Issue #51 Accessibility & Universal Design February 8, 2006

Contents: Issue #51
Accessibility & Universal Design

  1. Basics: Glossary, History, Principles, Photo Gallery
  2. Regulations: BC Code, Canadian Code, Rating System
  3. Design: Tips, Seniors Checklist, Links To Resources
  4. Access: Elevators & Lifts, Ramp Guide, Wheelchairs
  5. Other: Landscaping, Smart Homes, Existing Homes
  6. Find Products: Directories Of Accessibility Products
  7. More: Seniors Resources, Certification, Education
  8. Kenís Top Pick: If you have time to surf only one site

1. Basics: Glossary, History, Principles, Photo Gallery

Glossary Of Terms
The Housing Department of our BC Ministry offers a glossary of commonly used terms, acronyms, and a very good annotated bibliography on accessibility and universal design.

History Of Accessible Building Design
Whole Building Design Guide site covers the US history of accessible design, milestones of requirements, definition and goals, emerging issues, codes & standards, and more.

Principles Of Universal Design
The principles of equitable, flexible, and simple & intuitive use, perceptible information, error tolerance, low effort, and size & space are provided by the US Center for Universal Design.

Photos Of NAHB Home Displaying Accessibility
NAHB Research Center has a photo gallery of their Life Wise Home features, designed to display low maintenance and accessibility options for older or disabled homeowners.

2. Regulations: BC Code, Canadian Code, Rating System

BC Building Code & Building Access Handbook
The online handbook from BC Building Policy Branch covers building code requirements for persons with disabilities, including definitions, classifications, design, and alterations.

History Of Canadian Code Accessibility Requirements
A brief summary of the History of Canadian building code requirements for accessibility is provided at the National Codes site of the National Research Council of Canada.

Rating System For Home Accessibility
Canadian organization Education on Quality Accessibility provides a home rating system that includes building ramps, doors, inside, bathrooms, elevators, and public telephones.

3. Design: Tips, Seniors Checklist, Links To Resources

Universal Design Tips
A good list of tips for accessibility and universal design of home exterior, access, garages, interior, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and laundry are offered here by Design Linc.

Checklist For Accessibility For Seniors
An NAHB checklist covers exterior, floor plan, hallways, entry, thresholds, doors, windows, garage, faucets, kitchen, laundry, bathroom, stairway, electrical, flooring, HVAC and more.

Links On Designing For Accessibility
The US Fair Housing Accessibility site provides descriptions & links for accessibility design resources, remodeling, new homes, home adaptations, apartments and multi family.

4. Access: Elevators & Lifts, Ramp Guide, Wheelchairs

Residential Elevators & Lifts
Accessibility Equipment Manufacturers Association provides a description and codes & standards for residential elevators, inclined platform lifts, stairway lifts, and vertical platform lifts.

Product Guide For Home Elevators & Lifts
The Canadian Silver Cross Home Elevator guide offers selection tips and sources on new/used residential elevators, stair lifts, ceiling lifts, wheelchair lifts, and dumbwaiters.

Guide To Building Ramps
This online guide with drawings from Wheelchair Ramp explains how to build low cost wheelchair ramps, and long-tread, low-riser steps for wheelchair accessibility.

Wheelchair Access Products
Wheelchair Net gives you tips, brief descriptions and links to a wide range of wheelchair friendly product suppliers for home modification, ramps, elevators, lifts, openers, gates, and more.

5. Other: Landscaping, Smart Homes, Existing Homes

Accessible Landscapes
San Francisco University provides an online guide covering disability issues, designing for inclusion, paths and plazas, furniture, and planted environment for accessible landscapes.

Smart Homes & Assistive Technology
Smart Thinking has resources on smart homes and assistive technology for accessibility, including design, dependability, disability, software, articles, and links to more information.

Making Existing Home More Accessible (PDF FILE)
This US Association for the Advancement of Retired Persons explains design concepts, products, and resources that will help you make an existing home more accessible.

Residential Remodeling For Universal Design
A detailed technical guide on selecting and installing universal design and accessibility features during home renovation is offered by US Housing & Urban Development agency.

6. Find Products: Directories Of Accessibility Products

Assistive Technology Products
Brief descriptions and links to architectural products, house planning, indoor rooms, lighting, outdoor, signs, vertical lifts, and specialty items are provided here by Abledata.

Wheelchair & Assistive Technology Products
The United Spinal Association searchable directory gives you descriptions and links to a wide range of wheelchair and assistive technology products, in easy to find categories.

Accessible Building Products
US National Association of Home Builders has literature for kitchen & laundry, bathroom, doors, windows, hardware, controls, house plans, ramps, lifts and elevator products.

7. More: Seniors Resources, Certification, Education

Seniors Housing Adaptation
Seniors Canada Online is a Canadian government site with links to articles, organizations, financing programs, and other resources for adaptation of seniorsí homes for accessibility.

Certified Aging In Place Specialist
The Certified Aging in Place Specialist program from NAHB trains remodelers in the technical, business management, and customer service skills required for home modifications.

Education On Accessibility & Universal Design
Universal Design Education Online offers links to accessibility and universal design certificate programs, distance education, mini courses, continuing education, institutes, and forums.

8. Kenís Top Pick: The Center for Universal Design

Center For Universal Design
This US research and information center provides universal design explanations, principles, publications, education & training, housing & built environment resources, and more.

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