Issue #43 Site Services & Infrastructure June 8, 2005

Contents: Issue #43
Site Services & Infrastructure

  1. Issues: Contaminated Sites, Tree Bylaws, Stream Regs
  2. Deconstruct: Manage Waste, Guide, Free Resources
  3. Soil: Swelling & Shrinking, Expansive, Investigations
  4. Excavate & Fill: Plan, Compaction, Safety, BC1Call
  5. Energy Utilities: Electrical, Gas, Utility Innovations
  6. Site Drainage: Low Impact, Grading, Erosion, Gypsum
  7. Water: Water Wells, On-Site Sewage, Irrigation Systems
  8. Kenís Top Pick: If You Have Time To Surf Only One Site

1. Issues: Contaminated Sites, Tree Bylaws, Stream Regs

Contaminated Sites Regulations & Resources
For assessing and cleaning up contaminated sites the BC Ministry of Water Land & Air offers legislation & regulations, fact sheets, guidance documents, forms, and an experts list.

Tree Bylaws In Municipalities
The goal of the Civic Info BC site is to make it easier to find local government information. Here they have a listing of the tree related bylaws for a number of BC municipalities.

Navigating In-stream Work Regulations In BC
If you have a stream to deal with, these Canadian Water Resources Association notes may help. Requirements at local, provincial and federal government levels are covered.

2. Deconstruct: Manage Waste, Guide, Free Resources

Managing Residential Construction Waste
Construction waste disposal, if properly managed, could reap benefits of cost control, increased efficiency, lower liability, improved marketing, as the NAHB Toolbase site explains.

Contractors Guide To Waste Prevention & Recycling (PDF FILE)
This online booklet from Resource Venture tells you how to prevent waste, salvage & reuse materials, set up and manage a jobĖsite program, buy recycled, and market yourself.

Construction & Demolition Recycling Info
The GVRD offers free on-site assistance, workshops and information guides to help you reduce and recycle waste from construction, demolition and renovation sites. (Middle of page)

3. Soil: Swelling & Shrinking, Expansive, Investigations

Swelling & Shrinking Subsoils
Clay subsoils can swell and shrink, sometimes causing movements in a building. Canadian Building Digest describes some common causes and precautions to be taken.

Expansive Soil & Wet Basements
This best practices guide from IBACOS includes steps for reducing water entry, as well as some tips and a schematic for foundation & waterproofing in expansive soil conditions.

Engineering Site Investigations
Designing and building economical foundations on some soils can be a challenge. This CBD report details the various soil investigations, and what results you should obtain from them.

4. Excavate & Fill: Plan, Compaction, Safety, BC1Call

Planning To Prevent Cost Overruns & Callbacks
Fine Homebuilding gives you an overview of differential settlement, researching a site, consulting experts, bridging soil types, compacting, heavy equipment, and troubleshooting.

Soil Types & Compaction
The basic types and characteristics of soil, its interaction with water, how it should be backfilled, and the fundamentals of compaction are all covered in this Canadian Building Digest.

Excavation Work Safety Standards
As part of their standards, WCB provides drawings of sloping & shoring requirements, and tables for designing trench support structures. Demolition info is further down the page.

BC ONE Call: Locate Buried Utilities
Buried facilities such as pipelines, telecommunications cables, water & sewage lines, and electrical wires can be located with the help of BC ONE CALL, by using their toll-free number.

5. Energy Utilities: Electrical, Gas, Utility Innovations

BC Hydro Connection Process
If you require a new service connection, an upgrade, or a removal of service, the procedures, forms and checklists are all presented on this section of the BC Hydro Web site.

Terasen Gas: For Builders Developers & Engineers
Here is Terasenís information for builders, developers and engineers on ordering construction services, a builder toolkit, special offers, industry innovations and priority service.

Innovative Site Utility Installations (PDF FILE)
This HUD document is big. It describes many innovative, cost-saving methods and materials being used across the US to reduce site utility costs for residential developments.

6. Site Drainage: Low Impact, Grading, Erosion, Gypsum

Low Impact Development: A Site Design Strategy
The Whole Building Design Guide site explains Low Impact Development, using natural and engineered infiltration and storage to control storm water where it is generated.

Site Grading & Drainage (PDF FILE)
Taunton provides this excerpt from the Graphic Guide To Site Construction, with grading & drainage principles, sample site drawings, a slope recommendation chart, and some tips.

Erosion At Construction Sites
Erosion problems, preliminary assessment, brief guidelines for drainage, and the various types of erosion control are all covered in this Canadian Building Digest report.

Use Scrap Gypsum To Improve Soil Water Infiltration (PDF FILE)
Studies show that scrap gypsum added to the soil can reduce its crusting and improve water infiltration. This DOE brief gives background, guidelines, and an area calculation chart.

7. Water: Water Wells, On-Site Sewage, Irrigation Systems

Water Wells
For buildings serviced by wells rather than municipal water supply, this EPA site has descriptions, glossaries, details and drawings of dug wells, driven wells, and bored/drilled wells.

On-Site Sewage Disposal Systems
If not on city sewers, or if you want to return water to the local soil, Toolbase helps with a background of sewage treatment, design requirements, and an overview of on-site systems.

Irrigation Systems
Jess Strykerís excellent irrigation tutorial site covers design, installation, filter & pump selection, control scheduling, winterizing, troubleshooting, product reviews, and more.

8. Kenís Top Pick: Canadian Building Digests

Canadian Building Digests
Here are over 240 excellent technical reports published by the Canadian Institute for Research in Construction. They cover a lot of different topics, many of which relate to site services.

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