Issue #46 Top Building Technology Sites September 14, 2005

Contents: Issue #46
Top Building Technology Sites

  1. Articles: Fine Homebuilding, CMHC, Find Articles
  2. Reports: Canadian IRC & CMHC, US HUD & Build America
  3. Best Practices: Brief, Detailed, Whole Building, Rehab
  4. Visual: House & Construction Details, Graphics, Videos
  5. Technology Sites: ToolBase, US DOE, JLC, Lstiburek
  6. Directories: Construction, Envelope, Building Science
  7. More: Search Engine, Technical Events, Square One
  8. Ken’s Top Pick: If you have time to surf only one site

1. Articles: Fine Homebuilding, CMHC, Find Articles

Fine Homebuilding Magazine Articles & Videos
Their archive of articles and videos are accessed from the lower left panel under “Articles”. Those that are free for viewing are listed below fee-based articles in each section.

Fact Sheets On Building Process, Products & Problems
The CMHC About Your House fact sheets cover moisture & mould, health & safety, energy, construction & renovation, maintenance & repair, emergencies, landscaping, and more.

Find Articles By Searching Industry Magazines
You can search for both free and fee-based magazine articles on specific topics via Find Articles search engine. It searches leading academic, industry and general interest publications.

2. Canadian IRC & CMHC, US HUD & BA

Canadian Institute For Research In Construction
Here is the database of IRC publications including Canadian Building Digests, Construction Innovations, Construction Practice, Construction Technology Updates, and much more.

CMHC Research Highlights
Online summaries of all CMHC building research projects since 1990 cover a wide range of building technology topics. They are listed by title or year, and searchable by keyword.

US HUD Building Technology Reports
The US Dept. of Housing & Urban Development offers online reports covering building materials & methods, manufactured housing, energy, natural & man-made hazards, and more.

Building America Publications
Building America, the US program that develops energy solutions for new and existing homes, provides an online library of research and building technology publications.

3. Best Practices: Brief, Detailed, Whole Building, Rehab

Brief Guides On Building Components
IBACOS gives you online guides for shower pans, basement, crawlspace, window installation, roof flashing, moisture & brick, attic knee walls, flex duct, wet basements, and more.

Detailed Best Practice Guides For Sale
CMHC sells detailed Best Practice Guides for several building components and assemblies. They include manual, CD, metric/imperial, detail drawings, explanations, and specs.

Whole Building Design Guide
Guides from WBDG for larger buildings detail various building types, space types, design objectives, products & systems, project management, as well as links to more resources.

Rehabilitation Guides Online
These free, comprehensive, online guides from HUD describe new building practices, materials, products, labour-saving tools, and cost-cutting practices for housing rehabilitation.

4. Visual: House & Construction Details, Graphics, Videos

Details Of Houses That Work
Good ol’ Building Science Corporation offers a hygro-thermal map, along with Best Practices and three Building Profiles (with detailed drawings) for each of the five climatic regions.

Construction Details
CMHC Highrises & Multiples division publishes Construction Detail Of The Month, showing various building assemblies. They include construction sequences notes and general tips.

Graphics, Presentations & Videos
If you need graphics or visual images of building components, problems, procedures, or technologies, you can search or browse this free archive from the US Codes Resource Center.

Online Videos On Building Technology & Business
At HGTV Pro you can view these free online Best Practice videos that cover foundation, framing, exterior & interior finishes, insulation, HVAC, and contractor business topics.

5. Technology Sites: ToolBase, US DOE, JLC, Lstiburek

ToolBase Building Technology Information
The US National Association of Home Builders site has info on building products, materials, new technologies, business, and housing systems, categorized by issues and subsystems.

US DOE Building Technologies Program
Resources on energy efficient building components, products, performance & savings, research, codes & standards, and guidelines for efficient energy use, can be found here.

Journal Of Light Construction
JLC has technical and business research/articles, discussion forums, bookstore, products, marketplace, toolbox, newsletter and more. Some items require a site membership to view.

Joe Lstiburek’s Building Science Corporation Site
Dr Joe kindly offers you many resources, including books, design & construction recommendations, articles, papers, presentations, a glossary of building science terms, and more.

6. Directories: Construction, Envelope, Building Science

Links To Construction Technology & Industry Data
The Construction WebLinks directory has links to Web sites on building components, specs, codes & standards, forums, businesses, publications, libraries, calculators, and more.

Links To Building Envelope Resources
Compiled by Concordia University in Montreal, this directory contains links to building envelope technology, organizations, institutes, associations, publications, research, and articles.

Links To Building Science & Technology Sites
The University of Waterloo offers these links to building science, products & systems, energy & alternatives, building types, green buildings, architecture, research, and more.

7. More: Search Engine, Technical Events, Expert Forums

Global Spec Engineering Search Engine
Search technical & engineering sites for products & services, or use their directory to find patents, standards, products, part numbers, application notes, material properties, and more.

Technical Conferences & Events Listings
CMHC keeps a current list of both Canadian and international technical conferences and events. They are archived by date, and each has a direct link to the Web site for the event.

Experts From Canada’s National Research Council
The NRC Expertise database contains more than 1700 people that have scientific, technical and professional expertise. It is searchable by subject, name, institute, location, and more.

8. Ken’s Top Pick: The CMHC Housing Industry Site

CMHC Housing Industry Site
CMHC has a great deal of technical, regulatory, and market information, organized by topic and industry sector, for all participants in our industry. Free newsletters are also offered.

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