Issue #72  Energy Efficient Windows November 14, 2007

Contents: Issue #72  Energy Efficient Windows

  1. Basics: Terms, Types, Components, Functions, Benefits
  2. Standards: Performance, Energy, Harmonize, BC Regs
  3. Select: Design, Performance, Specify, Select, Energy Costs
  4. Install: Details, Envelope, Frame, Flash, Case, Certification
  5. Repair/Replace: Maintain, Repair, Rehab, Historic, Replace
  6. Issues: Comfort, Glare, Green, Water, Heat Gain, UV, More
  7. More: Incentives, Suppliers, Shows, Info Sources, More
  8. Ken’s Top Pick: If you have time to surf only one site

1. Basics: Terms, Types, Components, Function, Benefits

Terms For Window Types & Components 
Window & Door Manufacturers Association online glossary, with pictures, describes common industry terms used for the many different window types, styles, and components. 

Terms For Installation & Building Envelope Interface 
This glossary, with drawings, from the Homeowner Protection Office explains common terms for windows and installation, as they relate to the interface with building envelope. (PDF)

Description Of Types & Components
Natural Resources Canada describes, with drawings, window & door types, plus components including glazing, spacers, frames & sashes, hardware, and weatherstripping.

Overview Of Window & Glazing Technologies 
Efficient Windows Collaborative shows window types and components including glazing, frame, operating types, Low-E coatings, gas fills, spacers, and new emerging technologies. 

Performance Issues, Functions & Components 
Functions windows perform for dealing with elements, indoor environment, and as part of building envelope, are detailed here by the Canadian Institute for Research in Construction.

Features Of Energy Efficient Windows
Massachusetts University reviews energy features including types, energy flow & heat transfer, glazing properties & options, spacers, frames, rules of thumb for selection based on climate, and energy performance ratings.

Benefits Of Efficient Windows 
These drawings & graphs of Efficient Windows Collaborative outline benefits of efficient windows such as comfort, less condensation, increased light & view, protection from UV fading, and lower HVAC costs.

Energy Efficient Skylights
US Department of Energy resource site provides tips for maximizing skylight energy efficiency and performance including design, selection, installation, and links to more info.

2. Standards: Performance, Energy, Harmonize, BC Regs

Overview Of Canadian Standards & Rating Systems
This overview of window standards and rating systems from NRCan covers certification testing & standards, Canadian Energy Rating System, CSA Standard A440, and ERS Rating.

CSA Minimum Product Performance Standards 
CMHC describes key points in CSA A440 window standard for minimum performance levels of air tightness, water tightness, wind load resistance, ease of operation, resistance to forced entry, condensation resistance, and screen strength.

Energy Star Efficiency Standards 
Energy Star standards, FAQs, features, climate zones, labels, criteria, humidity, installation, ratings, application guide, and a list of dealers & manufacturers are here at the NRCan site.

US & Canada Harmonizing Their Standards 
Building Envelope Forum article on US & Canada Harmonized Standard for Windows, Doors & Skylights covers current standards, why harmonize, task force roles, new standards, time frame, possible implications, and links to more info.

Upcoming Changes To BC Energy Efficiency Regulations 
Homeowner Protection Office bulletin outlines upcoming changes to BC’s provincial energy efficiency regulations for thermostats; gas fireplaces, boilers, and furnaces; and windows. (PDF)

3. Select: Design, Performance, Specify, Select, Energy

Design, Select & Commission Window Installations 
CMHC explains window rating systems, design parameters, how to specify windows, how to test & commission them, and differences between rated & actual field performance. (PDF)

How To Get The Window Performance You Want 
This slide show from the BC Building Envelope Council covers steps for deciding performance you want; standards; pre-construction, installation & in-situ testing; post-construction; and project specifications. (PDF)

Performance Factors To Consider When Selecting 
Canadian IRC gives performance factors to consider such as light transmission, thermal, sound, strength, fire, water penetration, operation, ventilation, security, and durability.

