Issue #50 Hazardous Materials January 11, 2005

Contents: Issue #50
Hazardous Materials

  1. The Site: Environment, Contaminated Sites, Brownfields
  2. Home Hazards: Indoor Air, Biological, VOCs, Waste
  3. Workplace Hazards: WCB Guidelines, WHMIS, MSDS
  4. Hazardous Products: Asbestos, Lead, PCBs, Pesticides
  5. Other Hazards: Carbon Monoxide, EMF, Radon, Mold
  6. Disposal: Regulations, Disposal Depots, Landfill Bans
  7. More: Symbols, BC Industry Associations, Magazine
  8. Ken’s Top Pick: If You Have Time To Surf Only One Site

1. Site: Environment, Contaminated Sites, Brownfields

BC Environmental Management Branch
The Provincial of BC provides information and regulations on hazardous waste, contaminated sites, floods, municipal waste, pest management, stormwater, and more.

Contaminated Sites
BC Ministry offers you info on contaminated site legislation & regulations, high profile sites, policies & procedures, analytical methods, forms, legal decisions, experts, and other resources.

About Remediation, a Canadian resource on site remediation and brownfields redevelopment, has a toolbox, redevelopment basics, remediation solutions, news, events, and publications.

2. Home Hazards: Indoor Air, Biological, VOCs, Waste

Indoor Air Hazards
These Montana University Q & A’s cover asbestos, lead, radon, formaldehyde, CO, secondhand smoke, household products, remodeling, combustion pollutants, and moisture.

Biological Pollutants
The US Consumer Products Safety Commission explains biological pollutants, where they are found, health effects, how to control them, and gives you links to more information.

Volatile Organic Compounds
VOC background, sources, symptoms they cause, what you can do about them, removal by air cleaners, and links to more information are provided here by the BC Ministry of Health.

Toxics Toolkit For Household Hazardous Waste (PDF FILE)
This online guide from the Recycling Council Of BC covers product identification, safe storage, proper use, best choices for product selection, labels, alternatives, and disposal.

3. Workplace Hazards: WCB Guidelines, WHMIS, MSDS

WCB Hazardous Substances Guidelines
The Workers Compensation Board of BC guidelines detail the criteria for workers exposure and handling of asbestos, rock dust, biohazards, lead, pesticides, and toxic gases.

WHMIS Resources
Introduction, classification, symbols & labels, legislation, education & training, FAQs, guidelines, BC services providers, and links to other WHMIS resources are offered by WCB.

Material Safety Data Sheets
The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety covers what MSDS are, do you need them, format, what information is on them, can they be too old, and employer responsibilities.

4. Hazardous Products: Asbestos, Lead, PCBs, Pesticides

Asbestos In The Home
This CMHC factsheet gives you an overview of what asbestos is, what it has been used for, health problems, minimizing risks, vermiculite insulation, and links to more resources.

Lead In Paint, Dust & Soil
The US EPA offers information on lead in paint, dust, and soil, including background, news, rules & regulations, education, technical studies, training & certification, and other lead links.

Environment Canada provides polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) publications, industry news, acts & regulations, national inventory, contacts, and links to additional information.

Pesticides & Pests
Resources on pesticide pros & cons, disposal, cancer, types & fears, management, wood preservatives, labels, toxicology handbook, and more, are offered at Pest Control Canada.

5. Other Hazards: Carbon Monoxide, EMF, Radon, Mold

Carbon Monoxide
The CO Headquarters site has a wide range of articles, information and links on carbon monoxide, exposure, health issues, products, procedures and other resources.

Electric & Magnetic Fields
Biological and health effects of EMFs from power lines, electrical wiring, appliances, medical equipment, cell phones, communications facilities, and computers are on EMF Link.

Radon Resistant Construction
EPA has standards for the construction of radon resistant residential buildings with reference documents, terms, principles, model standards, and building techniques.

Construction Information Site On Mold
At the Canadian Construction Association you will find mold guidelines, existing remediation guidelines, literature review, information brochure, due diligence, and links to other sites.

6. Disposal: Regulations, Disposal Depots, Landfill Bans

BC Hazardous Wastes Regulations
The Ministry of Environment provides info on legislation, regulations, policies, procedures, protocols, analytical methods, technical & administrative guidance, and more.

BC Consumer Products Disposal Depots
Product Care is a BC organization with disposal depots and product management systems for consumer products such as paints, flammable liquids, pesticides and gasoline.

BC Landfill Bans (PDF FILE)
If you are wondering what is banned from local landfills, the Recycling Council Of BC covers the reasons for bans, banned products, bans in place, and links to more resources.

7. More: Symbols, BC Industry Associations, Magazine

Hazard Symbols
The Workers Compensation Board of BC has descriptions of hazard symbols for transportation of dangerous goods, restricted product labels, and a key booklet listing all symbols.

Hazardous Materials Association Of BC:
Our BC contractor and industry trade association gives you information on the organization, listing of member companies, links, and brief overviews of asbestos, lead, mold and PCBs.

BC Environmental Industry Association
BCEIA, a BC association focusing on contaminated sites and hazardous waste, offers company directory, industry news & events, and links to other organizations and resources.

Canadian Hazardous Materials Industry Magazine
HazMat Management is a Canadian industry magazine with both print and online editions. You can access news, events, articles, a buyers guide, an e-mail newsletter and more.

8. Ken’s Top Pick: US Environmental Protection Agency

US Environmental Protection Agency
The US Environmental Agency Web site offers a lot of resources on acid rain, asbestos, hazardous waste, lead, mercury, mold, pesticides, radon, water, wetlands, and more.

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