Issue #6Siding & Cladding July 11, 2007

Contents: Issue #68 Siding & Cladding

  1. Basics: Glossary, Types, Gutters, Q & A, Specifications
  2. Design: Orientation, Calculate, Code, Rainscreen Details
  3. Panel: Vinyl, Engineered Wood, Cedar, Fibre Cement
  4. Plaster: Stucco, One Coat, BC Association, EIFS, Water
  5. Masonry: Resource Site, Brick, Stone, Architectural CMU
  6. Issues: Paint, Inspect/Maintain, Historic, Rehab, Green
  7. More: Links, Discussion Forums, Articles, Tips, Videos
  8. Kenís Top Pick: If you have time to surf only one site

1. Basics: Glossary, Types, Gutters, Q & A, Specifications

Glossary Of Siding Terms 
Here is an alphabetical listing of common terms for various types of siding, with short descriptions of their meanings, plus some related industry organizations, all from Siding Helper.

Siding Types 
Salt Lake College gives descriptions and installation tips for stucco, EIFS, brick, stone, wood, plywood, log, shakes & shingles, OSB & hardboard, fibre cement, vinyl, and metal.

Gutters & Down Spouts 
Old House Web overviews wood, steel, aluminum, copper, and vinyl gutters and down spouts, including components, sizing, profiles, installation, repair, and links to information.

Q & A On Siding 
Answers to common industry questions on siding products, procedures, problems, and resources are offered her at the Journal Light Construction site section on Exteriors.

eBuild, a product directory site, has key generic specification considerations for common siding types including horizontal, shingle panels, soffits & vertical siding, and engineered wood.

2. Design: Orientation, Calculate, Code, Rainscreen Details

Orientation Of Exterior Cladding 
Institute for Research in Construction describes orientation as it relates to temperature & moisture, and its effect on durability of sealants, mortar, masonry, and other wall components.

Calculator For Siding Coverage 
This online calculator for siding coverage from Western Red Cedar Lumber Association lets you enter your data for wall area, openings, and either linear or surface measurements.

Cladding In New 2005 National Building Code
Building Envelope Forum explains cladding provisions of new National Code Part 9, acceptable system configurations, and assessment of alternative cladding materials and systems.

BC Details Of Rainscreen Wall & Windows 
Examples of typical rainscreen wall and window details, with drawings, are the focus of this online reference guide from National Home Warranty, a local BC warranty provider. (PDF)

BC Building Envelope Guide With Rainscreen Details 
BC Homeowner Protection Office sells the Building Envelope Guide For Houses, with rainscreen details that accord with Part 9 of the new 2006 British Columbia Building Code. $55     

3. Panel: Vinyl, Engineered Wood, Cedar, Fibre Cement

The Vinyl Siding Institute offers information on vinyl siding introduction, benefits, product certification, installation, care & maintenance, FAQ, industry statistics, plus a photo gallery.

Vinyl Siding & New BC Building Code 
BC Building Policy Branch bulletin of February 2007 states that vinyl siding is an acceptable cladding product that meets the new code requirements for rain screen cladding. (PDF)

Engineered Wood 
Engineered Wood Association has technical bulletins on wood siding types, applications, specifications, installation, finishes, performance, and other issues. Free site registration required. 

For information on cedar siding products, design, installation, finishing, and environmental issues, check out this very good resource site of the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association.

Shakes, Shingles & Sidewall Panels
Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau covers shake and shingle products, standards, installation, and maintenance, plus an FAQ and a list of links to suppliers and industry organizations.

Installation Of Panel Siding 
Although proprietary to Revere products, these online guides for installing vinyl, metal, and shake siding systems will be of value no matter which manufacturer or product you use.

Fibre Cement 
The Concrete Homes site explains fibre cement siding benefits, handling, fastening, detailing, painting, and gives you links to manufacturers of related products and accessories. 

Installation Of Fibre Cement Siding 
James Hardie, a product manufacturer, has online instructions for installation of various types of fibre cement siding systems including lap & vertical siding, shingle, trim, and soffits.

