Issue #63 Solar & Renewable Energy February 14, 2007

Contents: Issue #63 Solar & Renewable Energy

  1. Basics: Glossary, Overviews, Costs, Canada, BC Industry
  2. Solar: Myths, Guides, Passive, PV, Reports, Search Engine
  3. Wind: Guide, Small Wind, Canadian & US Associations
  4. Other: Hydro, Geothermal, Biomass, Biofuel, Fuel Cells
  5. Plan: Software, Maps, Meter, Grid, Incentives, Business
  6. Find Products & Suppliers: BC, Canadian, Global
  7. More: Newsletter, Top Sites, Links, Search, Events Listing
  8. Ken’s Top Pick: If you have time to surf only one site

1. Basics: Glossary, Overviews, Costs, Canada, BC

Glossary Of Renewable Energy Terms 
Canadian Renewable Energy Network offers an alphabetical glossary of terms used in the renewable energy industry, with definitions and notes as to which technology uses the term. 

Canadian Overview Of Technologies 
Natural Resources Canada provides overviews of renewable energy technologies and their applications, including bioenergy, earth energy, hydroelectric, solar, and wind.

US Overview Of Systems 
A US overview of solar, wind, biomass, hydrogen, geothermal, ocean, and hydropower systems, plus links to more info, are here on the National Renewable Energy Laboratory site.

Brief Facts & Costs 
Oikos has a brief overview of renewable energy system types, costs, energy potential, and issues for photovoltaics, wind, micro hydro, fuel cells, grid connection, and net metering. 

Current Status & Future Prospects In Canada
Canadian Centre for Energy gives an assessment of resource potential, current status and future prospects of renewable energy at national and provincial levels in Canada. 2005 PDF

BC Alternative Energy Industry 
BC Ministry of Energy report explains kinds of BC alternative energy technologies, their categories of energy efficiency, sector participants, and their various types of activities. PDF

2. Solar: Myths, Guides, Passive, PV, Reports, Search

Myths & Facts 
The US Solar Energy Industries Association clarifies common myths about solar including energy use and pollution during production, high costs, and the “it won’t work here” concern.

Guides To Solar Systems 
Online guides and case studies on solar air, water, pool, and photovoltaic systems for both residential and commercial applications are here on the Natural Resources Canada site.

Passive Solar Energy 
Brief overviews of passive solar energy, heating & cooling, daylighting, plus links to more sources of information can be found here on the Solar Energy Society of Canada site. 

Photovoltaic Systems 
This CMHC factsheet describes off-grid and grid-connected PV systems, design, selection, performance, installation, integration into construction, and gives links to more info.

Solar Info & Technical Reports 
Canadian Solar Industries Association has technical reports and info on industry issues, solar air heating, water heating, photovoltaics, case studies, plus links to other resources.

Search Engine For Solar
Here is a new search engine dedicated to solar power, by Swiki, where you can enter your own search term, click on any of the Hot Search topics, and add your own information.                  

3. Wind: Guide, Small Wind, Canadian & US Associations

Guided Tour Of Wind Energy 
This great online guide from Danish Windpower Association covers wind, siting, output, how it works, generators, design, electrical grid, environment, economics, glossary, and more. 

Small Wind Energy 
Small wind energy systems, how they work, benefits & issues, history, turbines & applications, costs, and case studies are all provided courtesy of the Canadian wind trade association.

Canadian Trade Association 
Canadian Wind Energy Association has information on wind basics, case studies, wind farms, building, and policy, plus a library, education & training, FAQ, and links to more info.

US Trade Association 
The US trade association for the wind industry, American Wind Energy Association, offers industry news, event listings, legislative & policy, publications, resource library, and more.                      

4. Other: Hydro, Geothermal, Biomass, Biofuel, Fuel Cells

Micro Hydro 
Industry news, directories of manufacturers & organizations, discussion forums, literature and resources, and links to more information are here on the global Micro Hydro Power site.

Geothermal Energy 
The US Geothermal Education Office offers geothermal energy facts, slide shows, worldwide maps, education materials, expert services, and links to more information.

Biomass Energy  
For an overview of biomass, environmental issues, biofuel, history, events, careers, glossary of terms, and links to more information, check out the Canadian Centre For Energy site.

Biofuels: Ethanol & Biodiesel 
Canadian Renewable Fuels Association has information and resources on the renewable fuels ethanol and biodiesel, plus industry news, event listings, FAQs, reports, and more. 

Fuel Cells 
Fuel Cells Canada, the hydrogen and fuel cell industry trade association, offers FAQ on fuel cell concepts, types, history, uses, sizes, advantages, and sources of more information.

5. Plan: Software, Maps, Meter, Grid, Incentives, Business

Free Software For Project Analysis
RETScreen Project Analysis software evaluates energy production, savings, life-cycle costs, emission, financial viability, and risk for various renewable energy technologies.

Maps Of Green Electricity Resources In BC 
Canadian Cartographics provides maps showing the green electricity resources in BC including small hydro, biomass, wind, solar, geothermal, ocean wave, and tidal current. 

Process For Net Metering & Green Power 
BC Hydro describes the process for interconnecting small generating units (50 kilowatts or less) to their distribution system, and also offers Green Power options and information.

Grid Connection For Renewable Energy 
Power Connect, an industry and government partnership, is working on Canadian guidelines and standards for utility grid interconnection of small, distributed power sources.

Federal & Provincial Incentives
Canadian federal & provincial government incentive programs for solar and renewable energy are described here, with direct links, compliments of Canadian Solar Industries Association.

New Business Model For Community Renewable Power 
Renewable Energy Access explains new power project model “distributed community renewables”, that are small, integrate with local communities, and highly profitable for investors.

6. Find Products & Suppliers: BC, Canadian, Global

BC Suppliers Of Products & Services 
BC Sustainable Energy Association provides a listing, with descriptions and contact information, for BC companies supplying sustainable energy products & services.

Canadian Suppliers Listing 
Ontario clean energy site lists, with links, Canadian suppliers of renewable energy products including solar photovoltaic, domestic solar hot water, wind power, and micro hydro.

Canadian Product Directory 
For $20 you can get the 2005 Canadian Resource Guide for Renewable Energies, with suppliers of green power, green fuel, and green heat applications, categorized by province.

Directory Of Global Clean Energy Companies 
The Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technology Information Exchange offers a searchable directory of global suppliers of products that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

7. More: Newsletter, Top Sites, Links, Search, Events

Free Newsletter On Renewable Energy  
The free weekly newsletter Renewable Energy Access is an excellent source for industry news, and info on trends, policy, new products & technology, investment, finance and more.

100 Top Web Sites 
World Environmental Organization provides a listing, with descriptions and links, to their top 100 recommended sites that have information and resources on renewable energy.

Links To International Resources 
Here you will find links to reviewed international renewable energy Web sites of government, associations, education institutes, and organizations, from Solar Energy International. 

Search Engine For Renewable Energy  
Reegle is a global, renewable energy industry search engine for finding jurisdiction & laws, policies & measures, finance & investment, reports & analyses, industry news, and more.

Events & Course Listings 
Listings of conferences, online courses, fairs, seminars, business tours, tradeshows, workshops, and more, are offered by industry newsletter Renewable Energy Access.                      

8. Ken’s Top Pick

The CanREN Site 
Canadian Renewable Energy Network covers technologies, applications, case studies, assessment, software, educational material, publications, a glossary, and links to more info.     

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