Issue #57  Wall & Building Systems August 9, 2006

Contents: Issue #57
Wall & Building Systems

  1. Basics: Glossary, Performance, Vancouver, Systems
  2. Framing: Details, Articles, Forums, Common Problems
  3. Panelized: Overview, Guidelines, SIP Introduction & Guide
  4. Concrete: Systems, Masonry, ICF, CIP, Precast, Tilt-Up
  5. Other: Log, Timber Frame, Steel Frame, Rammed Earth
  6. Components: Trusses, Engineered, State-Of-The-Art
  7. Issues: Rainscreen, Shear, Wind, Bracing, Sound
  8. Kenís Top Pick: If you have time to surf only one site

1. Basics: Glossary, Performance, Vancouver, Systems

Glossary Of Framing Terms
Here is a simple diagram showing the various components of a wall, along with a glossary and basic descriptions of house framing terms, compliments of Al's Home Improvement site.

Performance Of Exterior Walls
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction overviews common wall problems that may occur in cold climate and requirements for design and construction of exterior walls.

Walls In Vancouver (PDF FILE)
A recent presentation by Dr. Straube covers wall design and function in Vancouver, review of weather conditions, moisture control, durable enclosures, and the Coquitlam test hut.

Whole House Systems
NAHB bulletins cover innovative products & processes, case studies, field evaluations, questions & answers, and links to information for various types of whole house building systems.

2. Framing: Details, Articles, Forums, Common Problems

Details For Framing Walls (PDF FILE)
Design tips and detail drawings for platform and balloon frame walls, 2x4 & 2x6 thick, openings, headers, rakes, corners, advanced framing and more are given by Fine Homebuilding.

Articles On Wall Framing
Journal of Light Construction has over 40 free and fairly inexpensive paid articles covering a wide range of wall framing topics, methods, problems, and procedures.

Discussion Forums On Rough Framing
On the JLC Online site you can view, and after registering for free you can contribute to, these building industry forums that discuss many different topics relating to rough framing.

Solutions To Common Framing Problems
Again from the Journal of Light Construction, here is an article by a wood-frame expert that cites some of the most common framing errors, along with practical solutions for each.

3. Panelized: Overview, Guidelines, SIP Intro & Guide

Panelized Wall Systems Overview (PDF FILE)
This bulletin on panelized wall systems from the Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing covers costs, planning, field evaluations, considerations, and recommendation.

Guidelines For Engineered Panelized Walls
NAHB gives you guidelines covering the structural design, fabrication, and installation of light-frame walls prefabricated using wood or cold-formed steel members in platform frame.

Overview Of Structural Insulated Panels
SIPs introduction, installation, warranty, benefits & costs, ease of implementation, field evaluations, and US code acceptance are covered in this technical bulletin on the Toolbase site.

Prescriptive Method For SIPs
The Structural Insulated Panel Association guide explains the procedures for design and installation of SIP walls, for two stories, above grade, in certain seismic & snow conditions.

4. Concrete: Systems, Masonry, ICF, CIP, Precast, Tilt-Up

Concrete Building Systems
PCA describes, with pictures, the concrete building systems of masonry block, insulated concrete forms, cast-in-place, precast, tilt-up, autoclaved aerated concrete, and shotcrete.

Info on masonry benefits, brick, concrete masonry, mortar, ties, stone, grout, flashing, design, construction, maintenance, costs, and more are offered by the Masonry Advisory Council.

Insulating Concrete Forms
The ICF Web site gives you an overview of ICFs including introduction, benefits, types of systems, tools & accessories, FAQ, thermal performance, books, and contractor search.

Concrete Homes Council & Concrete Foundations Association provide cast-in-place information, benefits, member listings, construction process, home profiles, events & industry news.

Canadian Precast Institute covers precast concrete structural, architectural, hollow core, and specialty products, with info on guide specifications, certification, and construction details.

For tilt-up basics, benefits, examples, certification, products & services, questions & answers, and links to more resources for building with tilt-up, visit the Tilt-Up Concrete Association.

5. Other: Log, Timber Frame, Steel Frame, Rammed Earth

Log Homes
NAHB Log Homes Council has info on log homes, featured homes, photo gallery, publications, technical resources, manufacturers, products & services, events, and more.

Timber Frame
For timber frame introduction, ask the experts, events, FAQs, training, industry news, publications and links to even more resources visit the Web site of the Timber Framers Guild.

Steel Framing
The Steel Framing Alliance offers design resources, case studies, standards, books, technical information, training, events, news, FAQ, expert hotline, and links to resources.

Rammed Earth
Sirewall is a BC company offering rammed earth building information, benefits, courses, formwork products, photos, and more for builders, architects, and homeowners.

6. Components: Trusses, Engineered, State-Of-The-Art

Trusses & Structural Building Components
International trade association offers truss and structural building component magazine, shows, events, careers & jobs, education, technical information, and other industry resources.

Engineered Wood Products
APA, the Engineered Wood Association, provides an overview and technical resources for I-Joists, laminated veneer lumber, OSB, plywood, rim board, siding, and specialty products.

New Products & State-Of-The-Art Practices
The HUD guide covers new exterior products and state-of-the-art practices including brick, sheathing, insulation, siding, stucco, trim, sealants & caulks, paints, wind, and seismic.

7. Issues: Rainscreen, Shear, Wind, Bracing, Sound

Designing Rainscreen
Canadian IRC Update explains, with drawings, the rainscreen design of first & second lines of defence as per environmental conditions onsite, and wall moisture management strategy.

Shear Walls
McVicker Engineers offer information on shear wall types, material properties, loads, facts & forces, the plans and the field, problems, improvements, and links to more resources.

High Wind, Snow & Seismic Loads (PDF FILE)
This detailed online manual from the American Wood Council covers design and construction of wood frame buildings in high wind, snow, and seismic load conditions.

Wall Bracing
Architects, builders, engineers, and homeowners can find information here on basics, design, and use of wall bracing systems, compliments of the Engineered Wood Association.

Sound Attenuation
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation research report summarizes sound attenuation properties of four exterior walls commonly used in Canadian low cost residential housing.

8. Kenís Top Pick: The NAHB Toolbase Site

Exterior Wall Products, Practices, Problems & Resources
NAHB reports cover innovative products & processes, design & construction guides, best practices, performance & case studies, field evaluations, questions & answers, and links.

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