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