Issue # 9: Exterior Finishing
ISSN 1703-5597
 March 26, 2003

Issue #9 Exterior Finishing

  1. Siding Terms, Manufacturers & Articles
  2. Vinyl & Metal Siding Systems
  3. Wood, Hardboard, & Fiber-Cement
  4. Stucco & EIFS Systems
  5. Masonry, Brick & Stone Products
  6. Painting Process, Problems & Resources
  7. Sealants, Siding Rehab, Orientation & Windows

1. Siding Terms, Manufacturers & Articles On Exteriors

Glossary Of Siding Terms
Revere Building Products offers up a free online glossary of some siding terms. There are also examples and drawings of a few siding profiles.

Directory Of Residential Siding Manufacturers
If you are searching for different Types of siding products you may find it worthwhile checking out this Google directory of residential siding manufacturers.

JLC Articles & info On Exteriors
The Journal of Light Construction has quite a number of free articles on various exterior finishing products and procedures.

2. Vinyl & Metal Siding Info, Canadian Trade Association

Vinyl FAQ, Installation, Cleaning & Other Free Info;
The Vinyl Siding Institute is a business unit of the plastics industry. Their site has some good free info on vinyl siding.

Metal Siding Installation Guide
Although this guide is for Revere products, the information is quite detailed and it may help you with installation questions for any brand of metal siding.

Canada’s Trade Association For Siding Dealersl
SAWDAC, the Siding & Window Dealers Association of Canada, is our national trade association for the siding industry. This page has some general consumers info on vinyl siding and their e-mail contact address for more info.

3. Wood, & Fiber-Cement Resources

Wood Decay & Repair
This site from Forintek Canada has some good FAQs on wood decay and repair questions. Also it’s worth checking out the tech bulletins in the “Publications” link on the lower left.

Exterior Coatings For Wood
This older report from the Canadian Building Digest has some very detailed info on the various types of exterior coatings for wood.

Fiber-Cement Overview
NAHB Toolbase has a short PATH Technology Report that gives you background information, field evaluation reports and a manufacturers listing for fiber-cement siding products.

4. Stucco & EIFS Systems

Stucco Systems Overview
The Northwest Wall & Ceiling Bureau offers this brief overview (with drawing) of stucco wall systems. For much more in-depth information click the “Stucco Resource Guide” link.

Stucco Specifications
The Association of Wall & Ceiling Contractors of BC has the new AWCC Specifications Standards Manual available that includes details for rainscreen stucco systems.

BC Wall & Ceiling Association
This BC trade association has lots of information available on local products and applications. Contact Greg Lowes.

EIFS Overview With Drawing
The NWCB offers this brief overview and drawing of Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS).

EIFS Problems Causes & Solutions
This CMHC report summarizes their research into EIFS problems and examples of potential solutions.

EIFS Council of Canada
The ECC is chartered to help raise the quality assurance in the Canadian EIFS industry. Their site has links to Canadian companies and resources.

5. Masonry, Brick & Stone Products

Architectural Concrete Masonry
This National Concrete Masonry Association site shows you some of the architectural concrete masonry products.

Masonry Standards & Tech Info
The Masonry Canada site has a listing of codes, standards, specifications, reports and other masonry resources.

Local Masonry Trade Association
The Masonry Institute of BC has good technical resources and training. Contact JP Leberg with your technical questions.

Brick Industry Association
This US trade association may have answers to your common questions on brick products, problems and procedures.

Canadian Stone Association
This national trade association site has info on stone products, standards, suppliers and terminology. Click on the appropriate links on the left side of the page.

6. Painting Terms, Process, Problems & Resources

Glossary Of Paint Terms
Do you think alligatoring only happens down south? Find out at this glossary of terms on the Paint Store website.

General Recommendations For Painting Buildings
This Canadian Building Digest Report has a good chart showing which types of paint to use for different applications.

Paint Problems & Solutions
Benjamin Moore’s website provides brief info on various problems (with pictures) along with suggested solutions.

Trade Association Resource Site
The Master Painters Institute offers this Paint Info site with resources on products, procedures and the paint industry.

7. Sealants, Siding Rehab, Orientation & Windows

Sealant Selection & Joint Movementl
This Canadian Building Digest report has detailed information for selecting the right sealant based on joint movement.

Siding Rehab & Energy
This Home Energy magazine article may be helpful if energy issues arise when you are replacing siding or roofing.

Effect Of Orientation On Exterior Cladding
This technical report from CBD offers up some insight into the effect orientation and weather has on cladding materials

Free CD On Windows & Water Penetration
A great free CD has just been released on Water Penetration Resistance Of Windows. RDH Building Engineering developed the CD as part of a project funded by HPO, BC Housing and CMHC. It is quite detailed and has lots of excellent information and graphics to you help select window products. To order a copy call the CMHC Vancouver office at 604-731-5733

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