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2 Masonry & Stone

  1. Masonry Basics: Glossary, History, Technical Manual
  2. Blocks: Properties, Manual, Specs, Architectural, AAC
  3. Brick: Resources, Estimate, Details, Clean, Problems
  4. Stone: Guide, Marble, Care, Canadian, Cast, Articles
  5. Install: Mortar, Coatings, Inspection, Hot & Cold Weather
  6. Issues: Moisture, Efflorescence, Durability & Service Life
  7. More: Articles, Expert, Design Support, Find Companies
  8. Ken’s Top Pick: If you have time to surf only one site

1. Masonry Basics: Glossary, History, Technical Manual

Glossary Of Masonry & Brick Terms
Masonry Institute of Washington provides a comprehensive, alphabetical glossary of terms and acronyms used in the masonry industry. Some of the descriptions have drawings.

History Of Masonry
Cavity walls for water drainage are a not new idea, as you will see in this brief overview of the 6000-year history of masonry from the Mason Contractors Association of America. 

Technical Manual On Masonry
Detailed online manual from the Masonry Institute of BC covers structural walls, rainscreen, materials & construction, mortar, flashing, ties, maintenance, specifications and more.

2. Blocks: Properties, Manual, Specs, Architectural, AAC

Properties & Ratings Of Concrete Masonry Units
Canadian company Atlas Block provides physical properties, specification details, and STC (sound transmission class) & fire performance ratings of concrete masonry units. 

Technical Manual 
This detailed technical manual from Canadian Concrete Masonry Producers Association covers CMU products, shapes & sizes, design, properties, standards, and more.

Specifications & Reports
Canadian CCI Industries has information on CMU properties, codes, construction, estimating, design, energy, fire, sound, mortar, connectors, structural, and more. Click on “TEKS” 

Architectural Concrete Masonry Units
National Concrete Masonry Association describes types of architectural CMU including: split faced, sandblasted, scored, soft split, ribbed, ground face, striated, glazed, and more.

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete 
Here are some AAC resources, and answers to commonly asked questions about autoclaved aerated concrete, courtesy of the US Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Products Association.                  

3. Brick: Resources, Estimate, Details, Clean, Problems

Great Resource Site On Brick 
US Brick Industry Association offers great information on brick products, applications, and industry, as well as photos, FAQ’s, technical notes, online education, event listings and more. 

Online Estimator For Brick Materials 
Here you can estimate the number of bricks, bags of masonry cement, yards of sand, and even gallons of cleaning materials for your brick job, compliments of the eBrick Solutions site. 

Construction Details For Brick Veneer  
Masonry Details has online, brick veneer construction details commonly used in the US, developed by the Masonry Institute of Washington, professional designers, and contractors.

Cleaning Brickwork
Recommended methods of cleaning brick walls, and some of the problems that can be encountered, are covered in this digest from Canadian Institute for Research in Construction. 

Repairing Cracks  
Journal of Light Construction online article describes tips and tricks for making repairs to brick veneer cladding when vertical cracks are caused by initial settlement of the foundation.

Troubleshooting Problems 
If you have brick problems, you may find the answers here in the troubleshooting and repair section of the eBrick Solutions site where they give you descriptions, pictures, and solutions.                      

4. Stone: Guide, Marble, Care, Canadian, Cast, Articles

Guide For Natural Stone
US Building Stone Institute provides on online guide covering natural stone types (granite, marble, sandstone), uses, tests, finishes, design, installation, anchoring, and much more.

Marble Resources 
For information on marble, the Marble Institute of America, a global association of natural stone producers, has resources on products, standards, applications, education, and events. 

Care & Restoration Of Surfaces 
You will find some good tips, resources, and articles on the care and restoration of stone and tile surfaces on this site of the National Training Center for Stone & Masonry Trades. 

Canadian Stone Industry 
The Canadian Stone Association has a stone identification guide, technical documents, and a searchable directory that lists quarriers, fabricators, and other stone industry suppliers. 

Architectural Cast Stone 
US Cast Stone Institute provides architectural cast stone information and technical resources including specs, colours, anchors, details, patching, glossary, and technical bulletins. 

Articles & Tips On Stone 
Stone types, terminology, specs, care, geology, Feng Shui, landscaping, sculpture, country & industry data, and much more are covered in articles and tips on the Find Stone site.                   

5. Install: Mortar, Coatings, Inspection, Hot/Cold Weather

Mortar & Masonry
This eBuild article provides information on mortar properties (workability, bond, compressive strength), materials (water, aggregate, cement) and, and mixes (proportion or property).

Types Of Mortar 
Understanding the types of mortar (Types M, S, N, O) will help you choose the one with the right properties for your project, as described in this Fine Homebuilding Magazine article.

Coatings For Masonry Surfaces 
Canadian Building Digest from IRC covers coatings that may be applied to various masonry surfaces, characteristics of masonry materials, problems, and general recommendations.

Inspection Checklist For Masonry 
Here is a checklist from the Masonry Institute of BC for the field review process to help ensure conformance to masonry standards, specifications, and good workmanship. PDF

Hot & Cold Weather Masonry Construction
Portland Cement Association free guides explain how hot and cold weather affects mortar properties, how to assure quality, plus selecting, storing, and preparation of masonry materials.                     

6. Issues: Moisture, Efflorescence, Durability

Solar Driven Moisture In Brick Veneer
Building Science Corporation details how brick is a reservoir cladding that absorbs and stores water, shows how radiation from the sun affects it, and offers wall design suggestions.

Canadian Building Digest on efflorescence covers chemical nature, weather, mortar, additional sources, treatment, precautions, and use of water repellents. Published 1960.

Durability & Service Life 
If you have questions on the durability of masonry, you may find answers from the researchers and/or the publications at the Canadian Institute for Research in Construction.                   

7. More: Articles, Expert, Design Support, Find Company

Articles On Masonry Exteriors
Free and paid articles on masonry exterior projects, problems, and procedures are found here on the Journal of Light Construction site. Also check out their discussion forums.

Ask An Expert Service
International Masonry Institute offers free technical assistance to the design and construction communities, with an archive of FAQ’s and an online form to submit your questions.

Canadian Support For Designers
Canada Masonry Design Centre provides designers with technical resources and services to facilitate the proper design and construction of masonry structures.

BC Suppliers & Contractors 
You will find lists and contact information for BC masonry producers, residential and commercial masonry contractors, and industry associates at the Masonry Institute of BC site.

Canadian Manufacturers  
Masonry Canada gives you a listing of its member companies that manufacturer various masonry products, along with phone numbers and/or direct links to their Web sites.

8. Ken’s Top Pick

The Masonry Advisory Council Site 
Masonry Advisory Council has a great industry information site with technical reports and standards for brick, concrete masonry, mortar, stone, grout, flashing, wall ties, & anchors.     

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