Issue #71 Green Building Products October 10, 2007

Contents: Issue #71 Green Building Products

  1. Basics: Developing & Marketing Green Products
  2. Compare & Select: Resources To Help You Choose Green
  3. Labels & Standards: Third Party Standards & Criteria
  4. Finding Green Products: BC & Canada Listings
  5. Finding Green Products: US & International Listings
  6. New Products: New & Innovative Green Products
  7. Finance & Incentives: Sources Of Funding & Support
  8. Ken’s Top Pick: If you have time to surf only one site

1. Basics: Developing & Marketing Green Products

What Makes A Product Green
Building Green, publishers of Environmental Building News, explain what makes a building product green, give examples of what to use where, and lists links to some green standards.

Developing Green Products
Carnegie Mellon University paper suggests green product design involves considering environmental issues, analysis, and challenging traditional manufacturing procedures. (PDF)

Is Green Advertising Just A Marketing Tactic? 
Ipsos Reid study says most consumers feel when companies call a product green it is usually just a marketing tactic, and they are wary of companies who label products as green.

Marketing Your Green Product & Company 
Green Marketing Newsletter article describes what steps a company must take, when starting down a green path, to effectively market these efforts in an honest, effective manner.

Green Buildings Are Good Business 
A link is emerging between a building’s market value and its green features, according to a Canada, USA, and UK green building study by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

Use Cash Flow, Not Payback, When Selling Green  
Building Green article discusses the benefits of using cash flow, rather than payback, when selling energy efficient upgrades and green features in new home construction

2. Compare & Select: Resources To Help You Choose

Tips For Selecting Green Design, Product, & Systems 
US Earth Advantage green building program gives room, product, and system: design and selection advice, definitions, applications, benefits, challenges, and standards & specs.

Best Practice Guide For Choosing Sustainable Materials 
Greater Vancouver Regional District online guide describes sustainable building materials, and selection considerations for structural, building envelope, and interior products. (PDF)

BC Sustainability Purchasing Resources 
BC Sustainability Purchasing Network offers services, courses, and online resources to assist corporate and non-business organizations in sustainability purchasing efforts.

Tools For Life Cycle Assessment Of Buildings & Energy 
Australian Environment department lists international energy modelling tools for whole-buildings and operations, with short descriptions of each plus direct links to supplier Web sites.

Book: Build Smarter With Alternative Materials 
New green building materials, sources, uses, installation, tips, benefits, disadvantages, and projected man-hours are in this Build Smarter with Alternative Materials book. $36 USD

3. Labels & Standards: Third Party Standards & Criteria

Standard For Sustainability Assessment Of Products
ASTM “Standard Practice for Data Collection for Sustainability Assessment of Building Products” outlines instructions for collecting data used in assessing sustainability of building products for commercial and residential buildings. $35 USD

Eco Logo Canadian Product Certification Program 
Eco Logo is the Environment Canada environmental certification mark that is used on over 300 categories of sustainable green building, consumer, and industry products.

GVRD BuildSmart & LEED Criteria For Green Products 
Product criteria for listings in the GVRD BuildSmart Product Directory include being: low/non-toxic, efficiently utilized, energy-efficient, water conserving, or third-party certified.

Voluntary Standard For Labelling Building Products 
This voluntary SMART Building Product Standard enables manufacturers and suppliers to state specific attributes that indicate sustainability levels of their green products. (PDF)

Standards For Low Emitting Indoor Materials 
Greenguard Environmental Institute standards define goods with low chemical and particle emissions for use indoors, such as building materials, furnishings, maintenance, and more.

List Of Labels & Standards For Green Building Materials 
Pharos online green building community lists and describes product labels & standards used for green building materials, indoor air quality, and building design & rating programs.

List Of Standards For Sustainable Products 
Institute For Market Transformation To Sustainability lists some product specific standards, and overall standards, with brief description of each and direct links to their Web sites.

4. Finding Green Products: BC & Canada Listings

GVRD Master Format Directory Of Green Products 
Greater Vancouver Regional District BuildSmart site offers Master Format directory of green building products, with descriptions of each, and contact information for the suppliers.

GVRD Directory Of Environmentally Preferred Products 
GVRD SmartSteps directory, organized by product groupings, lists green products & services with either a certification or manufacturer claim, that are available in the Lower Mainland. 

BC Database Of Green Building Products 
The Light House Sustainable Building Centre in Vancouver allows you to search, by product type, for information and contact details of suppliers of green building products.