Specifying Windows & Glazing 
These basic window & glazing concepts, considerations for specifying appropriate window & glazing systems, and links to more information, are from the Whole Building Design Guide.

Consumer Guide To Selecting Energy Efficient Windows 
NRCan covers selection of energy efficient windows including terminology, function, ratings, high performance, benefits, decisions, procedures, and sources of more information. 

Online Tool Calculates Energy Use Costs For Windows 
This online tool of Efficient Windows Collaborative calculates annual energy costs for condition, window type, and city. A few Canadian cities show at the bottom of Select A City box.

4. Install: Details, Envelope, Frame, Flash, Case, Training

Construction Details Of Rainscreen Wall & Windows
National Home Warranty online Reference Guide of Typical Rainscreen Wall & Window Details contains construction details for rainscreen wall components that meet the new 2006 BC Building Code Part 9. (PDF)

Integration With Building Envelope 
Continuity of window & wall items, weather protection, thermal performance, load transfer, joint design, and sealants, are all explained here by the Canadian Institute for Research in Construction. 

Framing Windows With Less Studs & Lumber
HGTV Pro article & video describe framing with fewer studs while keeping structural support of window frame, increasing its performance, and creating a better shield from cold & heat. 

Flashing Of Windows 
US National Institute of Building Sciences slide show outlines the window industry's historically poor installation guidelines, and recommends proper procedures for flashing. (PDF)

Construction Details For Window & Door Flashing
CMHC provides online construction details for flashing windows, doors, and skylights, as well as a number of others covering a wide range of building components and systems. 

Six Ways To Case A Window 
The six variations of window casing methods in this Fine Homebuilding article, with pictures, show how alternative moldings can produce totally different aesthetic effects.

Certification Program For Installers 
The Installation Masters certification course, a North American training & certification program, is for installers of replacement and new construction windows and exterior glass doors.

5. Repair/Replace: Maintain, Repair, Historic, Replace

Inspection & Maintenance Of Windows & Doors 
BC Homeowner Protection Office building envelope bulletin describes steps for inspection and maintenance of windows and doors to ensure good long-term performance. (PDF)

Repairing Vs Replacing Old Windows 
Home Energy magazine says upgrading efficiency of existing windows may be better than replacing them. It compares cost & savings, infiltration & thermal losses, and lead abatement for both existing and replacement windows.

Improving Existing Windows & Adding Storms 
Natural Resources Canada shows how to improve energy efficiency of existing windows, repair operable parts, and add one of the many different types of storm window products. 

Repairing Old Wood Windows 
You will find information and links to resources for repairing old existing wood windows for energy efficiency, mechanical operation, and aesthetics, at this US Window Repair site.

Historic Window Repair & Restoration 
Historic building information, plus articles on issues & procedures for repairing & restoring different types of historic windows and glass are offered here on the Old House Web. 

Rehab Guide For Windows & Doors 
US HUD online Rehab Guide for Windows & Doors covers repair, replacement, and new technologies for glazing, frames, skylights, doors & frames, hardware, caulking, weatherstripping; shutters, awnings, and more.

Installing Replacement Windows 
Building Performance Association outlines its best practices for checking possible moisture problems in walls and installing replacement windows that will deflect and drain water. (PDF)

Replacing Wood Double Hung Windows
Journal of Light Construction article, with pictures, gives you step-by-step instructions for replacing, in less than an hour, an old double-hung window with a new wood insert window.

Care & Mistakes When Installing Retrofit Windows 
Home Energy describes installation of energy efficient retrofit windows including US code issues, installation procedures, and a wide range of common mistakes that installers make.    

6. Issues: Comfort, Glare, Green, Water, Heat Gain, UV

Occupant Comfort
Building Science Consulting online slide presentation details the factors affecting comfort, window placement & selection, glazing options & selection, and some case studies. (PDF)

Condensation On Inside Surfaces Of Windows 
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction building digest explains how temperature, humidity, and wind can cause condensation on the inside surfaces of windows.

