Issue #54  Building Design Process May 10, 2006

Contents: Issue #54
Building Design Process

  1. Architecture: House Types, Building Styles, Patterns
  2. Design Trends: Articles, Industry, Architects, Consumers
  3. Home Plans: Architect, Designers, Planning Tips & Articles
  4. Engineering: Disciplines, Types, Links, Associations
  5. The Building: Building Science, Structure, Wood, Green
  6. Interior: Designer, Roles & Process, Hiring, Resources
  7. More: BC Architects, Links, Free 3D Modelling
  8. Kenís Top Pick: If You Have Time To Surf Only One Site

1. Architecture: House Types, Building Styles, Patterns

Types Of Houses & Apartments
Wikipedia, the online encyclopaedia, explains the names and characteristics of different types of houses & apartments, with pictures of each and links to lots more related information.

Building Styles & Terms
A Web site of the Hamilton-Halton Construction Association, Ontario Architecture offers a glossary of building styles and architectural design terms, with explanations and pictures.

10 Essential Patterns Of Home
Patterns are a designer's rules of thumb that guide design, and Architecture Week gives you an overview of the 10 essential patterns of home, with examples for each.

2. Trends: Articles, Industry, Architects, Consumers

Design Trends Articles & News
Housing Zone offers you archives of home building industry magazine articles and news about trends in US housing design, for new homes, renovations, and product selection.

Industry Sees These Design Trends
Leading architects, builders, and interior merchandisers offered NAHB these insights into what matters most to homebuyers and the trends shaping new home design.

Architects Survey On Design Trends
The American Institute of Architects 2006 Home Design Trends Survey reports on emerging trends in the residential marketplace and business conditions of architecture firms.

Consumer Preferences (PDF FILE)
This research study from Hanley Wood offers you some good data on consumer preferences when buying or building a new home, remodeling, and when selecting products.

3. Home Plans: Architect, Designers, Tips, Articles

How To Choose An Architect
Royal Architectural Institute of Canada explains how to select an architect, client agreements, architect services, other consultants, fees, and offers Find An Architect search service.

Building Designers In BC
Registered Building Designers and Certified Residential Designers in BC are listed here, along with their contact information, by the Building Designers Institute of BC.

Home Design & Product Selection
Luxury Home Plans has tips on product and design options for bathroom, millwork, doors & windows, exterior, entertainment, interior, kitchen, laundry, structure, systems, and yardscape.

Articles On Planning A Home
A wide range of articles covering plan selection, money items, building a home, home interior, kitchen, bath, energy saving, and home security are offered here on the Eplans site.

4. Engineering: Disciplines, Types, Links, Associations

Engineering Disciplines
If you are wondering which engineers do specific types of work, the National Society of Professional Engineers provides an overview of various professional engineering disciplines.

Types Of Engineers & Designations
Engology, a professional engineering resource site, explains what it calls Career Fraudsters, and clarifies different types of engineers and the degrees and designations they may have.

Engineering Web Sites
Links to reviewed sites on chemical, civil, electrical, design, general, environmental, materials, sustainable development, and mechanical engineering are listed here by EEVL.

APEG BC Engineers Association
The Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of BC regulates the professions of engineering & geosciences and has member information, resources, library, and links.

ASTTBC Technicians Association
Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of BC
BC offers information on the organization & members, certification, publications, events, jobs & careers, and more.

5. Building: Building Science, Structure, Wood, Green

Building Science & Construction Details
Building Science Corporation offers excellent technical articles on foundations, walls, roofs, windows, HVAC, moisture, mould, design recommendations by climate, and more.

Guide To Structural Design
This US Housing & Urban Development guide addresses inefficiencies in housing construction practices and structural engineering concepts, by using a practical design approach.

Wood Building Design
Design information for wood buildings, including structural, fire safety, architectural, building science, building codes, and more are presented here by the Canadian Wood Council.

Green Home Building Guidelines
The NAHB guide green building covers lot design, efficiency of resources, energy & water, as well as indoor environmental quality, operation & maintenance, impact, and site planning.

6. Interior: Designer, Roles & Process, Hiring, Resources

About Interior Design
Interior Designers Institute Of BC explains what a professional interior designer is, gives you their member information, and has resources, events, awards, and links to more information.

Designer Roles & Design Process
This Careers In Interior Design site provides a good overview of interior design program components, the design process, interior design disciplines, and designer work settings.

Hiring An Interior Designer
If you are thinking of using and interior designer, the American Society of Interior Designers suggests questions you may want to ask and explains the process of selection and hiring.

Ideas, Advice & Examples
Interior Dezine is a resource site covering interior design of bathrooms, bedrooms, colour, construction, furniture history, glossary, finishes, fittings & fixtures, lighting, and more.

7. More: BC Architects, Links, Free 3D Modelling

Architectural Institute of British Columbia
AIBC, our provincial architectsí association, offers industry news & events, information for members & public, awards, walking tours, advisory service, and member search.

Links To Architecture & Building
This Nevada University directory contains links to sites on architecture, building & construction, design, housing, planning, preservation, energy, environment, and landscape.

Free 3D Modelling
Google Sketchup is easy-to-use software for creating 3D models of houses, buildings and other objects, using drag and drop tools and materials in a WYSIWYG editing environment.

8. Kenís Top Pick: The Building Science Corporation Site

Building Science Corparation
Good olí Dr. Joe Lstiburek offers excellent design resources including publications, designs, affordable housing, Building America, technical resources, FAQ, links, and lots more.

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