Issue #48 Building Product Supply November 9, 2005

Contents: Issue #48
Building Product Supply

  1. The Marketplace: Trends, Market Reports, Forums
  2. Performance: Standards, Evaluations, Specifications
  3. Estimating: BC Companies, Software, Online Calculators
  4. Find Products: Category, CSI Format, BC Dealers & Mfg
  5. New Products: Innovations, Energy, New Product News
  6. Issues: Import/Export, CSA & US Recalls, Shopping Online
  7. Future: Exchange, Buying Group, Turnkey, Options Mgmt
  8. Kenís Top Pick: If You Have Time To Surf Only One Site

1. The Marketplace: Trends, Market Reports, Forums

Trends In US Builder Product Preferences
eBuild summarizes a US builder survey showing the changes in building products, materials and methods, along with testing issues, and some good charts showing usage statistics.

New Construction, Renovation & Materials Reports
You can purchase any one of a number of detailed Canadian market data reports on materials usage in new homes and renovations form the NAHB Research Center.

Forums On Materials & Techniques
The Journal of Light Construction site has some pretty active discussion forums where industry members share ideas and problems on building products, materials, and techniques.

2. Performance: Standards, Evaluations, Specifications

Product Standards & Certification
The Standards Council of Canada gives you information and links on ISO, auditor training, inspection bodies, testing labs, personnel & product certification, standards, and more.

CCMC Product Evaluations
The Canadian Construction Materials Centre evaluates new and innovative products and systems. Here you can find lists of new, cancelled, and suspended product evaluations.

Construction Specifications Information & Purchase
Canadian specifications (including the new Master Format 2004) information, listings and purchase, software, education, and reference materials are all available at the Spex site.

Specification Writing
An overview of specification writing including documents, formats, methods, defining scope, language, writing style, materials & installation clauses are offered here by NIA.

3. Estimating: BC Companies, Software, Online Calculator

Quantity Surveyors In British Columbia
CIQS, the Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors, has a list of members and firms in private practice, PQS & CE criteria, consulting services, news & events, links and more.

Construction Estimating Software Directory
Builder Space offers you this online directory that lists different estimating software, along with a brief description of each and links to the Web site of each product supplier.

Online Calculators For Building Materials
Online calculators for concrete volume & blocks, gravel & stone, framing stud, sheeting, drywall, roofing, brick, carpet & floor covering, and rafter length are provided by HGTV Pro.

Online Calculators For Building Components
Get A Quote has calculators for bearing walls, joist system, concrete wall & footing, non-bearing walls, gable roof rafters & trusses, gable roofing, and several room configurations.

4. Find Product: Category, CSI Format, BC Dealers & Mfg

Directory Of Building Products By Category
This large directory from eBuild allows you to search building products, companies, and articles, using a number of different categories that are specific to each product type.

Directory Of Canadian Products By CSI Master Formats
At the Canadian McGraw Hill Sweets site you can search by product, company, trade name, Master Format 2004 or 16 Division. It displays product summaries with supplier links.

Building Supply Dealers Association Of BC
Here you can search or browse to find building supply dealers and suppliers who are BSDA BC members, as well as building supply industry news, events, education, links, and more.

BC Manufacturers Directory
To find a BC manufacturer, this local directory lets you search by keyword, company name, product, sector, or industry as well as advanced search and browsing alphabetical listings.

5. New Products: Innovations, Energy, New Product News

New Innovations In Products & Practices
Great reports on new products and practices form US PATH are searchable by keyword, Tech Set, building system, stage of product development, or from a master listing of all reports.

New Energy & Resource Efficient Technologies
Advanced Buildings offers reports on new structural, finishing, HVAC, plumbing, lighting, load management, ventilation, site servicing, and motors & equipment technologies.

New Product Announcements & News
Building Online has a free e-mail newsletter, an online archive of supplier press releases on new product announcements, product related industry news, as well as a product directory.

6. Issues: Import/Export, CSA & US Recalls, Shop Online

Import & Export Resources
This Canadian government site contains info on preparing to import, controls, identifying suppliers, financing, regulations, and more. The link to the export site is on the top right panel.

CSA Certified Product Recalls
Here you can search for recent or past CSA certified product recalls by product type, date range, recall description, bulletin number, manufacturer, or model number.

US Product Recalls
For US supplied products the Recalls site gives you detailed information, searchable by product type, description, or company. They also have an e-mail notification service.

Online Shopping Safety Tips
New to online shopping? Check out this Safe Shopping site, with information on security, privacy, payment, sellers, products, terms, delivery, records, complaints, tips and more.

7. Future: Exchange, Buying Group, Turnkey, Options

BC Construction Industry Buy & Sell Exchange
IConstrux is a new BC Web site where you can buy and sell new and recycled building materials, equipment and services. Membership is free and you pay only if an exchange is made.

US Builder Buying Group
Builder Sourcing is a new buying group for production home builder members. They coordinate direct product purchasing from brand name supplier members to the builders.

Turnkey Construction Services
This new service from Select Build in the US provides creation & delivery of customized materials packages, fabrication of trusses, and assembly & installation on the site.

Online Product Options Management
Envision is a new online options management solution that includes tools for manufacturers, builders, design centers and consumers to manage the product selection process.

8. Kenís Top Pick: The PATH Technology Inventory Site

The PATH Technology Inventory Site
Tracking new products and innovations is not easy. What are they, do they work, whoís using them? The NAHB Research Center & PATH team up to provide excellent technical reports.

Dittie For Today: On Sales

A sale is not something you pursue. It's what happens to you while you are immersed in serving your customer.

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