Issue #64  Floor Construction March 14, 2007

Contents: Issue #64 Floor Construction

  1. Basics: Glossary, Spans & Design, Framing & Connections
  2. I-Joists: Design, Resources, Framing, Rim Boards
  3. Other: Concrete Deck, Open Web Truss, Residential Steel
  4. Components: Plywood & OSB Sheathing, Insulation
  5. Issues: Fire, Seismic, Floor Squeaks, Existing Basements
  6. Sound: Impact & Airborne, Ratings, Steel & Concrete
  7. More: Rehab, Online Courses, Articles & Forums
  8. Kenís Top Pick: If you have time to surf only one site

1. Basics: Glossary, Spans/Design, Framing/Connections

Glossary Of Joist & Structural Terms 
Buckling Load is more than what happens above my belt after Christmas dinner? Hancock, a US manufacturer of steel joists, provides an alphabetical glossary of joist and structural terms.

Spans & Design Considerations For Wood
Canadian Wood Council site has a listing of typical spans for decking, joists, beams, and trusses, along with some design considerations and info on structural design standards. (PDF)

Span Calculator For Wood Joists & Rafters
This online span calculator from American Wood Council has options for wood species, size, grade, member type, spacing, deflection limit, exterior exposure, live load, and dead load. 

Floor Framing & Connections 
A good crawlspace resource site, the US Southern Pine Council covers framing and connections, sill plates, sill beams, beams & girders, floor joists, and much more.

2. I-Joists: Design, Resources, Framing, Rim Boards

Wood I-Joist Design  
Wood I-Joist Manufacturers Association provides a number of design guidelines, policy positions, details, bulletins, links to more information, plus info on benefits and fire safety.

Resource Site On I-Joists 
Engineered Wood Association offers builder tips, publications, APA Performance Rated I-Joists, reports, and links to product, manufacturers. Register for free to download documents.

Framing Floors With I-Joists
This article from Journal of Light Construction covers I-joist plan review, ordering, hangers, rim boards, cutting & handling, installation, drilling & modifying, and getting squeaks out.

Engineered Rim Boards 
Here is an overview of engineered rim boards, plus technical bulletins and links to manufacturers, at the Engineered Wood Association site. Register for free to download documents.                  

3. Other: Concrete, Open Web Truss, Residential Steel

Concrete Floor Deck Systems 
Cement Association Of Canada site provides an overview of concrete floor deck systems including composite & steel joist, concrete & steel deck, concrete joists, and precast.

Trimmable Open Web Floor Truss
Technical bulletin on trimmable open web floor trusses from the US PATH includes a summary, attributes, ease of implementation, costs, US codes, installation, and benefits.

Residential Steel Floors 
US Department Of Housing & Urban Development guide provides builders, code officials, and design professionals with info for using steel floor joists in residential construction. 

4. Components: Plywood & OSB Sheathing, Insulation 

Tongue & Groove Plywood Sheathing 
This overview of tongue & groove plywood sheathing from the Canadian Plywood Association site explains benefits, species, grades, thickness, dimensions, and some installation tips.

OSB - Oriented Strand Board 
Structural Board Association provides free literature and resources on OSB, oriented strand board, its applications, design, installation, common questions, and much more.

Insulating Foundation & Floors 
Southface Energy Institute bulletin gives general guidelines for insulating slab-on-grade, crawlspace walls, and underfloor, plus tips for crawlspace vents, radon, and basements. (PDF)

Insulating Rim Joists 
Detail drawings from the Journal of Light Construction field guide show best, good, and poor methods to insulate rim joists in ways that address condensation and air leakage.            

5. Issues: Fire, Seismic, Squeaks, Existing Basements

Fire Resistance Of Lightweight Walls & Floors 
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction paper covers fire resistance of assemblies including: gypsum board options, insulation, resilient channels, studs & framing, and load. 

Seismic Considerations For Floor Construction
Online guide from the US Building Seismic Safety Council describes seismic considerations for floor construction of both wood-framed and slab-on-grade floor systems. (PDF)

Floor Squeak Causes & Solutions 
This technical note from the Engineered Wood Association outlines 12 different possible causes of floor squeaks, and suggests methods for solution and prevention of each. (PDF)

Dry & Comfortable Floors In Existing Basements
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation research highlight covers possible moisture problems and recommends flooring options to make existing basements dry & comfortable. (PDF)                    

6. Sound: Impact & Airborne, Ratings, Steel & Concrete

Controlling Impact Sound Through Floors 
Guidelines of Canadian Institute for Research in Construction describe how to control transmission of impact sound through concrete-slab and wood-joist floor systems in multi-family.

Controlling Airborne Sound Through Floors 
Canadian IRC Update explains how to control airborne sound transmission through floors in multi-family dwellings, focusing on joist floors and types of support for gypsum board ceilings.

Sound Ratings Of Floor Assemblies 
Research summary from CMHC lists the Sound Transmission Class (STC), Impact Insulation Class (IIC), and Tapping Machine Rating (TMR) for common floor assemblies.

Impact Sound In Steel Framed Concrete Floors 
CHHC research report discusses improvement of impact sound insulation in residential buildings for steel-frame floors with different floating concrete slabs and ceiling types. (PDF) 

7. More: Rehab, Online Courses, Articles & Forums

Rehab Guide For Ceilings Floors & Stairs 
US PATH online guide covers new products and practices for floors & ceilings, sheathing & subflooring, underlayments, finished floors, and finish materials for walls and ceilings.

Purchasable Online Course On Framing Floors
This online course on framing floors from Build IQ University covers practices and installation details to build structurally sound, high quality floor framing systems. $125 USD:

Purchasable Online Course On Floor Framing & Beams
Xactware industry education site online course on framing and beams includes sections on main floor support systems, connectors, beam terminology, and beam support: $35 USD

Articles On Framing Floors 
Building industry magazine Fine Homebuilding has free and purchasable articles on framing floors. Options of monthly or annual membership give you access to all articles and info. 

Articles, Forums & Question Answer
Journal of Light Construction offers free and purchasable articles on floor framing, cantilevers, floor trusses, and sills, plus discussion forums and questions & answers.                      

8. Kenís Top Pick: Toolbase Site On Floors

Links To Floor Articles, Information & Resources 
US NAHB site has links to articles and info on floor, products & processes, design & construction, performance reports & case studies, evaluations, questions/answers, and Web sites.   

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