4. Plaster: Stucco, One Coat, BC Association, EIFS

This stucco resource site from Imasco Minerals contains a technical information library on materials, design, installation, maintenance & repair, issues & considerations, and lots more. 

One Coat Stucco 
National One Coat Stucco Association explains what one coat stucco is, benefits, difference between plaster, EIFS, and one coat systems, and lists links to related industry organizations.

BC Trade Association 
The BC Wall & Ceiling Association, our trade association for the stucco, drywall, and plaster industry, has technical info, news, events, member listing, and links to other resources. 

EIFS Ė Exterior Insulation & Finish Systems 
EIFS Industry Members Association gives features & benefits, maintenance, research & testing, standards, position papers, inspection guidelines, construction guides, and FAQ info.

Water Remediation For EIFS Homes
NAHB bulletin educates homeowners on the problem of water infiltration, so they can make informed decisions regarding the assessment, maintenance, and repair of an EIFS clad house.

5. Masonry: Resource Site, Brick, Stone, Architectural

Masonry Resource Site 
Masonry Advisory Council covers masonry benefits, brick, concrete masonry, mortar, cast stone, grout, flashing, design & construction, maintenance, costs & estimating, and more.

Brick Industry Association site has info on the brick industry, products, applications, design, awards, and issues, as well as technical notes, FAQ, experts service, events, and more

This resource site by Findstone contains articles & resources on types of stone, terminology, applications, design, issues, procedures, specifications, trades, and links to other info.

Architectural Concrete Masonry Units 
National Concrete Masonry Association describes types of architectural CMUs including split faced, soft split, scored, ribbed, ground face, sandblasted, striated, and lots more.   

6. Issues: Paint, Inspect/Maintain, Historic, Rehab, Green

Prepare, Prime & Paint 
Methods of prepping, priming and painting wood, fibre cement, stucco, brick, cinder block, aluminum, vinyl, and metal exteriors are offered here by the Paint Quality Institute. 

Inspecting & Maintaining 
US Inspect gives tips for maintaining siding of brick, cement asbestos, stucco, aluminum & vinyl, and wood composition board, plus evaluating exterior finishes, and common defects. 

Repair & Install Historic Siding 
Old House Web resource site on historic houses has articles on installing and fixing wood, stone, vinyl and metal siding, historic exteriors, repairing common problems, and more.

Rehab Guide On Exterior Walls 
This online Rehab Guide For Exterior Walls covers innovative materials and practices for masonry/brick veneer, sheathing, insulation, siding, stucco, trim, sealants & caulks, and paints.

Green Siding & Sheathing 
Oikos Green Building Source lists sustainable characteristics of vinyl, solid wood, and fibre cement siding, plus sheathing & wallboard materials, and a link to the Green Product Directory.

Sustainability Of Engineered Siding 
Green Builder describes sustainability of engineering siding with definitions, considerations, commercial status, guidelines, implementation, and links to suppliers and other resources.                

7. More: Links, Discussion Forums, Articles, Tips, Videos

Links To Cladding, Siding & Veneer 
Concordia University building envelope site provides links to siding and cladding articles, guides, reference documents, organizations, resources, and related envelope concepts.

Discussion Forums 
Active and searchable industry discussion forums that cover a wide range of topics on siding, exterior details, and finishes can be found here on the Journal of Light Construction site. 

Best Practices Articles & Videos 
HGTV Pro has articles and online videos on exterior finishing materials, products, procedures, and problems. Most articles include links to sources of additional information & resources.

Articles, Tips & Videos 
Canadian home improvement expert Jon Eakes offers online articles, tips, and videos on siding products, problems, and procedures. More can be accessed from keyword box on left.

8. Kenís Top Pick: The Toolbase Site

Technical Resources On Exterior Walls & Siding
NAHB Toolbase site has reports on innovative exterior wall products and processes, design & construction guides, best practices, case studies, field evaluations, Q & A, and links.

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