Issue #47 Building Industry October 12, 2005

Contents: Issue #47
Building Industry

  1. Basics: Canadian System, Encyclopedia, Glossary
  2. Housing Statistics: Historical, Recent, BC, U.S. Trends
  3. Careers: Links, Occupations, Training, Job Board
  4. BC Governments: Provincial, Municipalities, HPO
  5. Consumers: Perceptions, Advocacy, Rate A Builder
  6. News: Associations, Magazine, Newsletter, U.S.
  7. Future: Code Changes, Trends & Challenges, Trade Shows
  8. Ken’s Top Pick: If You Have Time To Surf Only One Site

1. Basics: Canadian System, Encyclopedia, Glossary

Canadian Construction System (PDF FILE)
The Canadian Commission on Building & Fire Codes explains Canada’s construction system, the parties involved, and the various systems in place for ensuring proper process.

Construction Industry & Process
For a general overview of the different types of construction, and definitions of various processes, trades and materials, check out this section of Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia.

Glossary Of Construction Management Terms
Construction Navigator offers you a glossary of the terms used in construction management. It includes processes, people, paperwork, legal, and business topic definitions.

2. Housing Statistics: Historical, Recent, BC, U.S. Trends

Historical Stats Of Canadian Construction & Housing
From Statistics Canada, these reports from as far back as 1926 cover a wide range of topics such as construction by type and region, housing stock, and mortgages. Excel files

Recent National Housing Data
For a summary of key national housing data from the last 10 years, check out these tables, organized by subject, from the Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation.

BC Industry Economic Statistics
BC Stats provides you with current general economic and industry data, as well as summaries of building permits by type, housing starts by area, MLS house sales, and more.

Trends In US Homes & Apartments
Learn about US facts & trends from these NAHB publications covering home prices, characteristics of new homes, popular materials, homebuyer preferences, and much more.

3. Careers: Links, Occupations, Training, Job Board

Links To Career Resources
The Canadian Home Builders Association offers you links to information on residential construction career paths, skilled trades, colleges, apprenticeship, and industry health & safety.

BC Trades & Technical Occupations
Information on 125 trade & technical occupations, and their wages, skills, working conditions, education/training routes, and employment prospects are provided by Work Futures BC.

BC Industry Training Authority
In BC, ITA oversees our trades training. Here you will find resources for career planning, employers, apprentices, and listings of the many educational providers and their courses.

BC Home Builders Job Store
If you are looking to hire someone, want some human resources management tips, or job searching, try out this CHBA-BC job board Web site. Registration is free.

4. BC Governments: Provincial, Municipalities, HPO

BC Government Housing Department
BC Office of Housing & Construction Standards is composed of the Housing Policy Branch, Building Policy Branch, Safety Policy &; Liaison Branch, and Residential Tenancy Office.

BC Municipalities
Civic Net offers information on BC municipal issues, policy documents, discussion papers, services & events, as well as links to local governments and other related organizations.

BC Homeowner Protection Office
HPO governs residential builder licensing, monitors home warranty insurance, administers repair loan programs, and does residential construction industry research & education.

5. Consumers: Perceptions, Advocacy, Rate A Builder

Consumer Perceptions Of The Home Building Industry (PDF FILE)
Compliments of the Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association, this CHBA study summarizes some positive and negative views that consumers have about our industry.

BC Consumer Advocacy For Homeowners
CASH is a BC consumer group addressing leaky condos & houses, grow-ops, hot real estate market, mould, vermiculite insulation, bank class action lawsuit, and mortgage fraud.

Canadians For Properly Built Homes
CPBH is a Canadian organization for increasing consumer awareness of building standards, promoting greater consumer protection legislation, and influencing positive codes changes.

Consumers Rate Their Builder
The Rate Your Builder site allows new home purchasers to share their experiences and provide feedback online, thereby “supposedly” assisting those in the market for a new home.

6. News: Associations, Magazine, Newsletter, U.S.

Canadian Associations & Organizations Links
From Construction Canada, here are links to national & provincial associations, government agencies, institutions, organizations, foundations, councils & groups, and more.

Canadian Home Builder Magazine
This CHBA magazine has feature articles on industry issues, companies, products, technology and more. Although mailed only to members, past issues are freely accessible here.

U.S. Building Industry News
To find out what’s going on in the US housing industry, you can check out these past issues of Nation’s Building News, the newsletter of the National Association of Home Builders.

7. Future: Code Changes, Challenges, Find Trade Shows

2005 Building Code Changes
The Canadian Institute for Research in Construction provides this brief overview of some of the key changes in the 2005 National Building Code, Fire Code, and Plumbing Code.

Challenges & Opportunities For 21st Century (PDF FILE)
Trends in our industry structure, demographics, the economy, mortgage financing, labour, regulations, taxes, and technology are summarized in this CMHC Research Highlight.

Search For Trade Shows
Trade Show Week, from Reed Business Information, is an online international trade show search engine where you can find trade shows by industry, country, city, and date.

8. Ken’s Top Pick: Institute For Research In Construction

Institute For Research In Construction
The Canadian IRC site has lots of information on research, technology, and innovation for industry professionals, property owners, building officials, manufacturers, and educators.

Dittie For Today: On Expressing Your Opinion

I have expressed an opinion on public issues whenever they appeared to be so bad and unfortunate that silence would have made me feel guilty of complicity.
      - Albert Einstein

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