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Have Some Fun

Take some time out and enjoy one of these timewasters. They could be addictive, so don't say we didn't warn you!

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Ball Bounce
Warning: Don't even consider trying this one if you have only a few minutes. It's real simple…you just point the arrow and shoot the ball. And keep on trying, and trying, and trying……

Bash The Haggis
If you like baseball, or have Scottish roots, this distraction from work may be appropriate. Warning…the bagpipes may eventually get to you. But give it just one more try!

Bubble Ball
Are you old enough to remember Pong? Well here is a modern version that will get you just as excited, frustrated, angry, ecstatic and…late for your next appointment.

Bungee Ball
This one is made for those of you who are good at timing, calculating and coordinating. Its not made for those that are easily frustrated. 

If you think you are good at figuring out angles and power then give this one a try. It's such a fulfilling feeling when you actually hit the target. At least it was for me…after a while. 

Cat Bowling
Rats, another one of those where I keep trying to beat my score. Just use your space bar to launch the bowling ball. And that witch's laugh is enough to make me throw a pumpkin.

Catch 33
Why do I keep finding these games that manage to get me so frustrated? Just stay calm, spot the number, nuke it, find the next one, same thing….and there's only 33 of them. 

Copter In The Air
All you have to do is keep the copter in the air. Sure! Why does my finger hurt from pressing the mouse so hard?

Are you good at tennis, racquetball, or pong? Then try this one: It seemed so simple and easy. First I was winning, then I was proud, then I was confident, and then I was toast!!

Fastball Hitters
So you think your reaction time is good. I did OK but just about pushed my mouse through my desktop!!

For those of you who liked the Rubics cube this may be a breeze - until you move to the more advanced levels. 

Gutterball Bowling
Do you ever get frustrated when bowling? If so, don't touch this one. Not only did I have to deal with my own feelings of inadequacy, I had to put up with smart crowd comments. 

Talk about frustrating! Use your curser keys to get this ball around the circuit. This baby will test your concentration.

Kick Up
Another one of those simple online games that tests my patience, creates a sore mouse finger, and wastes a whole lot of time. No wonder they call it addicting.

King Ping Pong
How can something possibly be fun when I can't even score a point, let alone win a game? If you do beat this thing, let me know. On the other hand, maybe don't let me know. That way I'll still be able to console myself by thinking it can't be beat.

Lightning Pool
Misspent youth? Misspent hour? Who cares? It sure was fun. Click “Play”, select level 1 to start, and drift into playing that wonderfully fulfilling and frustrating game of pool. Love it!!!

Maze Frenzy
This baby will test your patience, the steadiness of your hand, and your resistance to throwing your mouse. I'd love to tell you that I made it all the way to the finish line, but not yet…

Mini-Putt Golf 
Can't get away for even a fast nine. Well, close the door, look busy, and launch this online Mini-Golf. The best part for a duffer like me is that I can always beat the second player.

Moving Jigsaw Puzzle
This one won't get you all excited and frazzled. That is if you take your time and be careful. And I really like the way it treats me when I succeed. Tip: Don't hide any pieces behind others.

Planarity…For Puzzle Lovers
Simply arrange the lines so they don't overlap. Oh sure! This one cost me some valuable newsletter editing time, but it was well worth it. Bet you can't quit after you've done the first level.

Plastic Balls
Do you want a real lesson in patience? Do you want to see how good your hand/eye coordination is? Just stop the ball from going down the hole and you build up points. Oh, sure!! 

This one is for those of you that work well under pressure. All you have to do is get the railroad track laid before the train comes. Who said games are good for relieving stress?

Warning, before you start his one you had better sit back, relax, take a deep breath and focus your attention. And when you win? Naturally, it throws another level at you. Addicting!

Road Bocks
OK puzzle lovers and Rubrics Cube pros. Try this one. There's no time limit, no maximum number of tries, just go until you knock the blocks down. Beware…Addiction Potential!

Sheep Tranquilizer
So you think you're fast. Well, so did I. But somehow the simple task of shooting tranquilizers at these sheep turns out to be a bit more challenging than I first thought. Good Luck!

Don't you just hate those games that make you think; “Just one more time and I'll get it for sure”. Warning, don't start this one if you've got something important to do right away.

Spear Toss
Simple little game…except I keep thinking that with just one more try I can beat my score. And I just love that weird “grunt” sound, 'cause it makes me feel like I'm working real hard!

Spell Fast Or Die
If you hate typing, don't even go near this one. But if you want to get your heart pumping and your fingers flying, give Word Shoot a try. It's a fun way to learn typing…Oh, sure!!

Square Chase 
This Squares 2 game is addicting. It seems so simple, just chase the black squares. But then come impatience, overreaction, and frustration. I'll bet you can't play it just once.

Toss It In The Wastebasket
Being a trainer, the lead-in to this timewaster was tough on my ego. However it took only a few seconds and I had lost track of everything except how to hit the basket. Good Luck! 

OK, so you're good at crosswords. Weboggle will get your heart pounding as you compete to find the most words within a set time. And crosswords used to be relaxing.

It all seemed so easy. Just click on a symbol to stop it, and do the same to others to make a matching row. Then each level got a little testier, and so did I. (Click on the yellow link)
 Other Cool Sites
Be Happy
OK so some times I get a kick out of some simple ol' feel good stuff. This one did it for me. If you want to know to be truly happy in this old crazy world follow these tips. :o)

Color Test
Here's a little concentration game that you should be able to handle, that is at least after the first try. All you do is choose the colour of each word that is shown. I'll bet you can do it.

Construction Jokes
Every industry needs it's own jokes, and we're no different. So instead of suggesting you waste your time on a game this week, I thought you could waste it getting a giggle or two.

Dolphin Stress Test
Stress can sneak up on you. Is it time you took things a little easier? This simple stress test will help you decide. Just read the intro and click the button. Then lighten up.

Funny Photos 
No high-pressure game this time. Take a short break and check out some of these humorous photos on The Pocket Web site. Despite the pop-up ads, it's worth a visit.

How To Tell A Contractor From An Engineer
Not only is Dan Holohan a heating guru, he's got a great sense of humour. You contractors out there will love this. As for the engineers, don't take it (or life) too seriously. 

Magic Card Trick
Can this thing really be smart enough to do this?

Take Your Photo Online
Want to have some fun? Take your photo online. It has your picture ready in 10 seconds. Don't take life too seriously.

The Universe Within
Feeling big and important? Take a break and journey from 10 million light years away, right down to the subatomic universe of electrons and protons. Note: Your Java must be enabled.


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