Issue #58  Green Renovations September 13, 2006

Contents: Issue #58
Green Renovations

  1. Basics: Glossary, Treatise, Industry Needs, Consumers
  2. Reno Examples: Green, Healthy, Energy, Case Studies
  3. Plan: Checklist, No-Cost, Guidelines, Consumer Guides
  4. Products: Whatís Green, Structural, Emissions, Selection
  5. Find Products: BC Listings, North American, EcoLogo
  6. BC Resources: Incentives, Programs, Events, Community
  7. More: Deconstruct, Certification, Book, Database, Links
  8. Kenís Top Pick: If You Have Time To Surf Only One Site

1. Basics: Glossary, Treatise, Industry Needs, Consumers

Glossary Of Green Building Terms
Seattle City, as part of its Green Building Program, provides an alphabetical glossary with a brief explanation of common terms used in the design and construction of green buildings.

Green Building Treatise
Building Science Corporation describes their view of why an integrated systems approach to green building is the primary factor that dictates how well and how long buildings perform.

What Industry Needs To Build More Green Buildings (PDF FILE)
NAHB paper states development and investment communities have been slow to adopt green principles due to information gaps around the costs and benefits of green building.

Consumer Demand For Sustainability (PDF FILE)
CMHC study shows consumer demand for Healthy Housing, buyers views of sustainability, features that appeal to them, and how much extra they would be willing to pay. 2004

2. Reno Examples: Green, Healthy, Energy, Case Studies

Green Renovation Projects
Smart Communities, a US sustainable community group, lists residential and commercial green renovation projects, each with a brief description, and links to more detailed information.

Healthy Housing Renovations
Seven Canadian renovation demonstration projects promoting Healthy Housing, energy efficiency, and the professional home renovation industry are highlighted here by CMHC.

Renovating For Energy Savings
CMHC fact sheets describe 11 different styles of single family, duplex, row houses, mobile homes, and simple additions, with suggestions on renovating them to achieve energy savings.

Case Studies On Green Building
University of Hong Kong provides a listing of worldwide case studies of residential and commercial green buildings, searchable by country, with links to more detailed information.

3. Plan: Checklist, No-Cost, Guidelines, Consumer Guides

Checklist For Design & Construction
Here is a list with brief descriptions of things to consider for green building design, site issues, materials, equipment, and business practices from the very good Building Green site.

Basic, No-Cost Strategies (PDF FILE)
American Institute of Architects suggests green design decisions that can be done on nearly every project without increasing construction cost, regardless of budget size.

Guidelines For Green Remodeling
Alameda County contractor guidelines for green remodeling include benefits, their points system, methods, materials, and illustrated examples of different rooms and renovations.

Green Remodeling Consumer Guides
These illustrated consumers guides from Seattle City cover overview, bath & laundry, kitchen, painting, landscape materials, roofing, hiring a pro, and salvage & reuse.

4. Products: Whatís Green, Structural, Emissions, Select

What Makes A Product Green?
The publishers of Environmental Building News explain their view of what makes a building product green, give examples of what to use where, and provide some green standards.

Green Structural Products
NW EcoBuilding Guild article by LEED accredited engineers suggests steps engineers can take in structural components design and product selection process for green buildings.

Standards For Low Emitting Indoor Materials
These standards from Greenguard define goods with low chemical and particle emissions for use indoors, including building materials, furnishings, maintenance and more.

Product Selection & Design
Earth Advantage green building program provides room and system design and selection advice, definitions, applications, benefits, challenges, and suggested standards & specs.

5. Find Products: BC Listings, North American, EcoLogo

BC Directory Of Green Products
Search for green building products by Master Format division, and get descriptions, features, and contact information for the suppliers, in the product directory of GVRDís BuildSmart site.

BC Database Of Residential Service Providers
BC Sustainable Building Centre has lots of local information and allows you to search for providers of sustainable products and services, by building type, discipline, and qualification.

North American Green Products
Oikos site lists green product suppliers for sitework, concrete, masonry, metals, wood & plastic, thermal & moisture, doors & windows, finishes, mechanical, electrical, services, and more.

Canadian Product Certification Program
EcoLogo, the environmental certification mark managed by Environment Canada, has over 300 categories of sustainable products and systems, including building and construction.

6. Resources: Incentives, Programs, Events, Community

Canadian Incentives & Funding
Greater Vancouver Regional District lists, with links, sources of funding and incentives for new and existing residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, and municipal buildings.

BC Programs & Resources
Here are links to green building programs and rating systems, energy efficiency programs, incentive & rebates, education and training, and sources of more information, from HPO.

Green Building Events
You will find lists of green building events in BC and Canada, links to more information on each, plus links to some other sites that offer event listings, at the GVRD BuildSmart site.

BC Green Renovation Community
This is our own online Community of BC Building Info where industry members can provide their input into what would best help them offer professional, profitable, green renovations.

7. More: Deconstruct, Certification, Book, Database, Links

Deconstruction Institute
The Deconstruction Institute provides educational materials, tools and techniques, networking, case studies, articles, facts on environmental impacts of deconstructing, and much more.

Green Remodelers Certification & Guild
The Green Remodelers Guild in California shares information about green building practices, provides educational forums, and offers green remodeling certification training for members.

Green Remodeling Book
This book by David Johnston on green remodeling covers foundations, framing, plumbing, windows, heating and finishes, and has checklists, insights, and resource lists.

Database Of Sustainable Building Information
iiSBE is a Canadian database with resources on sustainable buildings, technologies, methods & tools, policies & programs, R& D, events, people, organizations, and much more.

Links To More Green Building Information
The Canada Green Building Council offers links to research, standards, funding, renewable energy, IAQ, materials, water resources, life cycle assessment, economics, and green sites.

8. Kenís Top Pick: The Green Building Source Site

Green Building Resources For Homebuilders
Oikos Green Building Source provides the North American home building industry with news, technical articles, books, videos, software, and a searchable database of products.

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