Issue #53  Water Conservation April 12, 2006

Contents: Issue #53
Water Conservation

  1. Basics: Glossary, Canadian Water, Usage, Builders
  2. BC: Strategy, Plumbing Regs, Water Rates, Software
  3. Indoors: Toilets & Tests, Washers, Recirculation, Laminar
  4. Outdoors: Landscape, Irrigation, Lawn Care, Pools & Spas
  5. Reuse: Greywater, Rainwater Harvesting, BC Code Guide
  6. Other: Multi Family, Apartments, Leaks, New Products
  7. More: BC Site, Databases, Water Clearinghouse
  8. Kenís Top Pick: If you have time to surf only one site

1. Basics: Glossary, Canadian Water, Usage, Plumbing

Glossary Of Water Conservation Terms
The California Urban Water Conservation Council has an alphabetical glossary of terms and acronyms used in the water utilities and water conservation industries.

Canadian Water Supply & Water Conservation
Environment Canada covers Canadian water supply, how water is used, infrastructure, water quality, conserving water by reducing, repairing and retrofitting, and links to more info.

Water Use Of Fixtures & Appliances
Greater Vancouver Regional District explains how to check for water leaks, typical home water use percentages, and gives estimated water use for fixtures, appliances, chores and drips.

Resource Efficient Plumbing Technologies
This PATH Tech Set on Resource-Efficient Plumbing highlights five technologies that are easy to install, result in efficient and speedy delivery of hot and cold water, and allow for future, simplified retrofit of a greywater reuse system.

2. BC: Strategy, Plumbing Regs, Water Rates, Software

BC Provincial Water Conservation Strategy
The BC Ministry of Environment details its strategy, goals and objectives, challenges, tools for water conservation, initiatives, activities, strategic directions, and implementation plans.

BC Plumbing Regulation For Water Conservation
Our provincial government has water conservation plumbing regulations for maximum flow rates & water consumption, geographic location requirements, and identification markings.

Water & Sewage Rates For BC Municipalities
You can find the local water and sewage rates for many BC and other Canadian municipalities from these direct links at the Freshwater site of Environment Canada.

Land Development Water Balance Software
This software, from a Canadian inter-governmental agency, helps you plan land developments that can preserve and/or restore the local natural water balance. Free trial offered.

3. Indoor: Toilets & Tests, Washers, Recirc, Laminar

High Efficiency Toilets
US National Association of Home Builders report on high efficiency toilets offers an overview, types, attributes, ease of installation, costs, benefits, and more.

Performance Test Results Of Popular Toilets (PDF FILE)
Canadian Water & Wastewater Association and California Urban Water Conservation Council chart lists popular low flow toilet models and their performance test results.

Efficient Clothes Washers
Energy Star covers energy & water efficient clothes washers, with product listings & search, purchasing tips, manufacturer list, savings calculator, and business & commercial products.

Hot Water Recirculation Systems
US PATH explains the hot water recirculation system that saves energy and water by using a pump to rapidly move water from a water heater to the fixtures, and back again.

Laminar Low Flow Fixtures
New laminar flow fixtures make low water flows feel "wetter" because of the pattern of the flow, and their attributes, costs, installation, warranty, and benefits are detailed here by PATH.

4. Outdoor: Landscape, Irrigation, Lawn Care, Pool & Spa

Landscape & Xeriscape Resources
American Water Works Association provides you with links to a wide range of information, organizations and resources for water conservation in landscaping, irrigation, and xeriscape.

Irrigation Tips & Resources
H2ouse offers tips on irrigation water use & savings, benefits & costs, trends, maintenance, purchasing, installation, timing & seasonality, irrigation audits, application options, and more.

Lawn Care & Maintenance
This guide from Purdue University covers environmental and water impacts of lawn care, the basics for homeowners & professionals, a glossary, and links to more information.

Pools & Spas
The Association of Spa & Pool Professionals gives some facts on household water use for bathing and recreation, and offers operation and water conservation tips for pool & spa owners.

5. Reuse: Greywater, Rainwater Harvesting, BC Code

Greywater Guide
Carl Lindstrom gives you details and drawings of greywater basics, pollution data, planning a greywater system, treatment options, sample installations, links, and literature references.

Greywater Resource Site
Greywater systems, benefits, selection, mistakes, building & using, regulations, studies, examples, and much more are provided on the Oasis Design sustainable resource site.

Rainwater Harvesting Resource Site
The Harvest H2O site has a wide range of articles, case studies, reports, FAQs, supplier listings, and links to more information and resources on rainwater harvesting.

Building Rainwater Harvesting Systems
This Austin Green Builder guide covers considerations, commercial status, issues, capacity, catchment, conveyance, storage, filtering, distribution, and a list of resources.

BC Code Of Practice For Reclaimed Water (PDF FILE)
The BC Ministry of Environment guide details greywater quality, using reclaimed water, dual distribution, storage, monitoring, labelling, emergency response, and more.

6. Other: Multi Family, Apartments, Leaks, New Products

Multi Family Energy & Water Savings
For property owners and managers of multi family buildings CMHC offers articles, reports and resources on water and energy saving with tips, costs, benefits and precautions.

Guide To Retrofitting Apartments To Save Water
This US Housing & Urban Development guide for reducing water use in apartment buildings covers options, and ways to select the best water conservation retrofit strategies.

Home Water Leak Detection & Repair
You can conserve water by understanding and solving water leaks in buried pipes, faucets, toilets, and swimming pools as outlined here by the Arizona State water sustainability group.

New Water Saving Products
The Water Use It Wisely site has info on water conservation and new products such as waterless urinals, instant hot water, leak detection, smart irrigation, sprinklers, and water brooms.

7. More: BC Site, Databases, Clearinghouse

BC Site For Sustainable Water Management
Waterbucket is a BC partnersí site with resources on water management, events on water planning, use & conservation, rainwater management, infrastructure, agriculture, and more.

Databases Of Canadian Water Resources
Canadian Water & Wastewater Association has searchable databases of water efficiency experiences, water contacts, quality parameters, industrial contaminants, and research.

Water Wiser Clearinghouse
Here you will find a calendar of events, industry news, jobs & marketplace, education, references, forums, buyers guide, and links from the American Water Works Association.

8. Kenís Top Pick: The H2ouse Site

Water Conservation Resources
Water conservation resources, and tips for fixtures, hot water, appliances, pool & spa, meters, landscaping, outdoors, and alternative water supplies are all offered on the H2ouse site.

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