Glare >From Windows & Glazing 
This online tutorial on glare from Florida Solar Energy Center describes types & causes of window glare, plus strategies for exterior window shading and interior room design & finishing.

Sustainability & Green Building 
Window & Door Manufacturers Association offer this green window info including beliefs, stewardship, environmental certification & ratings programs, green features of window and frame types & materials, and more.

Water Penetration 
Homeowner Protection Office has past research into water penetration of windows relating to manufacturing and installation, and to codes, standards, testing, and certification.

Solar Heat Gain & Selecting Glass For Shading
This slide show from Florida Solar Energy Center details solar heat gain, spectrally selective glazing, and how to select the right glass to reduce solar heat gain while admitting adequate daylight illumination. (PDF)

UV Transmittance & Fading Of Furniture 
Florida Solar Energy Center describes the basics of UV transmittance and fading, causes, ultraviolet radiation, and a damage-weighting formula to quantify effects of fading. 

Noise Isolation Provided By Windows 
A summary of research on noise isolation provided by various types of windows, and sound transmission classification (STC) ratings for each, are provided here by CMHC.

Low-e May Cast Bluish Tinge On Walls 
Building Science Consulting clarifies that not all low-e glass is equal in colour filtering. Some low-e filters out portions of red and/or blue light, creating a colour distortion that may cast a bluish tinge on walls. (PDF)

7. More: Incentives, Suppliers, Shows, Info Sources, More

BC Government PST Exemptions 
The BC government allows a PST exemption for prescribed materials & equipment that prevent heat loss from a building, including Energy Star qualified windows, doors, and skylights. (PDF)

Canadian Home Retrofit Grants 
Natural Resources Canada, through its ecoENERGY Retrofit program, provides grants for replacement of windows, doors, and skylights, in both single family and multi family homes.

BC Window & Door Manufacturers & Industry Members 
Window & Door Manufacturers Association of BC lists, with contact information and links to their Web sites, members who manufacturer and/or supply window products & services.

Manufacturers Of Energy Star Windows
Energy Star, a labelling program for energy efficient products, allows online search, by country and province or state, for North American manufacturers of Energy Star windows.

Canadian Trade Show 
The Canadian Window & Door Manufacturers Association presents Win-door North America, the annual trade show and educational forum for the fenestration and door industry.

US Trade Show
GlassBuild America trade show serves industry sectors that supply completed window & door products & systems, components, machinery & equipment, services, tools & supplies, and glass. 

Window Industry Magazine & Articles 
Window and Door, an industry magazine, offers access to its archive of past articles on industry news, the market, business management, products, installation, technologies, and more.

Book On Window Technologies & Energy 
The purchasable book “Residential Windows: Guide to New Technologies & Energy Performance” describes in detail how windows & glazings work, new technology, product selection, and energy performance.

Newsletter On Energy Efficient Windows 
Efficient Windows Collaborative offers past issues of “Word on Windows”, their newsletter with updates on energy efficient window products, standards, issues, and industry news.

Resource Site On Windows & Fenestration 
Florida Solar Energy Center has very good information and slide shows on how energy efficient windows work, window market, and solar lighting, plus links to more resources & info.

Inform Your Clients Of Efficient Windows & Benefits 
Home Energy Magazine suggests how the building industry can inform their clients about energy efficient window benefits, explain key window features, and offer tips for selection.

Daylighting Guide For Buildings 
CMHC guide for architects describes benefits of daylighting, challenges, principles of good design, how to perform basic calculations, and Web tools for daylighting design. (PDF)

Software Tools For Windows & Daylighting 
US Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories lists a wide range of software tools that are available for design and performance simulation of windows and daylighting systems & products.

8. Ken’s Top Pick: Efficient Windows Collaborative Site

Efficient Windows Collaborative Site
Efficient Windows Collaborative has a lot of very good info including what's new, resources, information, links, publications, FAQ, window selection tool, overview of window technologies, benefits, and much more.

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