Energy Efficient Products For BC Business 
BC Hydro Power Smart provides a searchable database of energy efficient products and suppliers of lighting, controls, HVAC, industrial products, computers, and more.

Vancouver Magazine On Sustainable Development 
Green Space, an annual Business In Vancouver magazine, covers sustainable development in the GVRD, industry news, issues, articles, and listings of green products and services.

Products Of Canadian “Built Green” Program Members 
Canadian green building program lists their member suppliers’ products categorized by site work, foundation, framing, walls, roofing, interiors, specialties, HVAC, electrical, and more.

Canadian EcoLogo Approved Products 
EcoLogo, the environmental certification mark managed by Environment Canada, lists approved products & suppliers in over 300 categories, including building and construction.

Canadian Directory Of Construction Products & Services 
Construction Links directory of Canadian professionals, with a special Search Green section, allows search by keyword and MasterFormat number for both product and service providers.

5. Finding Green Products: US & International Listings

Green Spec Directory Of Green Building Products 
Building Green directory contains over 2100 green building products selected by their editors, with detailed information on each. Paid site subscription required to view detailed listings.

Directory Of Green Building Products 
Oikos Green Building Source directory, which is searchable by product, company, or division, provides supplier contact information along with product environmental benefits.

Database Of Resource Efficient Building Products 
US Center For Resourceful Building Technology offers a searchable database of North American suppliers of resource efficient building products, with descriptions and contact info.

Online Sourcebook For Green Building Products 
Green Builder directory lists water, energy, building materials, and solid waste products, with details including CSI numbers, definition, considerations, commercial status, implementation issues, guidelines, and more resources for each.

Directory Of Green Products & Services 
Green Building Blocks directory contains detailed listings of green building products, complete with descriptions, manufacturer information, and links to additional resources.

Database Of Green Building Products 
Green Building Pages searchable database has products organized by CSI Division and LEED Credits, along with sustainability reviews for specifying materials in projects.

6. New Products: New & Innovative Green Products

Advanced Buildings Technologies & Practice 
Advanced Buildings provides brief reports on innovative technologies and practices that improve energy and resource efficiency of commercial and multi-unit residential buildings.

Top 10 Green Products Of 2006 
Building Green, publisher of GreenSpec Directory, gives detailed descriptions, along with manufacturer contact information, for its top ten green building products of 2006.

Another Top 10 Green Products Of 2006 
Building Online, a building industry newsletter, lists products that the editors of Sustainable Industries Journal magazine selected as their top ten green building products of 2006.

Top 10 Eco Innovations 2006 
Inhabitat, a design site that tracks innovative sustainable technology, practices, and materials, describes its Top Ten Eco-Innovations of 2006, as part of its Green Building 101.

7. Finance & Incentives: Sources Of Funding & Support

Energy Efficiency & Green Incentives & Rebates In BC
Homeowner Protection Office gives brief summary of current BC energy efficiency and green building programs, incentives, and rebates, along with direct links to their related Web sites.

BC Green Building Grant Program 
Real Estate Foundation of BC and Vancity Credit Union offer grants of up to $50,000 to qualified non profit organizations to support green building and sustainable initiatives in BC. 

Canadian Energy & Environmental Incentives & Rebates 
Environment Canada allows you to search by province and program for grants, rebates, discounts, and other incentives to help you use less energy, switch to renewable energy, and produce less waste at home and on the road.

Canadian Sustainability Grants & Rebates 
ecoAction, a Canadian federal government program, lists sustainability grants and rebates available to consumers for home and personal vehicles, and for organization and business facilities, power, and transportation.

Canadian Incentives & Rebates For Energy Efficiency 
Canadian Office of Energy Efficiency lists various financial incentives and rebates for ecoENERGY Retrofit, energy efficient equipment, ENERGY STAR qualified products, and energy efficient new homes.

Canadian Funding For Sustainable Technology 
Sustainable Development Technology Canada, a government non-profit foundation, finances development & demonstration of green, sustainable, clean technology products & processes.

DCCs Can Encourage Green Building 
West Coast Environmental Law report says BC municipalities can use development cost charges to modify their systems to encourage smart growth & high performance green buildings.

8. Ken’s Top Pick: The GVRD BuildSmart Site

The GVRD BuildSmart Site
Greater Vancouver Regional District sustainable building site has design & construction best practices, product directory, publications, software, incentives & funding, glossary, case studies, research library, and more

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