Issue # 8: Roofing Systems
ISSN 1703-5597
 March 5, 2003

Issue #8 Roofing Systems

  1. Getting Started: Glossary, Basics & Complete Guide
  2. Common Types Of Roofing Systems
  3. Design & Installation: Guidelines Or Specifications
  4. Roof Components: From Trusses To Gutters
  5. Troubleshooting: Attics, Uplifts, Dams & Shakes
  6. Retrofitting, Upgrades, Checkups & Maintenance
  7. Resources: Courses, Tools, Experts & Books

1. Getting Started: Glossary, Basics & Complete Guide

Glossary: Cant Strip & More
Do you think cant strip is a rule on the beach? Grace Construction Products has a good, easily searchable glossary explaining roofing building terms.

Residential Roofing 101: Diagram Of Main Parts & More
Do you often wonder what different parts of a roof are called? The Roofing People website provides a labelled diagram and a lot of basic information on roofing components

Consumers Roofing Guide For BC: A Complete Guide (PDF FILE)
The Roofing Contractors Association of BC has put together a free guide to assist consumers with the selection of roofing services in BC. This is a big document but is worth it if you are looking for more detailed information on roofing systems.

2. Common Types Of Roofing Systems

Overview: Comparison Of Residentiall Roof Systems
This site from National Roofing Contractors Association explains the main types of residential roofing systems. It has pictures and more detailed info on each, as well as advantages and disadvantages.

Asphalt Shingle Systems
The Canadian Asphalt Shingle Manufacturers Association site has a number of free technical bulletins. These are quick- to-read and cover various tips and issues.

Built Up Roofing: Tar & Gravel Systems
This RoofHelp site explains the tar & gravel system. It has in-depth information on materials, insulation values, galvanic scale, and links to more roofing resources.

Membrane Systems
The Single Ply Roofing Industry also has its own resource site. Here you can find information on single-ply sheet membrane systems, component suppliers and more.

Metal Roofing Systemsl
The Metal Roofing Alliance is an industry coalition of associations and manufacturers. Their site will help you learn more about this relatively new (for BC) residential system.

Shake Roof Systems
The Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau is a non-profit industry association. There are lots of resources on this site, especially the New Construction Manual on the “Roof Manual” link.

Tile Systems
This technical information section of the Roof Tile Institute site has an installation guide, tech bulletins, news, and member listings for the concrete and clay roof tile industry.

3. Design & Installation: Guidelines Or Specifications

Designing Roofs To Prevent Moisture Infiltration
Here is a free online booklet from the Engineered Wood Association. It has descriptions and good drawings of each type of roof, along with proper design guidelines.

Spec & Reference Manuals
The Roofing Contractors Association of Canada offers two manuals for industry use. The CRCA Specification Manual provides product specifications. The Canadian Roofing Reference Manual is a ready reference for use on the jobsite.

4. Roof Components: From Trusses To Gutters

Trusses: All You Need To Know
This Resource Center of the Structural Building Components Industry site is great. It has basic and technical articles, calculators, glossary of truss terms, links, and other information sources on trusses.

Sheathing A Roof
This article (with drawings) from Fine Homebuilding has some good tips and info that may help you save some time and money when sheathing a roof.

Types Of Flashing
This Old House Web site has a roof drawing that shows where each type of flashing goes, and what it is called.

Drip Edge Installation
This APA website has a simple animation of how drip edge flashing can be installed.

Sizing Gutter Systems
This three-step approach from Fine Homebuilding helps you calculate the best size of gutters for your house. The rainfall intensity only shows the US but pick an area similar to yours.

5. Troubleshooting: Attics, Uplifts, Dams & Shakes

Attic Ventilation & Moisture Issues
The amount and type of attic ventilation is a controversial issue. This free CMHC consumer report provides a good overview of causes and solutions of attic moisture issues.

Truss Uplift: A Common Situation
Carson Dunlop provides an explanation of truss uplift, with easy to understand drawings. These could be helpful if you want to explain this common situation to homeowners.

Ice Dams: Causes & Solutions
I told you about this Canadian site a few months back. It has the best article and drawings of various causes and solutions for ices dams. 

Wood Shakes: Tips For Longer Life (PDF FILE)
This free factsheet from the US Forest Products Laboratory provides tips for longer life of wood shakes and shingles.

6. Retrofitting, Upgrades, Checkups & Maintenance

Energy Efficient Remodelling Of Roofs
This report from the NAHB Toolbase site provides good info on energy efficiency items to consider when retrofitting a roof.

Rehab With Innovative Materials & Practices
This free Rehab Guide For Roofs from PATH gives good detailed info on products and procedures for upgrading roofs.

Roof Check-up Guide For Homeowners
This simple guide helps homeowners understand the need and process for checking their roof in the fall and spring. Click on the “Consumers” link to take you to the guide.

Protecting & Maintaining Your Investment
There is no such thing as a maintenance-free roof. This RoofHelp site has a good article and links on maintenance steps and resources.

7. Resources: Courses, Tools, Experts & Books

BC Trade Association Roofing Courses
The Roofing Contractors Association of BC offers roofing information and training courses for different people in our industry. From trade certification to general technical information they are a great industry resource.

Roofing Layout Tapes
According to a past article in Builder Online these products can save you time and money during pre-shingling layout.

Ask An Expert
The Canadian Roofing Contractors Association has a free online question form to get answers to your questions.

A Classic Book For The Framers Out There
A Roof Cutter’s Secrets is a new edition book available online from the Journal of Light Construction site. It shows how to layout and frame almost every type of roof, including tricky intersections and roof combinations.

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